ALABAMA Newspaper

July 12, 1904
Of Interest:
Mrs. W. F. Beard of Montgomery , who has been visiting the family of Mrs. Mizzell, of this city left for her home.
Prof. G.H. Thigpen, of Elba has been elected principal of Opp school.
Mr. I.E. Boyette of Andalusia has been in Opp several days.
Messrs. J.H. Wasdin, F.P. McLean, W.O. Searcy, Geo. Wilson, J.H. Stokes, H.G. McLeany and B.C. Stewart went down to a baseball game in Geneva, Ala.
Rev. W. J. Stanley, better known as Uncle Josh left Wednesday to visit Relations in Escambia.
Mrs. Johnson of Geneva is stopping in Opp, the guest of Miss Theo McLaney.
Mr. W.R. Watson is the proprietor of the city hotel in Opp.
Mrs. B.C. Stewart, Miss Vernice Grant and Mrs. Voncile McKinnon went to Geneva on the 4th.
Mr. Tom Miller and wife of Poley have been stopping at the city hotel for several days.

July 19,1904
Of Interest:
Mr. S. M. Stewart fatally shot by Miss Annie Rhodes. She drew a revolver from her parasol and fired, the ball lodging in the abdomen. It was said to have been started over statements made by Stewart damaging the character of Miss Rhodes, who is the sister of the wife of Stewart. The wound will prove fatal. Miss Rhodes is a member of  an excellent family of Pike County .
The K. of P. Opp lodge, No. 229 meets on the 1st and 3rd Tuesday of the month.
Officers installed for next semi- annual term are:
W.J. Simmons, C.C.
W.O. Searcy, V.C.
Thomas E. hubbard, K. of R. and S.
J.W. Holloway, Prelate
J.H. Stokes, M. of A.
W.J. Stanley, Jr., M. and W.
B.W. Windham, M. of E.
T.E. Hubbard,  M. of F.
Frank Mizell, I.G.
T.A. Goodwin, O.G.

At Opp Sunday night, Tom McLendon and Mae Lee, both of Andalusia , were pranking around with a pistol when it went off and hit McLendon in the left side and inflicted a slight wound.
Mr. George Bryant has charge of the best meat market in Opp.
Mr. Jesse Donaldson and family have moved back to Opp.
Mr. Wiley Beard, son of Dr. J.D. Beard, of Troy, has been visiting the family of Mrs. J.S. Mizell of Opp.
Miss Olive Rhodes, of Shell, Ala., is stopping by as the guest of her sister, mrs. W.D. Spurlin.Mr. J.S. Redman fell off a scaffold one day last week.

Mrs. J.W. Crawford, of Abbeville , Ala. , is visiting her daughter, Mrs. W.O. Searcy, on railroad Ave.

July 29, 1904
Born to Mr. and Mrs. Jacob Benton, a fine baby boy on the 19th.
Born to Mr. and Mrs. Searcy, a fine baby girl on the 22nd.
Married: Mr. G.W. Wilson of Opp to Miss Myrtle Stanley of Andalusia on Sunday July 17th.  The bride is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. John E. Stanley of Andalusia .
Died: Mr. M. Grimes had a Masonic burial at Page’s Mill on Wednesday last.
Attended were J.A. Whaley, Jr., W.S. Spurlin, A. Hart and J.P. Hannah.

Of Interest:
Mr. Dan Prescott of Elba passed through Opp.
Mr. Jim Night, deputy sheriff of Coffee County passed through Opp enroute to Andalusia .
Mrs. J.E. Razier left Tuesday to spend several weeks in South Carolina with relatives.

August 12, 1904

Of Interest:
Mr. R.O. has accepted a position with the Covington County bank of this place. He is formerly from Luverne.
Mr. E.E. Kelley is the cashier of the Covington County bank of this city.
On August 15th Mr. W.J. Barnett and Mrs. Low Chjesser near Estothel , Ala. were to get married. Mr. Barnett secured the license then the bride changed her mind for reasons unknown.
People mention as living in Opp in The Hustler Newspaper August 1904:
Mr. John T. Benton, Mr. Jacob Benton, Miss Lucile McDavid, Miss Irene Windham, Mr. A.R. Jones, Miss Voncille McKinnon, J.O. Carter, Mr. J.S. Stanley, Mr. F.P. McLean, Mr. I.E. Boyett, Mrs. J.S. Mizell, Mr. Fred Smith, Mrs. J.W. Crawford, Miss Lottie Lee Searcy, Mr. H.A. Knowles, Mr. J.N. Gillis, Mr. J. J Adams, Mr. J.H. Wasdin.

August 19, 1904
Mr. and Mrs. Harris A. Knowls are the happy parents of a fine boy.

People mentioned as residents of Opp in August 1904:
Mr. W.C. Grimes, Mr. H.J. Woodham, Mr. Lee Adkinson, Mr. J. P. Hannah, Mr. General Caylor, Mr. Jeff Ham, Bud Musgrove, Miss Minnie Smith,  Rev. W.O. Self, Miss Ada Ledlow, Mr. Calvin Sims.

Sept. 23, 1904

Died: Miss Allie Huestess, the grown daughter of Mr. and Mrs. D.M. Heustess, died of Typhoid fever.

Died: Jesse Willis, Tax assessor of Coosa County , shot and killed his nephew through mistake.
Of Interest:
Mrs. Johnson and her youngest daughter, Mrs. H.A. Knowles have moved to Geneva .
Dr. Stephens is our clever Dentist.
Mr. T.A. Goodwin made a trip to Georgiana, his old home, Sunday.
Mr. A.R. Jones and family left week for St. Louis to see the sites.

September 30, 1904

Died: Mr. O.A. Cobb died Tuesday at his home, a citizen of Covington County , he leaves a wife and several children. His remains were interred Wednesday at Bethel Church about 7 miles from Opp.
Of Interest:
Hon. M. Sallie, of Ozark , Ala was in Opp enroute to Florala.
J.E. Boyett went to Montgomery Sunday.
The 5 room dwelling of J.O. Carter was destroyed by fire Sunday.

October 14, 1904
Of Interest:
The five room dwelling of F.M. Watson was destroyed by fire on last Friday.
|Miss Anna Prestwood of Andalusia has been visiting Mr. and Mrs. T.C. Penton on Railroad Ave.
Mr. G.W. Davidson went to Andalusia last Saturday.
Mr. Frank Penton of Milton Fla., has moved his family to Opp.
Mr. C. Manley is on the sick list.
Mr. J.H. Coon, a farmer of Covington County was in Opp last Friday.
Mr. A. Hart went down to Florala last Saturday.
Visitors to Opp: Mr. G.B. Woodham, Mr. A.A. Kelley of Covington, Mr. Cull Stanley of Covington, Mr. Garrett of the Sanford Shoe Co., S.R. Gatlin, Mr. George Coon, Mr. W.W. Ward of Covington County, Mrs. B.C. Stewart.

 (missing issues)

February 3, 1905

Of Interest:
W.R. Henderson has his blacksmith shop open.
J.M. Hart and little daughter, Ruby, of Leverett was in Opp Wednesday.
Thomas Williams visited home folks in Andalusia Saturday last.
Green Page of Alberton, Ala. was on our streets Monday.
Notice: We forbid any hunting on our lands. Barnes Bros.

February 10, 1905
W.J. Batson and Miss Willie Edwrds married at Andalusia while the mother of the bride was dying and her father was ill with pneumonia. The ceremony took place at the house and the mother’s soul went out between the opening and closing words of the ceremony.

Died: W.N. Glover of Green County dropped dead in the hall of his home.
Joseph R. Strickland was born near Braggs, Ala. , Jan., 20, 1860 and departed his life at his home in Opp Ala. , December 29, 1904. He was Baptist. He leaves a widow and children.

Of Interest:  Henry Miller of the Berry Lumber Co. was on our streets Saturday.
W.R. Henderson made a business trip to Samson Saturday.
The Family of Frank Penton and Mr. Jeff Gatlin are on the sick list.
Mr. Jesse Dean of Pink was in Opp Tuesday.
Notice: W.W. Taylor in account with the town of Opp Dr. Received from W.S. Spurlin. Aug. 29, 1903 $353.10 Total amount overpaid by Jan. 1, 1905 $423.37 
W.W. Taylor Clerk and Treasurer.

 February 17, 1905
Of Interest:
W.W. Ward subscribed to the Opp Hustler today.
Died: Mother Woodham died this evening at one O’clock her remains will be interred into Hickory Grove Cemetery tomorrow.

Sick List:  J.O. Carter, G.W. Davidson, Mrs. B.C. Stewart &  J.M. Lee.

Visitors to Opp: R.T. Shreve of Andalusia on Sunday, Fate Manring, W.H. Meriweather, J.W. Donaldson, Frank Scofield, L.B. Franklin of the Florida lumber Co., R.R. Porter of Brewton, Jim Head of Andalusia, W.W. Carter of Andalusia, Uncle Twede Bell of Greenbay, Col. S.E. Tillery of Andalusia, W.A. Parish Sr., George Edge, Mr. and Mrs. W.A. Knowles of Geneva,  C.W. McLeod of Greenbay, Mrs. McGilvery Ison of Babbie, W.M. Walton of Georgianna, & Miss Anna Prestwood of Andalusia.

February 24, 1905

Visitors to Opp this week: Dr. J.D. Stephens, David Batson of Greenbay, H.A. McLendon of Andalusia, Tom McLendon of Andalusia, Geo. B. Woodham, Dave Adams, Daniel Roberts of Estothel, J.W. Walden and  Dr. Fleming of Geneva.
Sick List: Mrs. S. Sellers, Elder W.J. Stanley, Clever B.E. Nall, and The babe of Dr. and Mrs. T.E. Dalton.

March 10, 1905
The sheriff of Houston County , C.E. Walker has died.

Visitors to Opp:  Frank Scofield, Mr. Wiley-the piano man, W.B. Gilmer of Florala, Coe J.A. Carnley of Elba, W.W. Ward, Greene Boyett of Covington County, J.E. Mitchell of Chester, Ala. Mr. Wylder- insurance man of Brantley, V.W. Morrow came to the dog & poney show in Opp, F.M. Shanks of Palmyrer, Bill Taylor of Andalusia, W.G.W. Peoples.

March 31,1905
Visitors to Opp: 
Miss Zoa Hogg of Searight, Crenshaw Ala,- teacher, Mr. and Mrs. J. E. Garrett of Elba, T. M. Campbell and H.A. Mclendon, Chas Rubinstein of Greenville, J. F. Boyer of Graceville.

In Loving memory of Amanda Woodham
I write this in memory of Aunt Amanda Woodham, she felt the icy hands of death on the 17th of February 1905. Her husband still resides. Amanda Woodham was born July 26, 1834, near Echo, Dale County , being the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. John ARD and the grand daughter of Judge Harper of Covington County .  At age twenty she married John W. Woodham on the 3rd day of April 1854. Early in January 1857 they moved to Covington County where they spent their life. She was the mother of 15 children, 10 boys and 3 girls still survive, all of whom are married, and one hundred and one grandchildren, eighty six still living, eleven great grand children, eight who are still living.
She leaves a brother, Rev. D.T. and Miss Sophronia Ard, of Eufaula, and Mrs. L.F. Miller, of Echo, to cherish her memory.  Rev. W.O. self conducted the burial services at Hickory Grove Church where she was a member for several years.   A.J. Galloway
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JUNE 23, 1905
Mr. & Mrs. T.J. Spear are happy parents of a find baby girl that arrived last week.
Of Interest:
Hick Cook of Andalusia is in Opp.
Mr. Robert Shines of Defuniak Springs , Fla. is visiting his Parents on Route One this week.
Mr. and Mrs. Ashton, Up to date Photographers have been in Opp for four Months.
Notice: All amounts due us must be paid at office of I.E. Boyett, Opp , ALA. The Weaver-Teat Mercantiile Co. Opp , Ala.
For Sale: one 29, H.P. Engine and Boiler, two saw gins completed, apply or address Henry King, Elba, Ala., R F D No 4.
NOTICE: The following are the votes for the most popular young lady in Opp up to Thursday night, June 22nd at Opp Drug Co’s Soda Fount.
Emma Woodham   895
Minnie Smith   675
Bessie West   517
Lucille McDavid  203
Lillie Teet   131
Irine Windham   117
Willie Donaldson  101
Francis West   94
Pearl Woodham   65
Ted Weir            45
Ada Boutwell   40
Note candidates under 100 will be dropped from the score next week.

 (missing Issues)

July 14th 1905
Snow Middlebrooks of Ansley, From Troy was run over and killed instantly by the Atlantic Coast line passenger train Friday afternoon. Mr. Middlebrooks was walking in the south up the tracks but did not hear the train, being deaf and mute. He leaves a wife and one small child.
Died: The little infant of Mr. and Mrs. W. W. Benton died Thursday morning in the city.
Of Interest:
A. P. Stanley and W.O. Searcy attended County Court at Elba last Friday.
Miss Boyed of Elba is the guest of Miss Lena Mizell this week.
F.L. Jeter of red Level killed a Negro, Ed Hammond Tuesday last for assaulting Jeter’s wife.
B.E. Nall is rushing the telephone exchange to a finish.


July 21st, 1905
Mr. H.V. Hopson and Miss Lou Anna Benton were married at the home of the brides parents on Sunday by W.O. Searcy.

Of interest:
Debty. Shrff. Prestwood of Andalusia come down to Opp Tuesday night to take one William Carpenter bound over from Justice Searcy’s Court.
Mr. Cawthorn of Defuniak Springs Fla. is in the city, the guest of W.A. Woodham.
Mrs. W.O. Searcy & children are visiting relatives in Dothan and Abbeville.
A.P. Stanley is on the sick list.
Mr. and Mrs. Jeff Cawthorn of Ealum Fla. and Mrs. Tisha Powell of Pensacola are the welcome guest of their sister Mrs. A.W. Woodham.

July 28, 1905
Geo. W. Davidson of Opp was married to Miss Mattie Williams of Samson.

Of Interest: Mr. Frank Potter and family of Brantley are visiting their parents Mr. John M. Moody and family of Opp.
Friday night at the premises of Dr. T.W. Knight and the parties being E.O. Bishop, and R.G. Reddock.  Bishop fired 2 shots into the body of Gordan Reddock just as he was entering the Knight premises and killed him instantly. Reddock was buried in the family burial ground in Live Oak Cemetery.- Luverne
E.O. Bishop made bond this afternoon, July 24. Mrs. Bishop left on the afternoon train, accompanied by her brother-in-law, Dr. George Williamson, for Hartford , where she will reside.

September 1, 1905

Born: Mr. and Mrs. Mizzell have a fine baby boy.
Married:  On Sunday last at the home of the brides parents in Opp, Mr. W.J. Stanley Jr., married Miss Emma Wadkins.
Died:  Sadie Josey, of this place died and was buried last week. The daughter of J.E. Josey.
Of interest:
Mr. Lee Clark is on the sick list,
A.P. Stanley’s health is rapidly improving.
J.W. Donaldson was in Opp Tuesday.

November 4, 1905
Married: Mr. Samuel Barnes
of Opp married Miss May Ware of Andalusia on the 25th inst., at the residence of Mr. Philips, at Andalusia Ala.

Died: On Monday, as Rev. J.J. White and wife were leaving town for their home in Cowarts, the horse was frightened. When he stopped  and started to kick until his feet caught the axle. His feet struck Mr. White in the abdomen, he did not appear to be hurt. He became unconscience after being taken into the home of Mr. Gregory, then the end came about 7 o’clock. The remains were carried to Cowarts for burial. Bro. White was born in North Carolina and at age 5, brought to Florida , as a youth he went into the Confederate Army. After the war he went to Geneva County then spent the last 20 years in Cowarts.

Of Interest:
The Rev. Thomas Barnes, of Newville, Henry Co. Ala., has purchased a nice farm near Opp and will soon make Covington County his new home.
Jacob Benton has put in a feed, sale and livery stables in Opp.
Mr. M.J. Adams has been on the sick list.
A.J. Sims and wife were in Opp on Tuesday.
J.A. McKenzie will be moving back to Opp soon.
J.M. Richburg, of Luverne has purchased a nice farm near Opp and will move soon.
Bud tell has purchased a vacant lot from Searcy and will erect a blacksmith shop on it.
Gordan Smith is up again. He unfortunately lost his right arm by having it cut off in a gin a few weeks ago.
Col. A Black of Brantley was in Opp on Monday.
Mr. Sterling Davis has moved his family from Henry County here.

November 10th 1905
Mr. C.H. Johnson of Dade City Fla. , and Miss Olive Chappell, of Opp , Ala were married on Nov. 4th at the residence of the Reaper (newspaper),Mr. Ed M. Johnson.
Died: Ozark Star- Last Wednesday was the death of 2 little girls of Mr. and Mrs. C.F. James, only a few hours apart. Ethel was with fever and stomach complications and Louise with typhoid Pneumonia. Little Ethel was age 6 and died at 9:30 O’clock Wed. morning. 12 hours later, little Louise, age 11 breathed her last.

Of interest:
List of honor roll at Piney Grove school for month ending Oct. 31st
Sam Gainer, Cecil White, Mertie Lambeth, Daniel Lambeth, Joseph Lambeth, Cleotus Quiller, Lee Quiller, Lonzo Phillips, Sallie Phillips, Ela Phillips, Lela Philips, Ida Phillips, Ramon Crews, Bessie Crews, George Crews, Claudie Crews, Will Crews, Henry Jones, Hobson Weeks, Yance Weeks, Cleotus Williams, Lena Holley, Pearl Holley, Eddie Holley, Eddie Holley, Irwin Holley, Joh anna Lee White, Willie White, Minnie Kilpatrick, Warren Grimes, Sallie Grimes, Obid Johnson, Pearl Johnson, Mattie Bell Land, John Peters, John Holmes, Mattie Mitchell, Minnie Mitchell.

November 17, 1905
Died: (bad newspaper)
Daughter of Hon. J.F. Stallings killed by runaway mules last Sunday on Commerce Street . The local passenger train frightened a pair of mules. Mrs. Stallings was dragged about forty yards before being thrown off, She lingered until Monday & then died.


December 22, 1905
Ab Lee shot and killed W.S. Chesser at Varis campr near Andalusia last Sunday. The men were convict guards. Lee was drinking and grabbed a Winchester rifle and emptied the contents into Chesser’s head. He was placed in jail in Andalusia .

Of Interest:
Bud and Parl Strickland, two brothers who killed their Uncle, Matt Strickland, near Big Creek, were captired neamr Slocumb and are in Houston County Jail.  Bud and his Uncle were fighting over a hound dog when Parl grabbed a .22 caliber rifle and shot & killed the Uncle, says it was self-defense- Hartford Journal.
Mr. Richburg of near Luverne, has moved to his home one mile south of Opp, which he purchased from H.A. Dorsey.
Mr. B.H. Von-seburg and family have moved to Montgomery .
Mrs. Sterling Davis of Opp is visiting relatives in Henry County .
J.E. Peoples is on the sick list.

February 23, 1906
Mr. Jim Urquehart died Saturday afternoon at his home near Highnote. He was about 87 years of age and leaves a wife and children. The remains were buried Sunday in White Water Florida Graveyard- Hartford Times
Of Interest:
This week appears the announcement of Thomas M. Campbell for Sheriff of Covington County.

March 24, 1906
Hon. John J. Payne, one of Covington ’s leading Attorney’s died suddenly at his home on Monday last. He was buried at Andalusia on Tuesday.
Mrs. J.E. Jacey of this city received a telegram Thursday last that her father at McKenzie was not expected to live.
Married: Mr. Olive Jackson and wife of Georgianna, were in Opp Wednesday, they had returned from Slocumb , Ala , where they attended the marriage of their brother, Sam Jackson of Monroe , Ala , to Miss Casey of Slocumb. The groom was formerly a citizen of Opp.
Married: Mr. Metcalf of Troy and Miss Nora Wilson of Opp, were married last Sunday.
Of Interest:
Jesse Connors has been convicted of the murder of Clem Mount and sentenced to life imprisonment.- Luvurne Ala.

April 7, 1906
The little infant of Mr. and Mrs. Alto Windham of Opp died on Tuesday of Pneumonia.