The State Vs. Duncan & Brogden against murder of East E. Ballard

Source: Courthouse
Written: September 21 1950
Recorded: November 22 1950

The State of Alabama Covington County

  The Grand Jury of said County charge that before the finding of this
indictment SIM DUNCAN and D. L. BROGDEN, whose names are to the Grand Jury,
otherwise unknown, unlawfully and with malice aforethought killed EAST E.
BALLARD by cutting him with a knife or a sharp instrument, a further & better
description being otherwise unknown to the grand jury.

State of Alabama Covington County   In The Circuit Clerk
TO: D.L. Brogden
  This is to notify you that the Judge of the Circuit Court of said County has
set for trial the case in said Court wherein you are charged with Murder 1st
degree, on December 11, 1950  And there is hereto attached a certified copy of
the indictment upon which you are to be tried, together with as list of jurors
drawn for the week in which said trial is set and also a list of names of all
the jurors drawn as a special venire in your case; said list containing in all
the names of sixty (60) persons who will constitute the venire from which the
Jury to try your case will be selected.
  Witness my hand this 22 day of November, 1950  Solomon Tisdale, Clerk Circuit
Covington County, Alabama

No. 6743- Writ of Arrest
 The State of Alabama, Covington County Circuit Court
The State of Alabama Vs. D.L. Brogden
Writ or Arrest- No bail  Received in this Office Sept. 21, 1950
Tom E. Head, Sheriff
I have executed this Write this 21 day of Sept. 1950 by arresting the within
named defendant and committing him to jail 9/21/1950

The State of Alabama, Covington County CIRCUIT COURT DEC. Term, 1950
To The Sheriff of Said County- Greetings:
   You are hereby commanded to summon the following named persons, qualified
citizens of said County, to appear and serve as Petit Jurors at the next Term
of the Circuit Court of said County, to-wit:
On the 11 day of December 1950. They having been regularly drawn as Petit
Jurors for the Dec. 11, 1950 Criminal week of said Term of said Court, to-Wit:

1. Rabren, Bill J., Farmer,   Andalusia Ala., Beat 1
2. Beck, Charles P., Merchant,         "        "
3. Merrill, Henry C., Mfg.                 "        "
4. Anderson, Andrew E., Carpenter   "        "
5. Kyzar, James Hugh, Merchant       "       "
6. Cannon, Modie E., County Treasurer "      "
7. Dixon, Solon, Saw Mill Worker      "      "
8. Smelley, William Henry, Carpenter   "      "
9. Daniel, William Ruffin, Candy Mfg.   "      "
10. Kyzar, Randolph, Merchant,           "      "
11. Jay, John, Contractor                     "      "
12. Patterson, John P., Mechanic         "      "
13. Bevis, L. Belser, Dry Cleaner        "      "
14. Chance, Sam W., Laborer             "      "
15. Mann, John S., Laundryman           "      "
16. Cauley, Jason Frank, Policeman      "      "
17. Knowles, Eurie D., Farmer         " r.4   Beat 2
18. Johnson, Robert Chalmer, Clerk   Opp      Beat 3
19. Richburg, Jack, dry cleaning     Opp        "
20. Wilson, Everet, Barber           Opp        "
21. Saunders, Lawrence L., Clerk     Opp        "
22. Cooper, John, Clerk              Opp        "
23. Mcwaters, Alonzia W., Farmer     Opp  r.2   "
24. Bryant, Robert L., Farmer      Dozier r.1   Beat 4
25. Burie Clark, Farmer            Dozier r.2   Beat 5
26. Jackson, William G., Farmer    Redlevel r.2  Beat 6
27. Hicks, L. Frank, Farmer        Florala  r.1  Beat 7
28. Barnett, Charley L., Farmer   Andalusia r.   Beat 8
29. Short, A.B., Farmer            Dozier   r.1  Beat 8
30. Herring, John T. (DEAD), L&N RR.Co. OPP  r.2 Beat 8
31. Evans, John T., Furniture      Florala       Beat 9
32. Tramnell, Millard G., Merchant Florala       Beat 9
33. Twitchell, Joseph A., Bank Clerk   "            Beat 9
34. Williams, Goe. Washington, Farmer  Lockhart    Beat 9
35. Matthews, Walter P., Farmer       Florala        Beat 9
36. Smith, Wallace B., Insurance               "             "
37. Clary, Dennis, Jr., Farmer          Andalusia       Beat 10
38. Sconiers, William B., Stockman  Falco             Beat 10
39. Rawls, Calvin, Farmer            Red Level         Beat 11
40. Bullock, T. Kline, Electrician     Red Level       Beat 12
41. Moore, Clyde, Farmer             Red Level       Beat 12
42. Terry, Durham E., Merchant     Red Level      Beat 12
43. Mason, Charles A., Farmer      Red Level       Beat 12
44. Henderson, Grady A., Farmer   Opp            Beat 13
45. Bell, Elbert, Farmer Andalusia   OPP            Beat 14
46. Gantt, Donald B., Farmer      Gantt             Beat 15
47. Cope, Donald H. Farmer    Andalusia         Beat 16
48. Ingram, Austin D. Farmer    Andalusia         Beat 16
49. Floyd, Robert L., Farmer        "   R.6          Beat 16
50. Hammett, Marvin, Farmer    Dozier  r.1       Beat 17
51. Moore, Henry C., Farmer      Opp  r.2       Beat 17
52. Guy, Jerome J., Farmer        Dozier  r.1        Beat 17
53. Bradley, C. Frank, Farmer    Andalusia         Beat 19
54. Walker, James K., Farmer     "              Beat 21
55. Pitts, John J.,Farmer    Opp     r.3          Beat 23
56. Carrol, Elvin, Alatex Employee  Andalusia    Beat 1
57. Mitchell, Robert E., Farmer        Florala        Beat 9
58. Cobb, Bartlette L., Barner        Florala        Beat 9
59. Plant, Thomas J., carpenter            Florala        Beat 9
60. Bush, Arthur J., Painter            Andalusia         Beat 20

No 6743 The State of Alabama Covington Co. Circuit Court Sept. Term 1950
The State VS
Sim Duncan and D. L. Brogden
Indictment Charge: Murder 1st degree
No prosecutor
Grand Jury No. 130  A TRUE BILL
J. M. Moore, Foreman Grand Jury   No Bail  B. W. Simmons, Judge