June- August 8, 1912  Florala news ( Newspapers missing after April 8 1912 for Florala)

Florala News  June- August 1912  Transcribed from Microfilm  Lisagraham32@aol.com

06 June 1912-

 d.  Mr. Samuel D. Clark died at the residence of his daughter, Mrs. T.C. Penton Sunday Morning, June 2nd, 1912. He was born of Scotch Irish parentage in Darlington , S.C. September 9th 1835, moved with his parents to Americus Ga. , when he was about 11 years old, thence 10 years later to Ozark Ala. For the last six or seven years he has lived with his children, Mrs. T.C. Penton, Messrs. S. E. and  Ewell Clark in Florala. He was married 3 times, first to Miss Mary Jane Snell, second Miss Mary A. Wall, who was the mother of his surviving children, and last Miss Mary E. McCall. He was buried in Greenwood Cemetery on  Monday.

The old Board of Directors of the Bank of Florala were re-elected and vacancies filled by   D.E. Adams, Theo. S. Lanz, and Griffin Miller. The following officers were elected for next year; Thos. F. West- President, W.C. McLauchlin- Vice Pres., A.E. Mann- Secretary and Cashier, A.N. Wilson- Assistant cashier.

Claude Williamson left Sunday for New Orleans .
“Ras” Wall was visiting the homefolks Sunday.
Murray (Peck) Cawthorn was in our city Saturday.
Mrs. L.C. Horn who has been ill is getting better.
W.W. Taylor has a new passenger car.
Prof. James P. Doster is attending Montgomery .
B.H. Farmer went to Hot Springs , Ark. last week.

E.C. Meredith, Jr. was in Florala this week.
Mrs. J.R. Barron has lots for sale on Fifth St .
The Women’s Missionary Society will be entertained by Mrs. J.A. Vaughn on Monday.

Linwood Cawthorn of Falco , Ala. , is in Florala this week looking for a blue printer.

Mrs. L. Cawthorn has returned from an extended visit to DeFuniak Springs.
M.A. George, Sr. has some fine pointer pups for sale.
H.A. Baggett at O.K. Grocery has two rooms for rent.

Dr. Petry’s office will be closed June 10-14 on account the Alabama Dental Association meeting in Tuscaloosa , Ala.
Mr. and Mrs. S.M. Quick, Mrs. Hix, M.A. Helms, Sr., and others attended the all day Sacred Harp singing at Hacoda last Sunday.
S. M. Quick has sold his stock in Florala Furniture Co. to H. C. Weatherly of Montgomery , Ala. ,  And  J.W. Weatherly of Laurel Hill, Fla. The officers of the company are H.C. Weatherly, president and manager; J.W. Weatherly, vice president and H.A. Hughes is secretary and treasurer.

Theo S. Lanz left this morning for Indianapolis , Ind.
Jno. T. Echols has returned from Gadsden , Ala , where he has been making preparation to move to that place.
Mr. Quick has purchased the residence of J.W. Weatherly in East Florala .
Mrs. W.L. Howell and children are visiting relatives at Brooklyn , Ala.

Misses Beatrice Cawthorn, Minnie T. Larkin and Lucille Manning have returned from Tallahassee , Fla. , where they have been attending school.

Miss Thelma Martin entertained a number of friends Monday at a ‘Tacky Party’, Miss Willie Kendrick won first prize and Lewie Lewis won second.

A few days ago the three year old daughter of Mrs. Givens, sister of Mrs. J.E. Hughes, while playing with matches, set her clothing on fire and was badly burned before help could reach her. Mrs. Givens took the child to a Hospital this morning where it is hoped she will be relieved and completely restored.



m.Gaston Prescott of Darlington and Miss Leila Miller of Campton were quietly married Sunday afternoon at the home of Justice F.G. Gray. Mr. Prescott made many friends while here last summer in the employ of Stearn & Culver Lumber Co.

 Miss Beulah Grimes, Ozie Dubose and Jessie Davis and Dee Dubose attended the Primitive Baptist preaching Sunday.
Misses Ada and Vera Metcalf and Wallace Metcalf spent Sunday at the home of Mr. and Mrs. F.G. Gray.
Willie Hurston of Laurel Hill spent Saturday night here with his brother, Ed Hurston.

13 June 1912-

d.  Mr. Henry Elliott died June 10th, who had recently moved from Florala to Milton Fla.
He was buried Tuesday in Milton Cemetery . Services conducted by Rev. K.L. McIver of Pensacola and Rev. Dr. Humpries of Milton . Mr. Elliott was 58 years old having been born in Cumberland County N.C. August 13th 1853. He was the youngest son of Col. Alexander and Mrs. Jane Evans Elliott. He came to Florala in 1898. In October 1904 he married Miss Effie McLean, only daughter of Mr. and Mrs. James N. McLean of Florala , Ala. , who survives him, and their 3 children, Henry, James and Mary.

Walter Riley of Andalusia was here Tuesday.

Miss Tessie Howell of Andalusia is visiting Florala.
Dr. S.I.S. Cawthorn of Andalusia was a visitor last week.

J.N. Barron of Andalusia was transacting business in Florala this week.
Col. G.W.   Reeves were called to Geneva Wednesday morning on legal business.

W.O. Stuckey, a brick contractor of Andalusia spent a few hours in this city Monday.
Mrs. J.D. Cook has returned from Enterprise where she has been visiting.

C.C. Burgess, J.H. Burgess and family spent Sunday with their parents in Florida .
Several from this place attended the funeral of Capt. H. Elliott at Milton , Fla. , Tuesday.
D.S. Sheehan of Montgomery is visiting her parents, Mr. and Mrs. E.S. Sheehan of this place.
Martel Smith lost a stick pin Saturday.
J.A. Smith was a business visitor this week.
Dr. J.C. Pennington and Mr. and Mrs. Spires of Andalusia, were in Florala Monday enroute to Florida , where they will spend week fishing.
John G. Foxworth of Lakewood passed through Florala last Monday enroute home from Dothan where he was operated on for ear trouble.

J.W. Byrd of Samson is at St. Andrews , Fla. , he has a pleasant stop at this place.
C.J. Ward and family of Andalusia spent Monday night in Florala enroute to Albany , GA. where they are the guest of Mr. and Mrs. W. L. Parker.

Rev. D.W. Haskew returned last week from a visit to his old home.
C.C. Beasley is spending time at Hot Springs for his health.
We regret very much that Mrs. Vaughn will soon move to Gadsden , Ala.

Covington County Medical Society met with Dr. F.W. Galloway Tuesday, June 11. The following visitors were present: Dr. T.Q. Ray, Dr. G.L. Gresham, Andalusia , Dr. J.C. McLeod, Opp, and Dr. J.L. Johnston, Falco.
John T. Echols & Son, of Florala , Ala. Is the name of a firm which will open a high class store in Gadsden . Messrs. Echols have leased the entire ground floor of the Times News Building- Gadsden Daily Times-
Bay Minette , Ala. , June 10-
J.C. Griffin of Loxley, who last year grew a field of prize cotton has come up front with a yield of Cucumbers.- Mobile Register

Misses Ada Metcalf, Lola Kava and Ruth Gray, Wallace Metcalf, C.G. and E.D. Gray attended the preaching at Clear Springs Sunday.
Miss Lula Perkins visited friends here on Sunday.
Mr. and Mrs. P.J. Steele and C.G. Hurston of Laurel Hill visited friends and relatives here on Sunday.
Mrs. F.G Gray and little ones spent Saturday in Laurel Hill visiting friends.
The ice cream supper given at the home of Mr. and Mrs. F.G. Gray Friday night was enjoyed by a small crowd.
Tom Moore of Dorcas visited friends here Sunday.

20 June 1912-

  The remains of C.A. Marsh were taken to Florala this afternoon for interment. Marsh was shot and killed instantly by C.E. Pegues.  Pegues was taken to Geneva jail to await a preliminary. The shooting took place on Main Street .

 d. James Avery, living 5 miles north of cottonwood Ala. Met death late yesterday. Young Avery found his father laying dead on the ground where he had been plowing cotton.  Apparently the elder Avery had been plowing as usual and the high wind blew off his hat. This frightened the mule which gave a sudden lunge and threw Mr. Avery down, probably breaking his neck. The mule dragged him and the plow stock about 200 yards, The plow lines were still wrapped around Mr. Avery’s hand.

An Epidemic of marriages broke out last Sunday.
A number of young people went across the lines.
m. Mr. N.H. Shepherd of Lockhart and Miss Ida Horn went over to Svea and were married by Just. Of Peace F.G. Gray, and in the evening.
m. Mr. J.P. Barnes, and Miss Lottie Sheehan, youngest daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Sheehan of Florala were married by Justice Gray.
m. Mr. Ewell Clark of Florala and Miss Vivian Parker, the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. A.N. Parker of Florala, were married by J.N. Vandiver.

Water Warren Visited Enterprise Sunday.
Deputy Sheriff Livings was in Florala Saturday.

J.J. Lamar and R.A. French were in Defuniak Wednesday.

N.E. Bell of Florala has moved his family to Opp.
Ben D. Spears of Opp spent Sunday here with Home folks.

Attorney W. H. Albritton was here on legal business Saturday.

Joe Rose of Andalusia was among visitors here Monday.

Miss Corina Wall, who is teaching school at Garden City, Fla. , spent Sunday in Florala.

Sam Cohn and sister, Miss Maggie, of Union Springs are visitors of the home of I.S. and M. Lurie.
J.H. Dillard left Tuesday for Samson in the interest of J.K. Everett & Sons photographers.
Mrs. O.R. Smith returned from Columbia and Dothan were she has been visiting relatives.
W.G. Echols has gone to Tuscaloosa this week.
Misses Effie and Shellie Gavin will accompany their Father, Rev. C.W. Gavin to Florala Saturday. They will visit their Aunt, Mrs. D.W. Haskew.
Joe Thomas, Colored, the escaped wholesale chicken thief, returned to Florala Wednesday. Joe was accompanied on his return by Police Busbee from Pensacola .
Henry Garner and wife returned to their home in Ozark, Tuesday. They have been visiting Mrs. Garner’s parents, Mr. and Mrs. J.H. Wall.
Mr. and Mrs. F. L. Lane of Andalusia spent Sunday at Florala. Mr. Lane is for his hometown first, but says Florala is second best.
Rev. D.W. Haskew will be at Mason Saturday and at Falco Sunday.
J.W. Miller killed a rattle-snake near his home last week; it has 11 rattles and a button.
Mrs. N. Manning, Mr. and Mrs. H.L. Cawthorn, Mr. and Mrs. W. F. Meigs, citizens of Defuniak have visited here the past week.
Jno. W. Cawthorn of Pensacola Fla. , spent several days with us recently, this is his old home.
W.H. Binion of Evergreen, Ala. has been prospecting in Florala this week. We hope to have him permanently locate with us.
Presiding elder C.W. Gavin of Marianna District will preach at the Methodist at this place on Sunday.

J.M. Lammons caught after three years by private detective, J.T. Branch of Charlotte , N.C. He brought Lammons to Montgomery police force, which arrested him. Branch had been following him 30 days and located him in  Galveston , Tx. Lammons had been superintendent of Geneva County , Ala. He made way with nearly $8000 given him for distribution for teacher’s salary.   Lammons was indicted by Grand Jury.

Svea Items:
Miss Mattie McCrany spent Saturday with Miss Mary Bell Smith.
Miss Effie Grimes visited home folks Saturday.
Miss Ethel Fountain of Andalusia is visiting relatives and friends here at Sardis .
Misses Bertha Cox, Bessie McGehee, Lula and Lizzie Perkins, Frank Cox and Cleve Harrison spent visited Sunday school here.
E.M. Metcalf, R.H. Godwin, F.G. Gray and families spent Saturday on Pond Creek fishing.

Misses Mary Stele, Callie Kilpatrick, Lillie Faqua, Agnes and Arie Hart spent Sunday with Miss Kava and Lola Gray.
Mrs. B.J. Boodleson of Jacksonville arrived Friday for a visit with friends here & Florala.
R.H. and B. Godwin and families spent Sunday with their Sister, Mrs. E.M. Metcalf.
S. Morris of Lakewood visited relatives Saturday.

27 June 1912-

d.  Judge Willis C. Wood was born in S.C. November 19th 1829 and died Saturday June 22nd, 1912 at the home of his niece, Mrs. J.R. Barron in Florala Ala. He was never married and made his home with his niece, Mrs. Barron who survives him and her 2 daughters, Mrs. Strother of Luverne , Ala. And Miss Mary Barron. His body was laid to rest in Greenwood Cemetery Sunday.

Prof. J.P. Doster, who taught the Florala High School , last year, was in camp this week near Steele’s mill with quite a bunch of Boy Scouts from Florala.
Rev. D. W. Haskew accompanied by W. E. Urquart, left Wednesday for Blountstown , Fla. , where they go to attend the Dist. Conference.
Judge J. M. Robinson of Andalusia spent Sunday in Florala.
Mrs. W. C. Johns of Gantt , Ala. , is visiting relatives in Florala.
Dr. G. O. Spears of Baker, Fla. , was among visitors here this week.
J. M. Lindsay and Family of Baker, Fla. , were visitors here this week.
W.W. Taylor attended the Optical Convention in Birmingham .
R.G. Wood of Red Level attended the burial of Judge W.C. Wood at this place.
Mrs. J.A. Garrett, on Fifth Street has rooms, see her for lodging.
Mrs. C.M. Wiggins, who has been visiting Florala, returned to her home in Andalusia Tuesday.
S.K. Bush a Mason of Blakely, Ga. , attended the Masonic public installation on the 24th.
The Young People’s Society will meet with Misses Madeline and Miriam Windham next Tuesday, July 2nd.
Presiding Elder, W.C. Gavin preached at the Methodist Church Sunday.
Perry Clements of Opp Ala. , visited the family of J.K. Everett last Monday.

Mrs. A.T. Tatum of Montgomery , accompanied by her daughter, little Amy Corine and Miss Eva Tatum are visiting the home of Rev. L.A. Sims.
Hiram Rush, one of Milligan , Fla ’s., oldest residents was on hand to enjoy the installation of the officers of the Masonic Lodges.
Miss Theresa Hurley, a young lady from Selma , is visiting her Aunt, Mrs. E.W. Hoyle.

Mrs. Chas. Synn of Oak Grove spent last week with her daughter, Mrs. Ed. Hurston.
B.S. Morris spent Sunday with relatives.
S.A. Smith spent Sunday with friends and homefolks.
Misses Ada and Vera Metcalf, Kava, Lola and Ruth Gray, Ed  Gray, B.S. Morris, D.W. Metcalf, O.L. and W. Perkins attended church at Laurel Hill Sunday night.
Mr. and Mrs. Jim Cammon of Lockhart spent Sunday with their daughter, Mrs. Will Marsh.
J.A. And P.J. Steele of Laurel Hill were visitors here Sunday.

4 July 1912-

b. William Gradolph is the name that is given to new baby that arrived at the home of Mr. and Mrs. J.W. Swilley on June 26.

Mr. James Carter and Miss Vannie May Inabenette were married by Rev. D.W. Haskew. They left immediately for Panama City Fla. for the week.

d. Jas. T. Bryant of Santa Rosa County , Fla. , passed through Florala on his way to Brantley to attend the funeral of his oldest son, who was killed by lightning.

Mrs. E. W. Hoyle had 28 young people over to her house in honor of her niece, Theresa Hurley of Selma .
Conductor John M. Whittington has recently sold to Mrs. Allred and Mrs. Bowers, two tenant houses west of Sixth St.
R.G. Tucker has accepted a position with the West Fla. , Grocery Co. of Pensacola. Mr. and Mrs. Tucker will be missed.
James P. Doster is taking up a list of names of people who will be taking in lodgers.
A vacant lot on the south side of Fifth Ave. has been purchased by Dr. G.F. Petrey and Mr. H.H. McDougald.
Mrs. Luther Gilmer is ill and at Hilliard’s infirmary, Montgomery, her brother, Mr. Tom Fancher left Sunday for Montgomery .
D. Faircloth of Waycross , Ga. , was in Florala this week.
Farm for sale, four miles from town, a bargain; Owen F. Lee, Florala , Ala.
Prof. H.R. Mott of red Level was in Florala Tuesday.
Dr. C.F. Petry of Columbia was in this city Sunday.
W.L. Milligan and two daughters have returned from a visit to Georgia .
Miss Clara Covington of Montgomery is the charming guest of Mr. and Mrs. E.W. Hoyle.
W.R. Reid has the mumps.

F.W. Griffin and family of this place attended the funeral of J.T. Hollis at Bonifay , Fla.
Judge J.M. Snead and wife of Andalusia were in Florala Monday enroute to Florida town.
Griffin Bell and family of Helin , Fla. , were in Florala Sunday, the guests of F.W. Griffin.

Jasper Henderson is  Street superintendent.
Mrs. Herman Parsons of Dallas TX . is visiting relatives in Florala. She was once a resident here.
Dr. J.C. Hill, Capt. Allen Crenshaw and J.E. Brawner of Andalusia spent a few hours here on Monday.

Fletcher Bell of Andalusia was here Sunday.
Mrs. J.H. Martin and children are visiting relatives at Andalusia .
Theo S. Lanz and D. Tim Williamson are out of town a few days.
Mrs. P. K. Urquhart and children returned Tuesday from visiting relatives in Mobile , Ala.
Dr. and Mrs. Allred of White Springs , Fla. , have come to Florala and expect to stay permanently. At present they are staying with Mrs. Allred’s Sister, Mrs. Nannie Bowers on Forth Street .

Mr. and Mrs. M.L. Ray are visiting their children, Mr. and Mrs. Hal C. Ray at Stephenson , Ala ; where they have a pair of twin babies to recently arrive.
J.K. Everett brought to the news office a green pea which measured 28 inches.

Amos Metcalf and family of Hartford spent Sunday with his brother, E.M. Metcalf of this place.
The pea shelling given at the home of J.F. Harrison Wednesday night of last week was enjoyed.
R.H. Godwin and family and B.S. Morris spent Saturday with Mr. Morris’s parents near Hacoda.
Miss Lola Gray spent Monday in Laurel Hill.
Mrs. J.W. Hurston son, C.G. visited relatives here Sunday.
Mr. and Mrs. Chas. Batson and Fomon Synn of Oak Grove spent Saturday with their sister, Mrs. Ed. Hurston.

11 July 1912-

m.  George Seigler , of this place and Miss Noma Renfroe of Holts, Fla. were married a few days ago and are the guests of Mr. and Mrs. D.A. Ewing.

John L. Bryan, Marshal of Brantley, was killed during an electrical storm. He lived across the river & started home when the thunderstorm came and lightning struck him. His clothes were torn from him and his body badly blackened by the stroke. The telephone and electrical lights were blown out. Dr. J.R. Moxley had a phone receiver torn from his hand – Andalusia Star.
d.  Mr. D.G. McInnis of Geneva Ala. Died last Wednesday night. He was born in Cumberland County , NC . He leaves a widow and seven children, Mrs. Annie Parker of Florala is his sister. Funeral services were held in Geneva and he was interred into the Geneva Cemetery .

Mrs. W.C. Brawner has returned from a visit to Andalusia .
Miss Missouri Cawthorn of Atlanta is visiting Mrs. M. Bowers.
Mrs. T.M. Gibson of Enterprise is visiting relatives in Florala.
Mrs. Dr. F. Young left this week  to visit relatives at Sulligent , Ala , and Nashville , Tenn.
Mrs. F.H. Leggett returned Monday night from a pleasant visit to her old home, Louisville , Ky.
Misses Addie and Delia Rabun, Estelle and Ella Mae Calloway are visitors in the home of W. L. Howell.

Miss Gertrude Monroe came home from Greenville, Ala. After spending two weeks with her sister, Mrs. Walter Brown.
Miss Jenness Crawford is the quest of her sister this week, Mrs. W.R. Reid.
Mrs. W.C. Whitt is attending summer school at Knoxville , Tenn.
Hugh A Ray passed through Florala, Tuesday on his way to Andalusia.

Mrs. N.D. Miller of Bonifay, Fla. , is spending some time with her mother, Mrs. L. Cawthon in East Florala .
Mrs. D.C. Allen and daughter, Mrs. Willie Senn and children, who are on a visit to her parents from Brundridge, Ala. Left this morning to visit Mrs. Charlie Senn in Santa Rosa County, Florida, near oak Grove, who is another daughter of the former.

School  opened Monday with a good attendance and Prof. Lee Smith as principal and Miss Annie McDonald Assistant.
F.L. Gray is spending this week with relatives in Geneva County .
Rev. J.J. Richards, of Laurel hill preached for us on Sunday.
Mrs. F.G. Gray and daughter Lola and two little sons spent Monday with Mrs. and Mrs. Alex Brown , in Laurel Hill.
J.F. Harrison is reported sick with fever this week.
Miss Mittie Byrd left Sunday for a month visit in Alabama .
A.F. Jones is spending this week with homefolks.
Mr. and Mrs. I.A. Steels and children attended the W.O.W. unveiling at Baker, Fla. – end

The Covington County Teacher’s Institute: The following Teachers are attending:

Misses Daisy Lauderdale- Florala, Maud Leonard- Andalusia, Carrie B. Daniel – Andalusia, Ella Fleming- Opp, Annie Lloyd- Andalusia,  Lenora Cowan – Opp, Corinna Wall- Florala, Annie Jackson- Opp, Maude Osteen- Opp, Alice Huggins- Opp, Gladys Foster- River Falls, Colo Mendheim- Andalusia, Myrtis Perry- Red Level, Julia Morris- Laurel hill, Bessie Catoe- Mason, Nell Sanders- Red Level, Lula Stephenson- Andalusia, Mattie Chestnut- Andalusia, Mattie Cox- Samson, Ruth Padgett- Andalusia, Mattie Richburg- Opp, Kathleen Rye- Andalusia, Katie Sanders- Red Level, Natalie Jones- Andalusia, Lola Harder- Red Level, Ella Mae Calloway- Brooklyn, Stella Copeland- Andalusia, Lulleah Copeland- Andalusia, Estelle Calloway, Addie Raburn, Vera Williams, Eula Williams- Brooklyn, Annie Williams- Andalusia, Gladys Worthington- Montgomery, Mattie Ingram- Red Level.  Messrs. Wm T. Deal-Opp, B.B. Padgett- Andalusia, Edgar Ingram- Gantt, B.F. Mills- Andalusia, Newton Brunson- Opp, Austin Beasley- River falls, John Caylor- Lockhart, Cleveland Taylor- Opp, M.D. Taylor- Pine Hill, Gideon Parker- Searight, W.B. Sasser, I.L. Boles, W. J. Holloway, James Holloway, J.E. Richbourgh- OPP, F.W. Taylor- Andalusia, R.D Howell- River Falls, A.E. Ward- Red Level, Thos. Rawls Jr.- Searight and other names we failed to get.

18 July, 1912-
J .J. Markham passed away in South Florala Saturday at 10 p.m. He had only been sick a few days. The Interment was made Monday last at 10 a.m. at Greenwood Cemetery . He was a kind husband and father.

 m. On Sunday afternoon, Mr. E. L. Quick, Britton Lumber Co’s. railroad foreman, went over to a church near Hacoda and induced Miss Alma Holley to accompany him to Squire Hilson’s rendezvous for Gretna Greens where the Squire in his usual graceful style tied the knot that made them one and the same. They are now at home near Paxton , Fla.

 Spirella Corsets made to order. Orders taken by Mrs. M. Cawthon Bowers.
W.J.W. Capps of Laurel Hill was a visitor to our city Tuesday.
Mrs. G.A Hart of Andalusia is visiting at the home of Frank L. Jones.
Mr. and Mrs. Allen Davis have returned from a visit to relatives at Abbeville.
M.J. Hix has purchased the Chas. Spicer home and will move into it.
Rev. J.N. Vandiver is assisting in a series of meetings at Bonifay , Fla.
Mrs. J.T. Hollis of Bonifay , Fla. , is visiting at the home of F.W. Griffin.
Mrs. H.H. McDougald and little daughter, Martha are visiting at Cuthbert, Ga.
R.A. French is erecting a cottage near the new school.
J.R. and G.S. Searcy and Mayor George were visitors in Dothan this week.
Mrs. W.F. Hughes and daughter, Theresa, returned Tuesday from Washington .
Rev. S.W. Rogers is attending annual encampment at Shocco Springs.
Alvin Powell and family have moved to Falco , Ala. and Mrs. J.R. Shepherd and daughters, Winnie and Evolene returned Friday night from a visit to Panama City .

Miss Kathleen Rye left Friday from Andalusia to visit her sister, Mrs. Kilpatrick.
Miss Nona Bailey entertained the Young People’s Society Tuesday afternoon. Misses Margarite McRae and Mamie Davis served fruit nectar. Miss Doster, the leader, had a nice program arranged.

A.B. Windham, was recently appointed Notary Public and Ex- Official Justice of the Peace. Mr. Windham will also handle your accounts for collections.

A reception given at the Methodist parsonage by Mrs. D.W. Haskew and Mrs. E.W. Hoyle for three visitors in town, Misses Covington and  Hurley who are guests at Mrs. Hoyle’s house, and Miss Urquhart the house guest of Mr. and Mrs. P.K. Urquhart.
Welcomed at the reception hall door was  Mrs. P.K. Urquhart, fruit was served by Miss Magaurite McRae. The receiving party in the parlor was Mrs. D.W. Haskew.

 Mr. J.R. Mathews, Mrs. E.N. Clark and Miss Kate Lewis had the dining room in order.
Mrs. George Reeves was over the guest book. Fifty guests were invited. Among some of those present were Misses Covington, Hurley, Urquhart, Lewis, Charlotte and Marguerite McRae, Bailey, Parker, Cohn, Kraselsky, Hughes, Clemments, Anna and Mamie L. Prestwood, McCleod, Mamie and Tommie Davis, Corinna and Mayme Wall, Beulah and Lucile Manning, Smith, Sellers, Windham, Riles, Wynn, Williams, Genevieve and Helen White. Rev. D.W. Haskew and W.E. Urquhart  were also present.

Svea Items:
George Henderson of Lockhart visited his Cousin T.J. Harry here on Sunday.
George Deal of Paxton was a visitor at Sunday School
Miss Mamie Von Axelson of Laurel Hill was a visitor last week.

Fayette Grimes and family visited his parents, M.M. Grimes, Sunday.
E.J. Waddell’s mother and two sisters, Mrs. May and Miss Susie of Dothan are visiting him this week.
Mrs. D.C. Allen and Willie Senn spent Saturday with relatives at this place.
Misses Agnes and Arie hart spent Sunday night with Misses Kava and Ruth gray.

Ben Harry gave a watermelon cutting treat for the young people on Sunday afternoon.

25 July 1912-

At 4 o’clock Saturday the remains of Mrs. Luther S. Gilmer were interred at the cemetery, the family burial ground in Centerville , Ala. She died at the Montgomery Infirmary. Her maiden name was Miss Hattie Fancher. Her father was the late W.E. Fancher Sr., and was fro 12 years clerk of Circuit Court in Bibb County . About 3 years ago Hattie married Rev. Luther S. Gilmer.

In memory of John J. Markham, deceased, b. May 26 1866 in the State of Louisiana . He moved to Covington County , Ala. At age two. He died at home in Florala , Ala. July 13, 1911. He is survived by one half brother, two half sisters and wife and five children.

  J.M. Jeter of the citizens Bank of Geneva, Ala., who left Warm Springs , Ga. , July 17th after mailing a letter to his wife advising her where he could be found, which letter failed to reach her, has returned to Geneva safe and sound.

D.D.F. Ray of Milligan , Fla. was here last Saturday.
J.K. Rosier of Pensacola spent Sunday in Florala.
Mrs. J.A. Bannister is visiting her son at Pensacola, Fla.
Mrs. C.P. Cawthorn is visiting relatives at Wetumpka, Ala.
Gus Clark and family are visiting relatives at Cowarts, Ala.
Mrs. Jeff McCall and two children are visiting at Rose Hill.
J.M. Taylor and family of Andalusia spent Sunday with W.W. Taylor.

Miss Alice Bannister of Pensacola spent Saturday with Homefolk.
Miss Lucile Watkins of Columbus , Ga. , is the guest of Mr. and Mrs. J.N. Vandiver .

The two story frame building occupied by P.G. Woodruff at Crestview burned about 1:30 a.m. the 10th inst. Fire spread to a restaurant owned and occupied by J.C.H. Corley, both buildings completely destroyed.

J.T. Bradshaw of Andalusia is seriously ill in Montgomery having been taken there Sunday for treatment.
Capt. F.C. Wilson, a popular conductor of the L.& N. Railroad, who lived here several years was among friends yesterday.
J.D. Clark of Slocumb , Ala. A former resident of Florala is here this week looking for another place.

Miss Alberta Blue of Perote, Ala is visiting the home of Rev. D. H. Haskew.

Miss Nettie Tapiola of Pensacola is visiting Miss Vera Whidden.
Mr. and Mrs. J. N. McLean and daughter, Mrs. Elliott, who moved from here to Milton , Fla. are spending the summer at Montreat , N.C.

 News from Walton Co., Fla. , of an attempt murder and rob an entire family enroute for a supposed hoard of gold. As related by Jake Brown, a bachelor, lives with Frank Schofield and family about five miles south of Florala. Last Wednesday night, he heard some noise coming from the front of the house in which he was living with the Scofield family. Jake’s Apartments were an addition or L to Scofield’s house. Jake secured his rifle and peered through in the direction of the noise and behold a Negro was seeking to unlock the front door of the house. Jake informed him to halt. Failing to obey Jake let loose his rifle after which  the Negro made a hasty retreat to the cotton patch. Jake kept watch the balance of the night. When day broke Jake with gun in hand, ventured out and soon found evidence that the Negro had been wounded. The bloody tracks lead to an old cotton shed. The Negro was found lying on the ground with a wound through the left hip and with his left hand badly mangled. He was conscience and confessed with several other Negros intended to force entrance into the house, secure all the wealth, murder all inhabitants, burn the house and murder victims. The lighter wood was found in the cotton shed to bear out the Negro’s story. The sheriff of Walton County was notified, and the wounded Negro was taken to jail, and the search is on for the other members- Geneva Reaper

Mrs. Will Turner and baby of Andalusia are visiting her mother, Mrs. Baggett.
Miss Clyde Cannon of Lockhart has returned home after a visit to her sister, Mrs. J.H. Johnson.
Dr. J.H. Johnson made a trip to Pensacola .
Dan Hart of Sanford spent Sunday here.
Mrs. J.L. Jennings and children have returned home after a visit with relatives in Opp.
Dr. Robinson and R.D. Baines attended services at the Universalism church at Mason Sunday.

Walter Cotton has returned home after visits to Dothan and Geneva .
Dr. J.H. Johnson was in Andalusia Monday.

Misses Mary Hamby and Ellen Watson spent the week with the farmer’s parents at Mason.
J.L. Rhodea was in Andalusia Monday.
Dr. J.N. Christian of Baker was in town Monday.
Miss Nettie Clements of Samson is visiting her brother, J.N. Clements near Falco.
Mrs. E. M. Thomasson is visiting her daughter, Mrs. S.E. Horsey at Millville , Fla.
Mrs. and Mrs. J.A. Givens of Bradley were in town Saturday.

J.A. Steele spent last week with home folk.
Rev. J. J. Richards of Laurel Hill spent Monday night at the home of Mr. and Mrs. F.G. Gray.
Miss Annie McDonald spent Friday night with friends in Laurel hill.
Miss Ada Metcalf, D.W. Metcalf, B.S. Morris and Ed Gray visited Mr. Morris’s parents in Hacoda Saturday. Miss Bessie Morris returned with them and is guest this week of her Uncle and Aunt Mrs. E .W. Metcalf and R.H. Godwin.
m.Miss Amanda Josey and Steiner Rowell of Opp , Ala. , came through on a car Wednesday night of last week and were married here by Justice Gray.
m.Miss Leila Henderson, the oldest daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Will Henderson, and Jeff Carnley of Pine Log were quietly married at the home of the bride’s parents here Sunday by Justice Gray, Mr. and Mrs. Carnley left for Pine Log where they will make their new home.


01 August, 1912-

d.  Louis McDuffie, the two year old daughter of Mr. and Mrs. W.R. McDuffie, Sr. died Wednesday afternoon.

 d. a little child of S.M. Milner of Paxton , Fla. died Friday and was buried at that place Saturday morning at 10 a.m.

Mrs. A.A. McIntyre was shocked and her Negro servant girl, Gussie Nesby was killed by a bolt of lighting which struck the McIntyre house at Labarde last night.

Three children of D.C. Chastain were also shocked but not seriously hurt.- Montgomery.
R.A. French was in Pensacola this week.
C.P. Cawthorn caught 27 trout.
Tucker Pagett of Andalusia was in Florala Sunday.
Neil Carpenter has returned from an extended visit to Mississippi .
Mrs. S.A. Brunson of Georgiana is visiting her son, W.F. Brunson.
Alto Matthews will take his Vacation in October.

Mrs. J.A. Goodwin of Montgomery is visiting her brother W.F. Brunson.
H.H. McDougald, W.A. Lewis, Sam Perry and others are on a fishing trip.
Mrs. Willie Woods and Miss Ollie World of Eufaula are visiting A> E. Redman and Family.
J.W. Barnes and J.D. McPherson, with headquarters at Andalusia , were in Florala Tues.
J.K. Everitt attended the W.O.W. convention held in Opp Friday night.
Mrs. W.C. Whitt has returned from Knoxville , Tenn. , where she attended summer school.
Col. L.H. Brassell of Andalusia spent Wednesday in Florala.

J.H. Mozley, Jr. who has been with the Florala Saw Mill co., for some time, returned to Florala.
Grady McDaniel of McDaniel Tailoring Co., is recovering from hot weather.

Mrs. H.H. McDougald and little daughter, Martha have returned from a visit from Georgia .
Prof. Doster is taking the school census and a vacation.
Misses Addie and Delia Rabun who have been visiting Mrs. W.L. Howell have returned to their home in Brooklyn, Ala.
Arthur Davis and family have sold their interest at Natural Bridge, Fla., and have came back to the residence in Florala.
Miss Missouri Cawthorn was elected and accepted the situation as music teacher.
Contractor L.E. Marley visited his home in Ozark last week.
Neal Smith of Svea was in to see us Wednesday and says that the farm of Smith & McDuffie is above average.


Miss Ellen Watson is visiting relatives at Baker.
Dr. A.m. Robinson and Jack Taylor spent Thursday in Florala.
Miss Maude Heaten of Greenville Ala. , is the attractive guest of her sister, Mrs. Thigpen.
Burrell Herndon of Bonifay , Fla. , spent the week here with homefolks.
Mr. Ellis of Laurel Hill visited here Sunday.
Claude McCarty was in Baker Sunday.
Mr. and Mrs. M.A. Boyett and son Marion left Monday for a visit to Montgomery .
Alex Parker, out druggist is visiting Roberts this week.
Rev. Gavens filled his regular Appt. Sunday.
Dr. A.M. Robinson is in Brooklyn .
Mrs. J.R. Chuites of Hartford, Fla., left Sunday after a visit to her mother, Mrs. Campbell of this place.
John W. Miles is visiting relatives in Mobile .

Jack Taylor left Monday for Bagdad , Fla. where he has accepted a position.
J.C. Walden was in Falco last week.
J.A. Hogue was in Lockhart this week.
Messrs. John and Jim Stewart were in Pensacola Tuesday.
B.F. Hall of Andalusia has accepted a position here with T.J. Coleman’s Jewelry business.
J.L. Rhodes was in Laurel Hill on Monday.
Lee Fuquay visited Andalusia Monday.

Prof. Lee Smith was a visitor to Florala.
Misses Gerty Laoons, Cora Barlow, and Eva Sherrer of Laurel Hill are attending school here bow.
Prof. Woodruff of Crestview will begin a meeting here.
Miss Messie Morris returned home near Hacoda Saturday after spending time with relatives here. Her brother B.S. Morris accompanied her home.
Monroe Metcalf’s two daughters’ of Jackson spent the night with him.

E.M. Metcalf’s parents of Hartford are visiting him.
Miss Annie McDonald spent Saturday in Laurel Hill.
Mrs. Ed Hurston  had a tacky party at their home and the cream supper Friday night was given at the home of Mr. and Mrs. F.G. Gray in honor of Miss Bessie Morris of Hacoda.

8 August 1912- Final Issue (missing papers)

b. Mr. and Mrs. A.E. Mann are rejoicing the safe arrival of a little girl.

d.  In Memory of my little sister, Lois McDuffie who died July 31st. She was 27
months old. – Mary McD. Williams.

While W. L. McLauchlin and J.H. Burgess were making their way to Laurel hill in an auto, they ran into a small creek and the car slightly dipped. They deny any intentions of going fishing.

Miss Boncyle Stewart left Sunday to visit Troy .
Dr. F.W. Galloway was among visitors to Andalusia .

Dr. Young and Hentz McDougald were visitors in Andalusia .
Mrs. S.R. Barron is ready to take a few boarders.
Bob Warren and sons of Montgomery are visiting Dr. P. B. Spears and Family.
Ralph Howell of Albany Ga. , Is visiting his brother, W.L. Howell and family of this place.
Mrs. J. D. Bailey returned home Wednesday from Hartford where she was visiting relatives.
J.R. Searcy and family who have been living near yellow river since January have moved back to Florala.
Uncle J.D. Dorsey of Florala attended the Confederate reunion at Samson.
Dr. J. P. Phillips, of Florala , Ala. , visited his Brother, Dr. N.R. Phillips here.- Bonifay Advertiser.

Svea Items:

Prof. Lee Smith visited his sister with typhoid fever at Glendale Saturday.
Miss Clyde Cannon of Lockhart is visiting her sister here, Mrs. Allen Marsh.
Mrs. Albert Deal and Mrs. Chas. Armstrong of Coffee County are visiting their parents here, Mr. and Mrs. M.B. Lassiter.
E. M. Metcalf has been very sick.

Misses Ina and Polly Cannon of Lockhart visited relatives.

R.H.  Godwin left Saturday night to visit his father in Lockford.

Miss Fronie Culpepper of Coffee County Springs Ala. Is visiting her Aunt, Miss Callie Culpepper.
Mrs. Chas. Synn of Oak Grove spent Friday with her daughter, Mrs. Ed Hurston.
Mr. and Mrs. D.R. Moore of Laurel Hill visited Mrs. Moore’s parents, Mr. and Mrs. I.A. Steel.


Falco News:

Alex parker has returned home after several days vacation at Roberts.
Mrs. Will turner has returned to her home in Andalusia .
Dr. A.M. Robinson is back in Falco.
James E. Padgett was in Florala Sunday.
J.L. Rhodes and Sam Hutchinson made a business trip to Andalusia Monday.
Claude McLarty of Baker spent Sunday in Falco.
Miss Ellen Watson has returned home from a visit to Baker.

N.H. Ellis of Laurel Hill is a frequent visitor to Falco.

C.G. Bryan of Careyville , Fla. , spent Sunday here.
M. Rich was in Andalusia today.
N.A. Hamby of mason was in Falco Sunday.
Mrs. M.E. Baggett, Miss Mary Baggett, Fuller Campbell and James Paggett attended a dance at Laurel Hill.
M.E. Baggett spent several days in Crestview last week.
Will Turner of Andalusia came down Sunday to accompany his wife and baby home.
J.D. Cleary of near Falco was injured last week in a runaway.
N.R. Wilson of Garden City, Fla. , was in Falco Monday, while here he purchased two lots from Dr. J.H. Johnson on Hyer Street .

Wednesday afternoon at a baseball game in new Brockton , Clarence Peacock shot Sid Marsh and Dewitt Baggett. We have not learned what the trouble started over. Marsh was advancing on Peacock with a bat when he shot Baggett, an innocent bystander. The bullet that hit Baggett in the abdomen also hit Marsh in the hand. Sheriff Stewart and deputies hurried to the scene. Peacock made no resistance. Baggett was brought to the Coffee County Sanitarium; there is still hope for his recovery.- Enterprise Ledger.