The Andalusia Star

January 1915
Jan 05, 1915

-Charley Martin, colored was shot and killed by Fred Matthews, Negro. (December)
-Mr. and Mrs. C. Worley of Sanford have a baby girl.
- Mrs. George Brooks burn will probably prove fatally, she lives abt. 6 miles East of Troy, her sister is R.H. Helms of Andalusia.
-Ewell Pearce sustained a knife wound and Claude Wallace was shot in the left shoulder at Danley’s Crossroads on Christmas day. Neither is fatal-Opp Messanger
Of Interest
New subscribers- J.L. Presley of Red Level, P.R. Puckett of Columbus, Ga., R. F. White of Newell Fl., Geo Stewart of Hope Hull, Ala., D.E. Cook of Sanford, Ala., D. M. Daughtery of Greensboro, Ala. & John Bass of Red Level.
- Miss Bertha Barnes was the guest of Misses Bulgar at Andalusia this weekend.
- New motor car badly wrecked near William McGowin’s, The occupants in the car, Dr. W.W. Pierson, Rev. T.H. Jones; Montgomery, John Lingo and Mr. Goodwin and Warden J.N. Jernigan.
List of letters remaining at Post Office week ending Jan. 2, 1915: Cook, Miss Lena, Cook, Henry Euffis, Miss Susie, Freeman, Viola, Gartrell, Miss Georgia Jones, Willie, Lee, James,
Matthews, Mrs. Martha None, Miss Minnie, Nall, Marvin, Posey, S. J. Pugh, J.H., Reed, Mrs. Ada, Rivers, E. L. Taylor, H.L., Wilson, W.P.
- Notice: Nicy Stokes of Laurell Hill, Fla., made Serial Homestead No. on Jan 18, 1911 for homestead on the Tallahassee Meridian. Witnesses are: James W. Gaskins, William Stokes, Henry M. Stokes, Henry A. Stokes, all of Laurell Hill Fl. Cato D. Glover, Register.
-Notice- Henry O. Wilks of Opp, who on April 21, 1913 made Serial Homestead No. East of St. Stephens Meredian. Witnesses: Thomas A. Bethune, Augustus M. Terrell, Henry C. Tison, Odus Bussy, all of Opp, Ala.-Herbert Dorsey shot and killed Alto Thomas, negro at Opp two weeks ago surrendered Thursday morning.- Opp messenger

Jan. 08, 1915
-Dock Hartley, Negro found dead in the swamps Jan. 1
-George Rachael of Coffee Co. was thrown from his horse and killed.
-J.B. Dubose died at home, Sunday, 10th Jan. age 48, widow & 4 children- Evergreen Courant Newspaper.
-List of some people living in Andalusia Route 4; Evans Rodgers, Miss Alice Kilpatrick, Mr. & Mrs. H.H. Leonard, Dan McCastle, J.O. Hunter & wife, Miss Buna Smith.
- J. S. Jackson and his brother-in-law, J. T. Hays, of Covington Co. were bond over to the Grand Jury on charges of illicit distilling.
- Miss Pearl Johnson with her Aunt, Mrs. Annie Helms, and cousins, Bonnie and Effie Tillman, of Andalusia have been visiting relatives near Chestnut Grove, Coffee County.
-Infant of J.W. Little is very sick.
-Marriage; Mrs. Lizzie Strickland of Andalusia and J,C, Thagard, formerly of Oklahoma were married.
-Marriage; William Barnes and Miss Lena Jackson, both of Oakey Streak were married last Wednesday at the Courthouse.
-New subscribers: S.R. Gatlin of Opp, Duncan Gillis of DeFuniak, Fla., M.J. Rambo of River falls, J.J. Barrow of New Augusta, Miss., J.W. Williams of Dozier, H. Robbins of Opp.
- Miss Lula Hart has been the guest of her brother at Newell, Fla. the past few days.
-T. Tart of Andalusia was a visitor to Coffee Co.

Jan. 12, 1915 (Tuesday)
Mrs. M.F. Powell died Jan 9th, buried at Zion Rock Cemetery on the 10th, she was married to James E. Powell, he died Dec. 31, 1875.
Dr. Homer Stallings wife’s funeral was held Wednesday, baby only a few days old preceded the mother.
Mr. and Mrs. Andrews are rejoicing over the arrival of a fine baby Boy !
Little child of John Sowell’s is very sick.
David Lunsford and Miss Anna Hogg were married Sunday by Rev. Bailey.
J.T. Bradshaw of Ozark, Al. died.
Dan Williamson died Jan 11th of heart disease.
Mrs. W.A. Eiland died Wednesday- Samson Ledger
Mrs. Flora Bedderton, age 60 died Jan 11th.
-New Subscribers: S.M. Smith;Red Level, Hon. W.G. Williams;Dozier, F.M. Newman; Andalusia,
Dr. W.M. Blair;Gantt, W.L. Porter; Andalusia, Tom Rawls;Gantt, Will Bryan;Opp, W.S. Hart;Andalusia, L.E. Courson;Opp,W.H. Williams; Andalusia, J.W. Davis;Andalusia, W.W. Carter; Andalusia, R.E. Vick; Red Level, G.H. Shreve;San Diego, Ca., M.E. Barton; Red Level.
-List of Letter remaining undelivered in Andalusia ending Jan 9th, 1915.
W. M. Bell, Fred Dean, L.M. Dix, Mrs. minnie Gunter, Sidhey Gilbert, Willie Davis, John D. McLin, W. M. Mason, Miss Stella Rogers, Rev. Stanford, P.R. Taylor, Frank Tucker, Miss Laura Lee Union, J. E. Watson.
- B.F. Luttrell and family have again became citizens of Florala.
Marriage: Greenville, Mrs. Clara Lou Hamilton, mother of the bride requests your honor, of Francis Beeland to wed mr. Broughton Wilkerson on Jan 20th.
Marriage; Mr. Ganey and Miss Annie Joe Brannon of Brantley were married at Andalusia last Sunday.
Mr. and Mrs. Bub Butler’s little child fell into a fire but wasn’t badly burned.

January 15, 1915 (Friday)
- Hamp Wiggins, white was arrested Wednesday, the charges using a knife with deadly intent on a young man named Mae Burns near Wiggins School house.
-Mac Burns aged 17 of Opp has Pneumonia.
-Born to Mr. and Mrs. G.W. Reeves at Florala, a Son !
-Mrs. J.D. Bozeman who has been ill for 5 years will be brought back from Montgomery today. There is little improvement.
-Covington County Jury Commissioners are composed of : H. G. McLaney, J. N. Baron, Hon. M.A. George, Hon. N.B. Powell
-Little child of James Bass is seriously ill.
- Mrs. H.G. Riley is visiting her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Kilpatrick.
-Wife of Dr. Homer Stallings is dead at Troy, formerly a citizen of Andalusia. Baby, only a few days old, preceeded the mother to eternal rest.
-Mrs. Powell of Route 4 Andalusia died Saturday and was buried Sunday.
Administration notice: Covington Co. Application of Mattie Belle McDaniel, adm’x for the estate of D.B. McDaniel, deceased. Notice given that as of jan. 5, 1915, the estate was declared insolvent.
-Notice for Publication: Land office in Montgomery- Jan. 12, 1915, Chester A. Carey of Andalusia, Ala, who on Dec. 22, 1908, and serial Homestead no. St. Stephens Meredian, five years proof. Witnesses: William B. Watkins, George W. Barnes, Joseph R. Messer, Eliza R. Nelson, all of Andalusia, Ala.
- Hillery Houston and S. J. Houston has a preliminary trial on a warrant charging they assaulted the Jones family near Sanford with intent to murder. The case was discharged.
New subscribers M.F. Wilson, Miss Irma Murphy, W. J. Taylor, H. L. Smith, R. L. Henderson, John H. Sasser, W. J. Gilmer of Andalusia, Bennie Owens of Dozier, C. J. Helms of River Falls,
D. W. Blocker, J. S. Redmon, J.T. Benson of Opp, & T. L. Williams of Tallahassee Fla.
-Father of J. T. Bradshaw and Mrs. W. B. Baker of Andalusia died this week at Ozark ,T. J. Bradshaw, the dead man, frequently visited Andalusia.
- Mrs. W.A. Eiland died Wednesday morning of Pneumonia- Samson Ledger
-Bennie Owens, Dozier, is champion corn grower of Ala.

January 19, 1915 (Tuesday)
-P. K. Richards and Miss Lizzie Cannon were married in Bagdad, at the bride’s Mother’s home on Wednesday Morning.
  -W.C.W. Cawthorn was severely injured in the left leg while chopping wood Saturday.
   -New subscribers: S.C. Spicer Sr., J.A. Campbell, J. M. Davenport, J. F. Bradley, W. E. Sutton of Andaulsia, E.P. Hales of Gantt,        E. H. Moody of Opp & T.A. Beckett of Johns Island S.C.
  - List of letters remaining at the Andalusia Post Office ending Jan 16, 1915: Miss Lissie Armstrong, H.N. Adam, Mrs. Adolphos Abram, John Crutchfield, Mrs. Honter Jones, Mrs. Ester McKinnie, Ennis Roberts, Tobe Stamps, West Stonys, Tobe stamps, Mrs. Allie Tudes, Mrs. Sweetie Walker, Sidney Winn.

Jan 22,1915 (Friday)
-Bogin McQuay, af Andalusia was probably fatally injured Monday by a blow to the skull by a spade in the hands of Sydney Raley.
-Mrs. J. F. King is complaining with of a lame foot.
-Preston and Lonnie Henderson visited their sister, Mrs. Carlos Tart at Dixie Sunday.
-L.M. Morgan is building a five room bungalow on Pearl St.
-Misses Bertha BARNES and Emma Windham attended preaching at Red Oak.
-Miss Martha Riley of Andalusia visited her brother Fred Riley in Geneva.
-Born to Mr. and Mrs. D.C. Padgett of Andalusia, A daughter.
-Born to Mr. and Mrs. Nick Kelley of Sanford- a boy !
-New subscribers: L.H. Sightler; Black Ala, W.J. Nunnery; Shreve Ala, Hon. Sydney Douglas, Mobile, Ala, Geo. Victor; Norfolk Va.,  R.J. Perry, D. R. Page, of Florala; E. A. Straughn, C.C. Henley, S. I. Connell, Mrs. E. J. Tipton, N. H. Jernigan; Andalusia
- Hance Gary, good negro, who moved from here to Careyville last year died and was buried at Greenville Sunday.
-Families who moved from Heath to Route 5 are E. M. Ham, John Powell, T. A. Stinson, S. M. McLeod, M. J. Harris, Mr. Carr & Mr. Kirkland.
-Debate at Bethany school house Friday night, “Resolved, that laziness is more detrimental than whiskey.” A.M. Rape, Cliff     Burleson, Griffin Barton, EDWARD BARNES, Fritz Fitzpatrick and Charlie Goolsby would be good speakers.
- Went to the debate on Thursday night in Dozier at the Lord School house: Josh Jordan,
  Levi Kelley, Bill Kelley, 
    Luther Greer, Roy Wyatt, Glen Dukes and Robert Baker.

Jan. 26, 1915
- John Alexander Kilpatrick of Montgomery died Suddenly Sunday of heart disease, funeral occurred Monday at the Montgomery Presbyterian Church.
-W.T. Walling killed J.M. Sexton at Kingston Thursday night. Walling summoned a physician after he shot Sexton down but nothing could be done.
-Clifton Carroll killed instantly by accidentally touching a guy wire in Ozark. He was the son of Mr. Yancey Carroll. He is survived by his father, mother and brothers and sisters, two of his brothers are Sam and Jesse Carroll
- Jan. 24- Ozark
W.S. Thorington, Alabama lawyer died at his home in Montgomery Sunday night.
-Letters remaining at the Andalusia Post Office ending Jan. 23, 1915:
D.B. Banks, Mrs. E.J. Brooks, Mrs. Mamie C. Bell, Lelar Crouder, mrs. mandy Dubose, Mrs. Lizzie Evin, J.T. Epperson, Coro Floyd, Mrs. Maggie Green, Miss bell Goss, Rufus Heath, Thins Hammonds, Mrs. Haret Hall, Ellen Johnson, Mrs. Mamie Mantese, John Merriman, Mrs. Pearl Pruett, Paul Stringes, Allie Venson.
Wedding- Miss Francis Beeland and Mr. Broughton Wilkinson were wed in Greenville on Wed. the 20th. Mrs. Wade Allen Rogers of Andalusia, The brides sister was matron of honor. The bride entered with her Uncle, Mr. L.J. Beeland, and was met at the alter with the Groom and his brother, Mr. H. Z. Wilkinson, Jr. of Andalusia. The bride is the daughter of Mrs. Clara Powell Hamilton. The grooms parents, Mr. and Mrs. H. Z. Wilkinson of Greenville is where the couple will make their home.
-J. E. Seegers of Andalusia was at Montgomery Friday.
- A birthday celebration on Jan. 8th by Mr. and Mrs. R.R. Rainer in honor of their son, Sam.
-Miss Bernice Tisdale of Opp was carried to Montgomery for an operation is back home.
-New Subscribers: M.W. Autman, T.E. Wiggins, F.M. Vicks, Morgan Forsythe, C.A. Bush, C.C. Henley of Andalusia, J. N. Davidson of Rockmart, Ga., J.I. Brown of Gantt, Mrs. Willie Bradbury, Inverness, L.H. Sightler of Black Ala.
-W.A. Brown and L.B. Clanton have returned from South Carolina.

January 29, 1915
- New subscribers: Mrs. Julia Johnson; Oklahoma City, Okla. J. W. Malcomb; Marlington, W. Va., J. L. Ward, B.R. McDaniel, G.W. Kilpatrick of Andalusia.
- Andalusia Girls Working Club of teh baptist Church had a business meeting Tuesday at the home of Miss Phillipa Prestwood, Present were Miss Ruth O’Neal, Oline Taylor, Mary Wilks, Winnie Wilks, Kate Folsom, Jessie Folsom, Duma Barton, Annie Sentell, Minnie Adams, Eleanor Parker and Mrs. Grace Doninger.
-Mrs. C.N. Wharton entertained a few friends at dinner Tuesday. The participants were; Mesdames G.B. Frierson, T.F. Plummer, D.A. McArtan, J. W. Barnes and E.C. Gunn.
-Bankrupt Sale- I. as receiver of W.H. Hudson, Bankrupt, will offer to the highest bidder on 29th day of Jan. 1915, Andalusia, County if Covington.
-Married; John P. Steels and Miss Effie Caton, M.L. Hamilton and Miss Susan Kelley, H.J. Corbin and Miss Martha Lowey.
-Married at Red Level, Samuel Cooper and Miss Curry on Sunday night.
-R.H. Stallings of Florala killed a 234 pound pig.