SEPTEMBER 10, 1914

-Married, Mr. Mark Carpenter and Miss Bertha Sellers of near McKenzie were married last Sunday.
-Obituary- On Thursday night, September 3, 1914, Nettie DAVIS died at the home of her Father, Mr. Charlie Davis, of Avant, she was the eldest daughter and in her 16th year, She died of Typhoid fever, Her precious body was laid to rest at Union Cemetery.

-The sad Death of Mrs. John DEAN occurred last Wednesday, at Garland, she is survived by her husband and 3 children. She was buried at Bethel Cemetery last Thursday. Misses Lillie, Alice and Annie Skipper attended the Funeral of their Aunt.
-The Infant child of Mr. and Mrs. G.E. Stinson was buried in Providence, Sunday August 23.

- Unclaimed letters at the Georgiana Postoffice the past week: C.M. Spears, W.L. Murray, Ben Hawkins, Tom Coll, Vernon Hope, Tom Nichols, Andie Bons, Mrs. Tobetha Robson, Anna Taylor, Mirit Jordan & Annie Ruse.

-Miss Lela Hughes of Hickory Grove is improving after being ill with Diphtheria.

-The Infant of Mrs. Jim Calloway of Old Mill Hill died last Friday night.

- J. H. Martin died at Greenville last Friday.

-Miss Ethel Carpenter, of Greenville is visiting relatives at Manistee, Alabama.

November 12, 1914

- John L. Watson, 81, Confederate Veteran, died in Monroe County. Co. B, Third Ala. Calvary.

-Unclaimed Mail ending Nov. 7: Henry Num, William Robinson, E.W. Stallworth, Si Sims, Ollie Terry.

- Avant- Crittenden: Mr. Lauren Avant and Miss Olive Crittenden were married on Wednesday at the home of the Brides parents on Oaky Streak, near Greenville.

- Mr. and Mrs. W. R. Stinson announce the birth of a son Monday Morning.

September 7, 1916

-married Mr. Berry Patrick of Opp and Miss Alma Nall of McKenzie were married at Paxton last Friday.

-Mrs. B.D. Carpenter of Near McKenzie celebrated her 78th Birthday on August 31st 1916. Only 3 of her children were present. There were 14 grandchildren and 14 Great Grandchildren attending. Grandma Burkett, aged 93 years walked one-half mile to attend the dinner. Mrs. Carpenter and husband have 8 children, 48 grandchildren, 28 Great Grandchildren. The names Attended are : J.D. Huggins, Mabrey Huggins, Grely Huggins, Bryan Huggins, Lurline Huggins, Wesley Huggins, Edna Huggins, Bertha Huggins, Sarah Huggins, Johnnie Huggins, George Wiggins, Savannah Wiggins, Sam Wiggins, Lenna Wiggins, Dora Wiggins, Hyrum Wiggins, Leon Wiggins, Edwin Wiggins, Darwin Wiggins, Grace Wiggins, Ruby Wiggins, Tennie Wiggins, Carlotta Wiggins, Lula Weaver, Ruby Waever, Ionice Weaver, Maud Weaver, Verable Weaver, Alma Weaver, Shellie Weaver, Aldridge Weaver, Goldye Minnard, Ethel GRIFFIN, Bama Griffin, Mark carpenter, Bertha Carpenter, Mr. Hammond, Mrs. Hammond, John D. Hammond, Therma Hammond, Dallas Hammond, Dallas Hammond and Grandma Burkett, aged 93 years.

-Married- Mr. Romney Hagan of Union, Miss., and Miss Ruby Johnson of Georgianna, motored to Greenville, Sept 1 1916, They will make their home in Union Miss.

-Married- Mr. Berry Patrick of Opp and Miss Alma Nall of Mckenzie were marrried at Paxton last Friday.
- The Thirteenth months old infant, of Mr. and Mrs. J. J. Joyner of McKenzie ,was laid to rest in Walker Cemetery at 2 o’clock Sunday afternoon.

- Mr. Alman Carpenter returned home Sunday, after spending a week with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. J. M. Carpenter.

- Miss Vera Horn spent Saturday night with Miss Carmie Gipson at Macedonia and attended services there.

- Mr. Ben Carpenter is at home on the sick list.- Sunflower

-Mrs. E.E. Johnson of Pensacola, is visiting her brother, Prof. Barnes, of Jones Mill, Ala. She will visit her sister Mrs. McPherson, of McKenzie, Ala. before returning- Pensacola Journal.

-Mrs. Harry Taylor of Georgiana spent Sunday with her sister, Mrs. W.C. Jones.

- One of the oldest citizens on Conecuh passed away last Saturday at his home near Owassa. William Bargamy lived to be 96 years old. He is an old Confederate Soldier, he was never married and lived with his brother several years before he died.

- New Home, Mr. and Mrs. B. L. Henderson and Mrs. J. L. Henderson and daughter, Ruth, also son Roger motored to McKenzie last Sunday and spent the day with the Former Grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. B. D. Carpenter.

-Miss Ethel and Bamma Griffin are visiting their Aunts west of Georgiana.

-Mr. W.H. Griffin and family have returned from a long visit to relatives of this place.