DECEMBER 20, 1866- 1868
Note: All references made to a personís name is for Butler County unless otherwise noted.

Admír- Administrator of Estate, Admíx- Female Admír of the of Estate

December 20, 1866
Butler County Legals
-Sheriffís Sale, 7th day of January,1867, 281 Acres levied on at the property of D. J. Ferguson.
- Sheriffís Sale, 7th day of January 1867, one bay horse levied on as the property of Redin Alford, to satisfy an execution in my hand from the circuit court of Pike County, in favor of James Gibson Vs. Alford, Dec. 11th 1866 J. T. Long, Sheriff.
-Probate Court December 10, 1866, This day came J. R. Searcy, Administrator of the Estate of William M. Searcy and filed statements and reports, setting forth that the said estate is insolvent.
- December 1866, This day came JOHN T. LONG, Administrator of the Estate of
A.B. Scarborough, filed reports and swore the Estate was insolvent.
-Montgomery Ala- U.S. District Court; The State Vs. James Jordan for robbing the Montgomery post Office was concluded yesterday, by sending the accused to the penitentiary for 21 years.
-Died, one of the sons of Mr. Archer Cheatham fell out with his brother the other day and struck him in the head with a singletree, killing him instantly.
-Registar Sale, Joseph Strinee, Admír, Henry H. Daily, Deceased VS. J. W. Gaston, J.T. Gaston. In Chancery to be sold at the Courthouse door on the 10th of December next.

- December 1, 1866, This day came C.J. Knight, Admír of the Estate of Monroe Knight.
- Registers sale, William Fails VS James W. Bell, In Chancery for lands lying in Covington County.
-Probate Court Nov. 12th 1866, Stephen Sims, Sr. deceased. This day came Sherod Sims, one of the Administrators, And it appearing that Wiley Sims and Martha J. Sims, two distributees reside in Texas and Stephen M. Sims, one of the Distributees location is unknown.
-Administrators Sale- The late residence of E. D. Stinson, deceased on the 21st of Dec. Samuel B. Otts, Admír.
-Administrators Notice- Letters of Administration, on the Estate of Samuel Brooks, Deceased, 24th November 1866. Samuel Tisdale, Admír.
- Probate Court Oct. 30, 1866, This day cam Amanda BEASLY, formerly wife of Samuel Brooks, deceased, and filed her application under oath praying an assignment of Dower. Edward Brooks, one of the heirs of the Estate is a non-resident of this State.
Samuel Tisdale, Administrator.

January 3, 1867
Deceased as notified in newspapers through Butler County Courts.
-Probate Court Pike County, 4th Monday, Dec., 1866, property belonging to the Estate of B.J. West, Deceased.
-J.W. Benson, Deceased - Letters Of Admír to E.M. Lazenby & T.H. Barge 21st Nov. 1866.
-Wiley Duberry, Deceased- L.G. Thigpen, Admír.
-Prudence Watts, Deceased- Thomas Watts- Executor
-John H. Watts, Deceased- Thomas H. Watts- Executor
-William Wren, Deceased- Amanda E. Wren (widow), two of the heirs are non resident, George Wren and -----Wren and reside in the state of Louisiana.
-C.T. Skains, deceased- A.A. Benbow- Administrator
-Young Lee, Deceased- L. Bowden, Administrator
-Aaron Packer, Deceased- John T. Long, Administrator- 19th Nov. 1866
-E. D. Stinson, Deceased- Samuel B. Otts Admír.
-E. S. Longshore, Deceased- Martha F. Longshore, Admíx
-Jane Boggus, Deceased- Thomas Griffin- Admír.
-Of Interest: Mr. J. E. Albritton, of Elba, Coffee County is our duly authorized Agent to receive receipt for subscriptions and advertisements.
-Religious notice: The Reverend Mac. Barnes will preach in Greenville on Sunday next.

Note: These pages are out of order !!! Best copies available were used.

January 19, 1867
-Sheriffís Sale, 7th January 1867, property to highest bidder, levied on as property of
D. J. Ferguson, to satisfy an execution in the Circuit Court of Butler County.
- Probate Court, J. M. Parmer, Deceased.- Jan. 5th 1867, came W.K. Parmer & W.F. Parmer, Admrís of Estate.
- Admír Notice, 8th Jan. 1867, Robert L. Black, Deceased. Administrator- Boleman OíGwynn.
- For Sale-
Three desirable properties, near Public Square, known as the property of
J. H. Baldwin, to be sold Jan.1 1867 at the Courthouse door.
- Probate Court- T.W. Mimms, Deceased, This day came Newton Freeman, Jan. 3, 1867.
-Sheriff Sale, Land, Levied on as property of W.J. Grissett to satisfy and execution in my hands from the Probate Court of Monroe County in favor of McDuffie Mann. Dec. 27-tds.
- Sheriff Sale, 4th February, property levied on as WESLEY ROGERS to satisfy debt, in favor of Seth Mercer. Dec. 27-tds.
- Sheriff sale, 7th Day of Jan. Property, two executions against J. Rhodes & son, in favor of Benjamin Mordica and one in favor of Lorenzo Norvell. Dec. 27- tds.

January 24, 1867
-Of Interest- A young man by the name of PHILLIPS from Floyd County, Ga. was found murdered in Cherokee County, Ala on the 26th Ult. near the Cave Spring Road. Suspicion rests on a young man named RILEY and a man named THATCHER & his colored housekeeper seem to be implicated. Riley Escaped, but the other 2 were arrested. Phillips & Riley had been involved in robbing storehouses, gin houses, still houses, etc in Ga. and had fled to Ala.
- Land for sale in Greenville, apply to S.F. Gafford. If not sold by 25th Nov. it will be rented., 1867 newspaper.
- Found Dead, William A. Webb, of Greenville. His body was found a mile from his residence in an empty Phial, supposed to contain strychoine which leads to the supposition he committed suicide.
- to be sold at Courthouse door, Sherriffís sale, 100 bushels of corn levied on as property of L.D. Steele to satisfy two executions in favor of the State and one in favor of
J. M. Goldsmith vs. said Steele.
- Probate Court Jan. 23d, 1867- J.C. ALLISON, deceased, Estate of-As to Insolvency. This Day came Elizabeth J. Allison, Admíx Jan 24- 4t.
- Probate Court, Jan, 18th 1866, E.E. BURNETT, deceased, Estate Insolvency, came
J. H. McDaniel Admír.
-P. J. Jackson, Deceased, 11th day of Feb. 1867, Samuel Tisdale, Admír.
- 14th day of Jan 1867, Thomas Hawkins, Deceased,-Admír Alfred W. Spires
This day came Josiah Cates, Administrator for E. Cates, Deceased, Jan 26, 1867.
-Dec. Term, Sarah A. Hancock vs. John H. Stephens, William Teat, Garnishee.
On the 11th day of Oct has Garnisheed William Teat.

February 14, 1867
Probate Court Feb 12, 1867, Declaration of Insolvency of said Estate- A.J. Caldwell, Administrator, vs. creditors of Robert Palmon, Deceased.
- Sheriff sale, 4th March, levied on the property of William F. Teat to satisfy an execution in Macon County, in favor of Cornelia P. Hendree vs. said Wm. F. Teat & Co.
- The Estate of Robert W. Yeldell, Deceased having this day been proven insolvent, January 28th, 1867, appoint James G. Donald, Admír.
- Probate Court Feb 12th 1867, In Matter of Catherine M. Yeldell, Guardian of minor heirs of Joseph A. Yeldell, Deceased. Came Catherine Yeldell, guardian of Monroe W., Willie A., Mary E., James E., Lewis W., and Joseph A. Yeldell, heirs and distributees of Joseph A. Yeldell.
- Probate Court Feb 12, 1867 came E.N. Staggers and A. James Staggers Admír for the Estate of John H. Staggers, Deceased.
- This day came William E. Jeffcoat, Jan. 18th, 1867, Dave C. Jeffcoat, Deceased, Estate of-As to Insolvency.

March 14, 1867
- Tax collection sale, on the 1st day of April 1867, for taxes due 1866: N.B. Lynn, Wiley Johnson, J.W.W. Butler, & James Richards.

- Sheriffís sale, April 1st, levied property of J.B. Lewis to satisfy two executions,
I.W. Scott,
administrator vs J.B. Lewis, the other Miss Sarah E. Lewis vs. J.B. Lewis.

- This day came Francis Walton, guardian of John H. Allington and Mary E. Allington, minors.

April 4 1867
-died, Ida Dunklin, daughter of Jas. L. and Mrs. Mary L. Dunklin. She died the day before yesterday.
- This day came W. P. Bush, Admír for the estate of W. P. Bush, Deceased. April 2d, 1867.

April 11, 1867
-Death of Alfred Moore, Esq.- citizen of Lowndes County, the 7th Inst at his residence in Hayneville.
-Wm. Powell, deceased April 7, 1867 Probate Court. J. L. Powell Admír.
- M. Conner, deceased, Aril 7, 1867.
-This day came Sarah Pounds, Admíx for Matthew Pounds, deceased. April 10, 1867.

April 18th, 1867
This day came Odom Cox, Admír of the Estate of H. H. McCoy, deceased. April 12, 1867.
-This day came Odom Cox, Admír of the Estate of James R. McCoy, deceased, April 12th.

April 25, 1867
Meeting to prepare for services for decorating the Graves of the Dead on the 26th Inst.
Hon. S.J. Bolling was appointed chairman, The Baptist Church was selected.
Commitee on Flowers:

Mrs. Maj. Lanier, Mrs. --- Taylor, Mrs. Touart, Mrs. Ellsworth, Mrs. Burnett, Mrs. Glasgow, Mrs. Curington, Mrs. H. P. Dunklin, Mrs. F. Seawell, Mrs. H. Smith, Mrs. Lou Powell, Mrs. Judge Porter, Mrs. J. H. Dunklin, Mrs. Dr. Murphy, Miss Lou Vigel, Miss Emma Rutledge, Miss Ina Porter, Miss Chottie Reid, Miss S. Reid, Miss Margey Dunklin, Miss Sallie Stanley, Miss Mollie Ellsworth, Miss Helen Otts, Miss Anna Harbin, Miss bettie Steiner, Miss A.G. Cook, Miss O. Herbert, Miss Bettie Goldsmith, Miss M. Kinebrough, Miss mollie Gregory, Miss Mollie Roberts, Miss Harrell, Miss Flora Gafford, Miss Mollie Mallet, Miss Anna McQueen, Miss Ester Padgett, Miss Georgia Hartly, Miss Annie Webb, Miss Carrie Wood, Miss Lizzie Oglesby.

May 16, 1867
- This day came J.S. Gregory, Admr. of teh Estate of Pickens Jay, deceased.
-This day came J. T. Barge, guardian of T.A. and S.E. Fowler, minor heirs of D.C. Fowler, Deceased.
-This day came William F. Hartley and Edward Bowen, executors of the estate of D. Joseph Jones, deceased.
- This day came James L. Lyseth, Admír, of the estate of James J. Lyseth, deceased.
- This day came A.B. Brown Admír of the Estate of Ransom Gentry, deceased.
- This day came J.P.McKee admír of the Estate of A. McKee deceased.
-This day came Jesse C. Lane admír of the Estate of Edward H. Lane, deceased.
Missing Issues

June 27, 1867
July 1st 1867, Ellen S. Watson, Deceased- Estate of As to Insolvency. Samuel Jordan Admír.
-This day came John Glasgow Admír of the Estate of Eveline Rutledge, deceased.
-June 25 1867 Elizabeth Newton vs Rueben B. Newton, divorce, to appear John T. Lowery, next friend of complainant. Rueben Newton is a non resident of Ala. & resides in the state of Florida.
- This day came A. R. Sheppard, executor of said Estate, D.N. Zeigler, deceased.

July 11, 1867
- A citizen of Baldwin county, by the name of Brewton, living on Fish River, near Danellyís Mill was bush wacked and shot dead last Tuesday.
- The citizens of Greenville will be glad to see the return of Dr. Harrison.
- Mr. Peter C. Harris shot his brother-in-law with a pistol, Mr. W. Murphy and had to give two thousand dollars bond.
- Lowndes County, Capt. T. Mills, formerly of this vicinity was shot & killed on the 9th inst. by Mr. Renfroe, who was a partner on his farm.
- Probate Court July 1st, Came W. J. Norsworthy, Admír of the Estate of Jane Ruffin, deceased.
- Last wednesday a well known Baldwin County citizen, James Brewton was killed by a man named Silas Bragg. His body was found in the woods near Monroe Landing yesterday.
- This day came J. Vickery, executor of the Estate of Rhoda Vickery, deceased. July 1.
- This day came Mary Worl, Admír of the Estate of John Worl, deceased. June 19.
Very bad Newspapers, missing issues, smeared, torn.... etc......

July 25, 1867
- Miss Lula Poullen and Rosa LíEngle aged 15 and 14, were drown on Tuesday last in the St. Johns River, 3 miles from Jackson, Fla.

August 22, 1867
-Letters Testamentary on the Last Will & Testament of Julius C. Lockhart, deceased, this 17th Aug 1867, Catherine Lockhart, Executrix.

1868 (every article here is in Butler County, unless otherwise noted !)
January 9th 1868 ! The Greenville Advocate

-Of Interest- John Hardy sends a Postcard to Montgomery, stating he is not a resident of Montgomery, we congratulate Montgomery ! The same card proceeds to say he belongs to Dallas, Poor Dallas.
- Joshua,
a freedman working on the plantation of Maj. Jay., near Evergreen was assassinated on the night of the 19th inst. He was shot by one William Pleasant, a freedman & has he has escaped. - Conecuh
- Mr. T.M. Leatherwood departed this life on the 2nd day of January at his residence of this City of Pulmonary Consumption, he leaves a wife and children.
-Sheriffís sale- Circuit Court, in favor of Joshua Barrett, Admír of N.W. Barrett against Wesley Rogers, I will sell the 1st Mon. in Feb, highest bidder, Property, J.T. Long, Sheriff.
- Admír sale, at the residence of William Graydon, Deceased.
- Admís Sale- sell the property of the Estate of Susan Troutman, Deceased.
-Admír Sale- sell property belonging to the Estate of Elbert Jones, Deceased.
- Admír Sale- sell Estate Property of Daniel C. Smith, deceased. Second Mon., January next (1868).
- Letters of Administration, granted the 17th day of Oct. 1867 on the Estate of Peter Cheatam, Deceased. Ambrose Smith Admír.
- Admír Sale- property belonging to E.N.S. Kitchens, deceased. John Gamble. Admír.
-Admír Sale- James Kitchen, deceased, John Gamble. Admír.
- December 23, 1867, Estate of W.B. Graves, deceased, having been proven insolvent.
-Admír notice, Letters of Admír on the 18th of Nov. 1867, on the Estate of Robert Perry, deceased. Mrs. Susan Rogers, Administratrix.
- Probate Court- Joseph Vines, deceased, Oct. 26, 1867. John Gamble, Admír.
-Mortgage Sale- by Mortgage by A.M. Bullard, W.R. Bullard and Isham Hillard, I will proceed to sale before the Courthouse in PIKE COUNTY, Jan 14th 1868.....
-Probate Court- Montgomery COUNTY, Guardianís Sale, I, as guardian of Ellen Murphy, a minor will sell the property in the town of Greenville. Hannah Murphy, Guardian of Ellen Murphy.

January 23, 1868
- Letters Of Administration on the Estate of J. B. Athey, deceased.
-This day came John Gamble, Admír., of the Estate of V. H. Merriwether, deceased.
- Sheriffís Sale, in favor of Joseph Harrison, against Gideon Allen.
- In Chancery at Greenville, Jan. 1st, 1868. James J. F. Walker vs. Mary Ann Walker.
The defendant Mary Ann Walker is over the age 21 and sound mind and she resides in Claiborne Parish, La., & is non resident of the State.

January 30, 1868
-Obituary, Caroline Burnett, wife of John C. McTvetre, died in Crenshaw County on Oct. 1967 in the 29th year of age. She fell from her horse which led to her death in only a few days. A year and few months ago, two of her babes were buried in one grave.
Last winter her mother died under her roof, Martha Burnett and she was the wife of Alexander Burnett in April at age 70.

Feb. 13th 1868
-Total amount collected by Intendant from all sources.--ending 13th day of January, 1868

By Certificate of indebtness issued to E.L. Glover, 8th March 1866 in payment of License.,ď ď J. Morr as Watchman, 16th July 1867. ď ď William Woodson, as watchman, 14th Sept. 1867. ď ď H.P. Grimes 4th Aug. 1867., H.S. Cleghorn, 17th Oct, 1867.,
L.M. Teel 6th July 1867, C.A. Barclay 1st June 1866, E.V. Culver 5th Jan, 1866, J.W. Dunn 2d Nov. 1867, W.C. Caldwell 13th Aug 1867, G.W. Harlin, 15th Oct 1867, H.P. Caldwell Aug 7,1867. J. H. Perdue, Marshall Jan 5th 1867, J. A. Jones 20th July 1867, J. L. Morris July 16 1867, William Goodson Sept 14th 1867.

February 27, 1868
Letters Administration 17th day of Feb. 1868, on the Estate of H.S. Abrams, deceased.
-This day came M.A. Daniel Admíx of the Estate of T.J. Daniel, deceased.
- This day came Levi Crowell, admír for the Estate of J.N. Baxter, deceased. Feb 13, 1868.
-Probate Court, Nov. Term 1867, This day came John Gamble, Admír of the Estate of S.S. Seawright, deceased.
-Probate Court, This day came John Gamble, Administrator of the following Estates to wit: Samuel Payne, John B. Warren, S.A. Wallace, Sion Skipper, W.R. Peterson, Margaret Glanton, Burnett Bowden and filed his report that each of the Estates are insolvent. Feb. 7th 1868.

- Probate Court, Feb. 7th 1868, This day came John Gamble, Admír of the Estates to wit:
D. G. Payne, John B.B.B. Meneese, A. C. Smith, J.C. Ainsworth, Patrick Boggan, Morris Reeves, W. A. Wilson, John W. Morgan, R.C. Gibson, M. M. Roberts, J.D. Small and S.S. Seawright, William Blair, Bennett Easterling, D. H. Williams, G. L. Smith, John C. Parham, W. C. Kirkland, W. J. Porter and filed his report & schedules that each of the Estates are Insolvent.

- This day came John Gamble, Feb. 7th 1868, Admír to the Estates to Wit: F. D. Hightower, J. D. Pruitt, J. W. Carter, Thomas Wicker, Wilson Jones, Alford Davis, Lewis Moore, W. H. McCoy, Henry Brantly, Sina Wallace, P.P. Park, Joseph Vines, D. J. Smith, J. M. Gafford & V. H. Merriwether and filed his report and the Estates are Insolvent.


March 12, 1868
-Obituary. Anna Smith
is dead. Anna was the wife of Mr. Horrace Smith, the eldest daughter of Col. Osman and Mrs. Susan Gregory, She died in New York on the 21st of February, 1868 in her 21st year. She left Greenville in hope of a better climate.
- A negro named Scott was killed Saturday night in Montgomery by Mr. J. J. Morgan while attempting to break into his house.

March 28, 1868
- Justice of the Peace at Newton in Dale County was killed. A.P. Wiggs, a wreckless Lawyer who lived in that place was fired upon by a Federal Soldier stationed at that place & missed his aim & shot John Melcoy in the head.

- We learn through the Monroe Journal that a Mr. Salter was killed , and John Searcy was dangerously wounded by a negro named Brit, a notrious character in Conecuh County.
- John J. Crittendenís daughter, Mrs. Chapman Coleman is in Baltimore and about to write about the life of her father.

March 31, 1868
- We learn that Charlie Hooks was shot and killed at his store about 13 miles from Greenville near Butler Springs on Friday night last. We have not learned who committed the deed.

April 2, 1868
We learn from the Monroe Eagle that on the 25th of the preceeding Monday that Enoch Shaler, an old Monroe County citizen was killed by a Negro. No Particulars.
- Died, Mrs. Lucinda Tayton died in Greenville after an illness, on the 25th Ult. She was the Mother-in-law of our esteemed fellow citizen Judge M.C. Lane.
Probate Court, This day came Sidenia K. Flood, Alias Catherine Flood as Admíx of the estate of Thomas Flood, deceased and filed her account.

April 9, 1868
-Mrs. Bond,
mother-in-law of Capt. John Gamble died very suddenly on Monday last, apparently in perfect health.
- This day came John Gamble, Admír of the Estate of Jno. Powden, Deceased.

April 21, 1868
- Mrs. Lane,
wife of Judge M.C. Lane died on Saturday morning, it has been a very short time, since she followed her mother Lucinda Taylor to the final resting place.
All persons indebted to Dr. J.D. Rumph are requested come forth & make payment. J.M. Whitehead.
This day came R.C. Davison, Guardian of F.I. Twombly, a minor, and filed his petition and vouchers.

May 23, 1868
Pickens County recently had a tornado, The victims were Alexander Henry, his step-mother, a daughter of age 18, and a young son of 4 years old. Mr. Henryís house was blown down was the cause of their deaths. Mr. Henry & Son were found a considerable length from the house.

June 6, 1868
A shooting affair last Wednesday at the plantation of Mr. Nininger, abt. 7 miles southwest of Haynesvill. Chaney Jones came to her death by gun shot wound inflicted by Turner Jones. She died within 15 minutes of the shooting and it was deliberate according to the evidence.

June 11, 1868
- Obituary, Died, on Thursday evening 4th inst of disease of the heart, Hon. Benjamin F. Porter, aged 60 years. He was a native of South Carolina. Greenville Ala. June 7, 1868

June 30, 1868
- In Bankruptcy, In the matter of Archibald M. Reid, Bankruptcy . Montgomery, Ala June 25th 1868.
- In Chancery 12th District, Greenville, Ezekiel E. Simpson vs. William W. Green, proceed to sell a parcel of land lying in Evergreen, in the County of Conecuh, and known as George Christian Place and now occupied by W.W. Green. J.L. Powell, Register.
-Chancery Court- Mathew Paton vs. Jefferson Hawkins, et als.
-In Chancery, Edward Bowen vs Marcus A. Bell, J.C. Gaskill, sell 2 story frame building known as ďThe Bell Building.

July 21, 1868- Executrix Sale, Executrix of the Estate of C.W. Holman, Deceased, to the highest bidder. M.A. Holman, Executrix.

August 1, 1868
- An accidental killing of Mr. Washington Rogers in Crenshaw County.

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