1917 Andalusia Star
Transcribed from original Microfilm by Lisa Graham

The Andalusia Star Semi- Weekly

Jan. 02, 1917
*Dec. 30, 1916 , The Supreme Court announced that the application submitted by SAM SPICER, JR. of Covington for a re-hearing was refused. He was convicted of killing his wife. He employed a Negro to kill her in order to obtain the insurance on her life.
*Mrs. W. H. Hudson and her Mother, Mrs. M. E. Davis, of Andalusia spent last week in Jay, Fl.
* Mortgage sale: Executed by John Ward and wife, F.A. Ward, lands in Covington Co., which mortgage is payable to R.S. Hart. Sale 22nd Jan., 1917. By J. F. Jones, Attorney.
* Mr. and Mrs. W.W. Dunson of Cedar Rapids, Iowa arrived in Andaulsia, Mr. Dunson is the brother of Mrs. P.J. Gantt, lately deceased. He arrived five days after her burial.

* Marriage License- Judge J.M. Robinson issued license to:
  Ollie B. Mount and Miss Mary Almstead
  S.O. Straughn and Miss Zonie Duke

Iowa Sasser and Miss Bessie Veasey
Bubba Johnson and Miss Mamie Barnes
* Marriage of Elizabeth Beasley and Mr. Frank Gunter was Sunday at Andalusia.
Mrs. Gunter is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. E. J. Beasley, near Andalusia.

* Born to Mr. & Mrs. J.N. Baron on the 29th Ult., a 12 lb. boy. This is the 17th child to be born to Mr. and Mrs. Barron and 12 are still living.

* Miss Mary Alice Simmons Saturday at her home on South Three Notch Street.
Mrs Simmons guest were: Misses annie Clare Chapman, Corie V. Fincher, Fay O’Neal, Mary Hill Randle, Cassie Hill of Brantley; Mildred Gantt of Gantt; Mary Eliza McArtan, Stella Nance, Lucene Prestwood, Eva Mae Bradshaw, Leolive Benson, Ola Byrd Padgett, Cecelia Milligan, Ella Gunn, Mary McLendon, Wilmer Baisden, Ruth Mccann, Thelms Spicer, Thelma Windham, Alice Kennedy, Lois Zeagler, Mary Ester Ziegler, Messrs. Edward Simmons, Brickle Parks, Glover Waits, Marion TAYLOR, Sam Harpe of Gantt; George Whaley, Will Randolph,

Eugene Dugger, Worth Gantt of Gantt; Jesse Taylor, Ped Ray, Wilford Shreve, Bernace Sellers, Joe Wheeler McLaney, John McArtan, Cecil Straughn, Howell Nance, Eugene Sentell, Morris Law, Fowler Dugger.

Mr. and Mrs. H.G. Finley will move to Buena Vista Ga. on Wed. or Thurs.

* List of letters remaining at Post Office at Andalusia week ending December 31, 1916.
Mrs. Ester Arrington, J.D. Bell, Miss Henrietta Barnes, Mrs. Mollie Brown,

Jesse Carrol, Hoke Crow, Mrs. Molie Euaght, Mrs. Ader Frazier, A.C. Freeman,

Dozier Gambill, George Hindue, Fannie Henderson, H. M. Jocos, Grady Johnson, Mrs. Bessie Jackson, Eulke Lusie, Miss Ida Lewis, Willie Lemon, Will Lemon, Maly Martin, Miss Lillie McCoy, Miss Minnie McCoy, Miss Lottie Prather, Rosie Perdue, Mrs. Texas Perdue, Hutch Wilson, J. H. Pryor.

January 5, 1917
(Note: The Jan 9th Edition has some of Jan. 5th’s pages microfilmed in with it.) I had to separate the 2 papers while transcribing. I left the spellings as it is in the newspapers. Good Luck !! Note: There are also missing pages.


* Married- William Dorsey and Miss Emma Day were married on Thursday.

*Born- Mr. & Mrs. Kimmie Bryan of Beda, are smiles- It’s a Boy !
*Died- Mrs. Lena M. Gantt on Dec. 23, 1916.
* Mrs. Ann Gaines Hubbard died on Thursday at her home in Troy, age 74, widow of the late Judge J.P. Hubbard.

*Notice of settlement: Final settlement in the matter of the Estate of
Mary L. McWorter, deceased. Edward Doty as Administrator, witness this 26th Day of Dec. 1916.
* Mrs. B.B. Brantley is ill of Lagrippe.
*Application being made for Pardon of Barney Davis, convict of Robbery in the law of Covington County in 1914 and sentenced to 10 years imprisonment. This Jan 2, 1917.
* Mr. and Mrs. George Baker of Florala spent the week in Montgomery.

* Mrs. Sarah Etheridge returned to Andalusia after a visit in Montgomery with her daughter, Mrs. Brooks.

* Mrs. Dora Dunking and daughter are spending the week with Mrs. Dunklins’ sister, Mrs. J.W. Taylor.
* Henry Bullock of Red Level is visiting his Aunt, Mrs. Mason, at Black Ala.
* Mr. W. M. Short of Route B is suffering from an attack of Pneumonia.
* Will Jackson of Loango was visiting Route F Sunday.
* Mrs. Joe Parker of Beda is very ill.
* Miss Marie Clements of Florala is the guest in Andalusia of her sister, Mrs. Wilbur Glover.

* 3 Butler County Shotgun accidents. Greenville, Ala., Jan. 8th.
** Jesse Hayes, a farmer, after hunting, returned and left gun in the yard, his young son cocked the gun and pointed at his father and in excitement pulled the trigger. the load of shot entered the face of Hayes. His wounds were not serious.

** Will Stewart, a farmer, was out hunting and while going through a wire fence, the trigger on his gun became caught. The gun discharged and it is expected he will lose his arm.

**W. J. Creech, a farmer, went into the yard to kill a hawk, and shot himself in the arm. It is almost severed from his body.

January 9, 1917
*Marriage License issued by Judge J. M. Robinson
Charles H. Lindsey and Miss Allie Henderson.
Jacob Green and Miss Nora Belle Lucas

* Miss Leila Fendley is ill with typhoid pneumonia.
*Wedding of Mr. Henry Paul Fritzinger of Opp and Miss Bena Smith Rhoades. The brides parents are Mr. and Mrs. J.A. Rhoades. The bride’s cousin is Miss Mamie Bodiford.
* The Estate of D.J. Law, Deceased, in probate court, Covington Co., This day came C.W. Hall and W. M. Willis, Exec‘s. for the Estate of John I. Deens, deceased, who was before the death Admr. of the estate of D.J. Law, deceased, and filed their statements.

*List of letters remaining undelivered in the Andulsia Post Office Jan 6th, 1917.

J.D. Bailey, Sallie L. Braggs, Garney Banks, O. E. Benboe, W. C. Brogel, William R. Bonds, Lucy Cairder, Sarah Callwell, Ernest Cobb, Emma Cone, Johnson Franklin, O. Gantt, Charley Garner, Kate Harrison, Elizabeth Harris, W. Hoffer, Mary Roal hood, Willie Hill, Lola Jones, James Jackson, Florence Mayfield, R.A. Martin,
W. H. Mathews, A. McLean, Mamie Nicholson, L.B. Owens, Lonie Phillips, Cleve Pleas, Ella Powell, D. Stallin, E. Smith, J.F. Suttle, Eap Stansher, NellieTaylor, B. L. Thompson, Ella Turner, Lulah Thomas, Hughie Millines, Theo. Zmron.

*Alton Douglas of Geneva was the guest of his brother, W.A. Douglas.

*Mr. and Mrs. E. O. Baldwin entertained a class at the Methodist sunday School. The guest present were misses Addie Jackson, Lottie Lee Searcy, Ella Fleming, Lummie Lou Deal and Ida Hollond, Messrs. W.T. Deal, Cuyler Huggins, Haygood West, Donald Fritzinger and Green Carter.

January 12, 1917
*Died, infant of Mr. and Mrs. Joe Mitchell and was laid to rest at Valley Grove last Wednesday.
* The body of little Gladys Owens, who drowned in an accident in Shoal River before Christmas was found last week not far from where the body of the mother was found. The body was decomposed but not mutilated in any way.
*Wiley Frazer of Andalusia was here Tuesday with Attorney’s against a damage suit against Okaloosa County on account of the alleged unsafe condition of the Shoal Rover bridge which resulted in the death of Mrs. C. L. Owens and daughter-Defuniak Springs, (Fla.)
*Miss Ella Gunn has been attacked by Appendicitis. Her Grandmother, Mrs. M.B. Gunn was called to Andalusia from Early Co. Ga.
* Mr. and Mrs. Rus Devant of Route B, Opp have a baby girl !

* Mrs. E. R. Smith and little son are visiting Brewton.
*In Valley Grove, Mrs. Cytha Woods, Mother of Mrs. Mooneyham, has returned from a visit in Coffee Co. She is now spending some time with her Grand daughter, Mrs. L. H. Matthews.
*Blake Dunson was in the city visiting his sister, Mrs. J.M. Farmer. (Samson Ledger)

*Miss Olive and Felix Childre visited their cousin, Charlie Short, Sunday.

January 16, 1917

*Judge Salter’s court, Jan. 15, cases disposed of:

E.J. White Sorrell, violating the law, waived.
Pat Jackson, Larceny of a hog, discharged.
John Johnson, abusive language, continued by the State, witnesses summoned.
Rockford Parks, violating game law forfeiture vs. bail.

Mary Lewis, Vagrancy.
H.V. Teel, attachment, vs. Ben Powell, N.M. McIntosh, claimant, con’t to 5th Feb.

R.H. McLendon, unlawful detainer, con’t to Feb 5th.

J.M. Head Vs. George Roberson, judgment for defendant for sum sued for.
Neal Clark and Will Dobbin, et al emergrant agents without a licenses, continued to Jan 20, 1917 Court.
*Engagement announcement- Mrs. Annie Randall Fox announces the engagement of her daughter, Willie Randall , to Miles Clayton Algood. The wedding will be on February 1st 1917, Montgomery, AL.

*Marriages- Judge J.M. Robinson has issued marriage license for:

Z.A. Shows and Miss Clara Peavy; Ernest Mills and Miss Willie D. Radford;
Harvey Davidson and Miss Lena Dreding; F.A. Nortor and Miss Nora McGuirk.

*List of letters remaining at Post Office Jan. 13, 1917 in Addalusia;
Annie Baker, G.W. Berry, Willie Cheatham, Winnie Glascow, Hattie Irwin, Joseph Jordan, Mrs. Hill Jones, Dollie Lyder, Mike Lovie, Guss Moore, Rebecca Morton, L.H. McMillan, Mamie Nicholson, Eddie Reed, W.C. Thomason, James Thomason, J.P. Thomas, Grant Pittman, Elvery Parker, Mandy Parson, Rosa Parker, Thos. R. Waters, M. L. Wells, Miss Janet Williams, W.E. Ways, Mrs. Mattie Mae Waller.

* The little daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Claude White is ill at their home on East Watson Street.

* Mrs. W. A. Jeffrey left her home over the serious illness of her Father, Captain Rogers to be at his bedside in Letohatchie.

January 19, 1917
* A Boy was born to Mr. and Mrs. Frank King.
*Misses Nora and Nellie Barnes passed through Buck Creek in Route to school in Red Level.

*W.A. Robison and Miss Ara Moore were married at the home of Rev. A.J. Preston Wed. Afternoon.
*Arzo Smith has a broken leg.

*H.H. King and family have moved to Georgiana.

* Mortgage sale.... Mortgage executed 3rd day of March, 1915 by N.J. Pitts & her husband, W.J. D. Pitts, The Bank of Gantt will sell on the 17th day of Feb, 1917.

*Miss Johnnie Glen of Greenville is a guest in Andalusia of her sister, Mrs. R.C. Brawner.

January 23, 1917

* Mrs. Rosa D. Parks became the bride of Mr. I. S. Wright of Opp. Judge Jesse Donaldson performed the ceremony.

* The 3 year old of Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Turner of Beda died last Thursday.

* List of letters at Post Office Jan. 20, 1917

Corrie Acos, Eulaner Pinder, Maggie Bird, Henry Brodgen, Puw Blakely, Ernest Bass, N.B. Brooks, Susie brown, Wm. Brown, Lodgie Barer, Osa Crabitt, H.C. Calhoun, John Carrol, J. T. Dwyer, E.T. Davis, Wilbert Gaines, Dock Green, Walter Hall, Jessie Hightower, W.C. Hart, Catherine Jones, A.L. Johnson, Sarah B. Jones, minnie James, Vonsile Johnson, Ida B. Lyde, Frew Longshaw, Alice Martin, G.B. Martin, Rufus Martin, Clarence O’Neal, Jim Pitts, Mattie B. Parker, Roy Powell, J.M. Varner, Millit Savbell, Lillie Spain, Dessie Salter, B.B. Taylor, Jane Taylor, Henry Right, Wheeler Williamson, Mar Belna Wiggins, Katie Lee Welch.

*Herbert Etheridge is ill with measles at the home of his parents, Mrs. & Mrs. H.D. Etheridge, on South Three Notch Street.

*In Memory of brother S. Jackson who died December 25, 1916. He joined the Missionary Bapt. Church August 15, 1915.