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....I wanted to place on the
Covington Co., web a request to find the cemetery around Coffee Co., Al
that has the Harper Restoration Project...That Harper and Stephens is in
my line of kin.   but like to view it in person.       Help me with this
request please.      Thank you   Claudia            Please e-mail me with any information

I am trying to locate information on my great great grandmother, Bethany McCarty (c 1816-1865)
 The information I have is:
1.  Bethany is probably the daughter of Philip McCarty  and his 1st wife. 
2.  Bethany first married John Kirklin (or Kirkland) and lived in Georgia.
3.  Bethany's second marriage was between 1944-1847 to Henry Williams.  
4.  Bethany and Henry had five children born in Covington County, AL:  Elisha (b. 1847), Michael (b.1851),  Jessie (1853), Henry (b.1855) and Mary (b. 1858). 
5.  Bethany's husband, Henry Williams died in 1859.
6.  Bethany and some of her children were living in Covington County,  AL in the 1860 US Census. 
7.  Bethany probably died in Covington County about 1865.
I am particularly interested in finding the following information:
1.  Bethany's mother's name--and the date and place of her marriage to Philip McCarty
2.  Bethany's date and place of birth
3.  Place and date of Bethany's 1st and 2nd marriages
4.  Place and date of Bethany's death
 Thank you to anyone who can help provide information to me about Bethany!
  Janine L. Twomey

Ida May White Creech   -- I know Ida Creech remarried after her husband William Creech died in 1931.  I believe she married J. T. Ward.  I would think they married in Covington or around Covington County.  I have looked in Covington and surrounding area and found nothing.  Ida was born in 1880 and died in 1948. On her death certificate in 1948--it states she was a widow and her husband name was J. T. Ward.  Thanks for any help.  Penny


Please add to your brick wall:
James Roswell md Pearl Howell 1902
  Thanks ,Paula Cook  E-mail-

 Looking for information on William Thomas Berry.  He married Ella Fare Wheeler, daughter of Morgan Daniel Jackson Wheeler, the son of Cornelius Wheeler.  William Thomas Berry and Ella Fare Wheeler had several children.  Shelby, Farris, Stella, Bessie (my grandmother), John, and Eurie.  I have been searching for information as to what happened to him and canít find anything.  He was born @ 1850 and lived in Covington Co.  He and Ella separated and possibly divorced @ 1930.  Any information about what happened to him, or where he is buried would be greatly appreciated.  I am also wanting to know who his parents and siblings were.  My email address is 

Hi, we would like to correspond with the descendantís of Bryant and George JACKSON in hopes of resolving afamily brick wall.  We believe Bryant and George maybe
siblings to our great-great-great-grandmother Nancy JACKSON.  During the 1880 Covington County census,these families lived near each other, shared the same
surname, and were mulatto. 
The 1880 census for Covington County, Alabama also
notes that Bryant and George Jackson were born in Florida circa 1830 and 1835, respectively.  Bryant and George had large families.  We believe many of their descendants relocated to Northwest
Florida, Mississippi and Richland County, Ohio after the 1900 census.
If anyone has any information that might expand in any
way about this particular branch of our Jackson
family, we would greatly appreciate your help!

The following are the descendantís of Bryant and George, we Suspect some of their childrenís children may still believing and in their late 80ís and late 90ís.
Bryant and Bertha Ann had the following children:
Belford J., born circa 1869 in Florida (married Rachel FULLER)
Jesse J., born circa 1871, in Florida (hanged in 1894)
Nelson, born circa 1872, in Florida (married Stella FOWLER)
Emma, born circa, in Florida (married P.H. HARRISON)
William A., born circa1875, in Florida (married Allie JOHNSON)
Ransom A., born circa 1877, in Alabama (married Aurelia COBB and  became a Baptist minister)
Nancy, born circa 1879, in Alabama (married WillHARVEY)
Castlena A., born circa 1882, in Alabama (marriedCharles FULLER)
Cherry, born circa 1886, in Alabama (married Gilbert B. SMITH)
Matthew, born circa 1888, in Alabama (married Melissa JACKSON)
The following are the children born to George and Ann:
Eliza, born circa 1878, in Georgia
Elinor, born circa 1864, in Alabama
Sarah, born circa 1865, in Alabama
Jessie, born circa 1868, in Alabama
Antony (or Anthony), born circa 1874 (married Abbie, born in May, 1875)
Sidney, born circa 1876
Nancy, born circa 1878


My G Gmother. Married  A.J. Thompkins . Lived in  Covington County. He died around 1889, She died in  1915.( death record does not list her
maiden name)  I was told it was Jay and she was born in Fla. However, I think she might have  been born in Jay, Fla.  My gmother was Maggie Williams. One daughter married a Stokes, and  Sarah Catherine married
Leigh King.  I would appreciate any  leads.

Looking for information or relations of Martha McNeil Taylor, Parents-Joseph and Peny McNeil. Married Richard Harrison Taylor, unk. marriage date. Born abt. 1865 Covington County, AL. Died April 17, 1955, Okaloosa County, FL.
Contact Donna Carpenter Lanoue at

I am looking for any information concerning my grandfather, James W. Taylor, who married Lucy Worley in March, 1980. They lived in Andalusia, Alabama. He and Lucy had 4 children. Need to hear anything as to his whereabouts after he left Lucy around the turn of the century, such as any other marriages, children, brothers and sisters or anything about his family, where he lived, died, buried--anything at all. Also need to know his middle name, as there is different information concerning this matter.   Joanna Taylor Brown.
Submitted Dec. 08, 2004
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I am researching any part of the GRIFFIN Family in the areas of Coffee, Covington,
 Crenshaw  Area. Joanna Griffin married Cary C. Carpenter abt. 1871. They
were divorced by 1895. Cary Carpenter remarried Lizzie Carter.
Joanna never remarried. She had the following children by Cary Carpenter; George, Gus
Eldridge, Jesse Monroe, Willie Ozzie, Mary Ellen, & John Dosh Carpenter.
Any information on Griffin or Carpenter is appreciated.

I am searching for Hannah Watson who was born in Covington County Al around 1830.  She was the first wife of my husbands gggrandfather.  We have the death certificate of their first born son.  Which list her as being born in Covington County Al.  That is the way we found her last name.  We knew that her first name was Hannah, with middle initial of J or P.  We have seen her name with both initials.  Thanks. Contact Deanie Rogers at  Submitted 11/27/04