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ROBERT LEONARD BARNES BIBLE Of Richmond , Virginia Owner: Mrs. Russell B. Gladding
179 Gamont Drive , Decatur , Ga. 30030
Robert Leonard Barnes of Richmond Va. m. Alice Gertrude Hardy of Richmond ,  Va.   2/9/1876 at res. of her father,
J. C. Hardy, by Rev. C. C. Bittings and George H. Ray, Witnesses: George Napier Thomson, William A. Neal and numerous friends
Robert Leonard Barnes 9/4/1350  
Alice Gertrude Barnes 12/24/1859  
Inez Gertrude Barnes 11/13/1877  
Alice Lillian Barnes 6/10/1880  
Robert Hardy Barnes 4/3/1883  
Julia Gay Barnes 3/14/1885  
Elwood Dance Barnes 11/22/1887
Aubrey Leonard Barnes 1/3/1991
Horace Collingsworth Barnes 3/18/1893
Leonard Hartley Barnes 4/22/185  
Ruth Barnes 12/31/1900  
Lucille Audrey Barnes 1/28/1902

J. Stuart Hopkins to Alice Lillian Barnes 6/10/1903  
Samuel H. Templeton to Inez Gertrude Barnes 4/28/1909  
Elwood Dance Barnes to Nannie Myrtle Adams 6/9/1909  
R. Lester Hudgins to Julia Gay Barnes 11/29/1911  
Horace C. Barnes to Laura Harper 12/18/1915, Jacksonville , Fla. , First Bapt1st Church by 
Rev. W. A. Hobson, Pastor  
Dr. Humie Lee Horton and Lucille Audrey Barnes 4/17/1924 at Grove Ave. Bapt1st Church by Rev. Samuel H. Templeton  
Robert Hardy Barnes to Eve Virginia Agnew 1/25/1917, Huntington , W., Va. , by Dr. Cary F. Moore

Aubrey Leonard Barnes 8/11/1892 Leonard Hartley Barnes 7/3/1896

Ruth Barnes 12/31/1900

Horace Collingsworth Barnes 12/21/1916, Jacksonville , Fla.

Robert Hardy Barnes 2/17/1930

J. Stuart Hopkins 10/16/1930

Robert Leonard Barnes 10/21/1936

Alfce Gertrude (Hardy) Barnes 11/9/1937

Dr. Robert Lester Hudgins 7/2/1929

Sarah Frances (Dance) Hardy 12/28/1907

Dr. Humie Lee Horton 10/27/1938, Raleigh, N. C.

BIRTHS of Grandchildren

Robert Leonard Hopkins 3/25/1910

Dorothy Barnes 7/31/1910

Gertrude Barnes Templeman 10/21/1910

Alice Gertrude Hopkins 7/13/1912

Inez Frances Templeman 7/12/1914

Elwood Dance Barnes, Jr. 3/9/1916

Sarah Frances Hudgins 8/11/1916

Horace C. Barnes, Jr. 10/13/1916, Jacksonville , Fla.

Samuel Huntington Templeman 11/30/1916

Sallie Moore Barnes 7/15/1918

Robert Hardy Barnes, Jr. 12/25/1919

Myrtle Virginia Barnes 9/13/1919

Andrew Leonard Barnes 4/19/1921

Ruth Matilda Templeman 3/12/1920

Julia Audrey Hudgins 2/25/1924

Lucille Audrey Horton 11/21/1930

Humie Zebbie Lee Horton 10/17/1933  


Information found at the Montgomery Department of Archives in Montgomery, AL.

 This Bible was in the possession of Mrs. Margaret Mock, Red Level, Al.
ORSTON BEESLEY, his Holy bible is on front Binder.

First Page
Everett Beck married Gracy Wasdin   21, May 1829
Henry Orston Mason was born       14, February 1862
Selia Mariah Mason was born      2, January 1865
Mary Elizabeth Lord was born   22,  November 1869
Orston Beasley married  Elizabeth Hay   20, May 1830
Orston Beasley married Selia Moore    9, January 1840
Viola Beasley was born  26, August 1878

Second Page - Column one
Everett Beck was born  24, August 1808
Gracy Wasdin was born  25, May 1777
Adeline Beck was born  26, July 1829
Caleb Beck was born   24, November 1830
Sarah Ann Beasley was born  13, January 1848
Elijah Beasley Jr. was born  24, October 1849
Shurde Liles was born  17, December 1877
Dissey Jane Liles was born 16, May 1879

Second Page- Column two
Solomon Beesley was born  10, June 1772
Nathanal Bonham was born  17, January 1796
Dorcus Beesley was born  2, March 1805
Enoch Beesley was born  18, February 1812
Abraham Beesley was born  25, November 1814
Elizabeth Beesley was born  6, October 1816
Colonel Orston Beesley  24, August 1851

Third page- Column one
Orston Beesley was born  1,  August 1807
Selia Moore was born   22 ? 1818
Calvin Beesley was born  28, June 1842
Jane Beesley was born  24, November 1843
Marget Beesley  was born 5, June 1846

Third page- Column two
John Beesley was born  11, February 1833
Martha Ann Beesley was born  11, January 1835
Nancy Neesley was born  28, June 1836
James Beesley was born  25, February 1838
Elizabeth Beesley was born 31, May 1841

Fourth Page- Column one
Samuel Beesley was born  2, March 1831 and deceased  5, March 1831

Sarah Beesley was born 7, April 1832 and deceased 18 April 1832
(the son and daughter of Orston Beesley)

Martha Ann Beesley deceased 24 June 1842
Delana Beesley was born  18 March 1817

Fourth Page- Column Two
Jacob Futch deceased  24 August 1849
Elizabeth Beesley, wife of Orston Beesley deceased  15 October 1839
Daniel Liles was born  27 September 1867
Elijah Liles was born  3 April 1869
Selia Liles was born  27 December 1870
Margaret and Martha Liles  19 March 1873

Fifth Page
Shurod Liles was born  17 December 1876
Julia Gracy Liles was born  30 January 1882
Duncan Hamilton Liles was born  3 November 1883
Vassy Bell Liles was born  3 October 1888
Ruth Liles was born 28 May 1908
Calvin Liles was born 21 December  1902
Lottie Liles was born 27 June 1905
Hautie Liles was born 25 April 1908
Kermit Liles was born 30 January 1910
Marion Jackson Liles  1 April 1912

"The Family Register OF George Henry Mullirmix AND 
(Yetta) Louella Sparks Donaldson Kelley Mullirmix 
MARRIED Aug 7- 1922 Denver Colo."

"George W. R. Donaldson July 27 - 1901
Raymond S. Donaldson March 8 - 1903"

"George W. R. Donaldson To Nannie Lee Metts at Birmingham, Ala 1921"

"George W. R. Donaldson, Denver, Colo. April 20 - 1923"
"Nannie Lee Metts Donaldson, B'ham, Ala. Aug. 29th 1926"
"My dear husband, (Yetta)
 Nathanial M. Hamilton

Salt Lake City, February 12th 1942."

Information found at the Montgomery Archives in Montgomery, AL.
It was Contributed by Mrs. Ruby Bryan of Opp, Alabama in 1960.
This Bible was in the possession of Mrs. J. E. Doherty, and Rev. James Coachman
Postell was a Methodist Minister of South Carolina and Georgia.


James Coachman Postell was born  22 February 1789
Tabitha McCottry Green Postell was born  8 December 1787
(wife of James C. Postell)
William Postell was born 1797
(brother of James C. Postell)
William Francis Postell was born  16 November 1809  (son of James C. and Tabitha Postell)
John Glenn Postell was born 7 December 1811 (son of James C. & Tabitha Postell,
 baptised by H.D. Green)
John Cummings Postell was born  7 June 1815 (son of James C. and Tabitha Postell,
Baptized by James Jenkins)
Margaret Jane Postell was born 1 May 1817
(dau. of J.C. and Tabitha Postell baptized by H.D. Green)
Caroline Emma Postell was born 15  July 1819 
(dau of J.C. and Tabitha Postell, Baptized by Nathan Grantham)
Caroline Emma Postell  2nd was born 29 April 1821
(dau. of J.C. and Tabitha Postell, Baptized by Nathan Grantham)
Anna Maria Elizabeth Postell was born 8 October 1823  (dau. of J.C. and Tabitha Postell)
James Joshua Ward Postell was born 27 April 1826
(son of J.C. and Tabitha Postell, Baptized by Rev. Charles Butts)
John Elijah Postell was born 3 March 1828
(son of J.C. and Tabitha Postell and baptized by rev. J. M. Bradley)
Joanna Skinner was born 1 December 1814  (Wife of William Francis Postell)
Emma Jane Postell was born 12 February 1834 (dau. of Wm. Francis and Joanna Postell)
Margaret Ellin Postell was born  12 October 1835 
(dau of Wm. Francis and Joanna Postell, Baptized by Rev. J.C. Postell)
Sarah Tabitha Postell was born 19 June 1837
Anna Mariah Elizabeth Postell was born  5 April 1839 (Baptized by Rev. Fred Rush)
James Thomas Postell was born 9 December 1841
Mary Elizabeth Postell was born 19  February 1844
Lydia Glenn Postell was born  21 October 1846
Caroline Louiza Postell was born  4 October 1848
Isabel Lela Postell was born __ March 1850
William Francis Postell was born  1 October 1855

James Coachman Postell married Tabitha McCottry Green  22 February 1809
John A. McKay married Margaret Jane Postell
 22 October 1839 in Beaufort District, S.C. by Rev. H. H. Durance
John R. Stabler married Caroline Emma Postell   17 June 1844
William Francis Postell married Joanna Skinner   24 January 1833 by Rev. Archibald Purifoy
James Jackson married Margaret Ellin Postell  27 January 1859  by Rev. Geo. W. Persons
James N. Tuttle married Mary Elizabeth Postell  4 June 1877  by Rev. Russell
Isabelle Lela Postell married John Lyons 4 June 1877 by Rev. Russell

John G. Postell died 25 December 1797 (Father of James C. Postell)
Hannah Coachman Postell  Capers died  7 October 1821  (Mother of James C. Postell)
John Cummings Postell  16 July 1815
Caroline Emma Postell died  6 September 1820
Anna Mariah Elizabeth Postell  22 July 1826
John Glenn Postell died  8 April 1841  (son of J.C. and Tabitha Postell)
Emma Jane Postell died 28 June 1843 died 28 June 1843  (dau of William F. and Joanna Postell)
James Thomas Postell died 4 July 1843
Mrs. Sarah B. Butts died 23 June 1843 (mother of Joanna Skinner Postell)
William Postell died January 1846  (brother of J.C. Postell)
John Elijah Postell died 6 August 1850 (son of J.C. and Tabitha Postell)
Caroline Louiza Postell died  2 January 1851 (dau. of Wm. Francis and Joanna Postell)
Mrs. Mary Postell died 1 July 1843 (wife of William Postell)
Rev. James C. Postell died 25 February 1854 (Age 65 years and 3 days)
Mrs. Tabitha Postell died 20 September 1855
(wife of Rev. J.C. Postell, Age 67 yrs. 9 mos. and 20 days)

Taylor Bible Owned By Donna Lanoue
Please E-mail HER with any Information ~~

I copied every thing written in this bible ,it was a large gray hard back Bible ,names are spelled wrong ,and I was confused because it does not say BW Taylor ...Here it goes... AS WRITTEN
Washington B Taylor
  Holy Bible of
 Feb 18,ad 1867
Washington Taylor Aug 25 ad 1820
In Edgefield Distric S.C.
died Aug 5th 1910
Anna Olivia Donaldson
born Sept 6,1827 Loundes Co,Al.
Aug 12,1912
married Nov 6 1849 in Coffee co.
by Judge Claxton
Mary Catharine -nov 6 1850
Jane Elizabeth jan 15,1852
Susan Rebecca jan 24 1853
William Benjamine april 22,1854
David Leroy jan 15,1855
Ann Matilda april 17,1856
John Henry april 30, 1859
Richard Harrison Numan may 30,1860
Adline Paizcilla jan 22,1862
James Wesley alex monroe may 15,1866
Lee Rancer Se Lroney Wa march 19,1868
Jare Green  aug 1,1871
Gussy Taylor nov 15,1873
Lattie Taylor  june 6 1878
Carrie Olivia sept 29,1880
William Perry aug 11,1883
Palolie Love  feb 10,1886
Victoria Lauish april 18,1888
Noah Washington  aug 3,1890
Robert Carlos  nov 23, 1892
Richard Dowing  may 17,1895
Eddie Berden  july 6 1899
Exic Mae may 17,1904
James Madisen  may17,1919
infant born and died june 3,1921
WB Taylor died april 20,1925
 WB jr born july 28,1923 died jan 1926
?BW Taylor sept 29,1864