Covington County Death Certificates



Joe Wiley Adams -1963  Submitted by
Unnamed Adkinson- 1925 infant

Lula Armstrong- 1919

Lola Vay Ballard 1925 infant
A.B. Barner - 1929
Almeta Barnes- 1924 -Colored
Eli Barnes - S.C.
Calvin Barnes, Jr. -1940
Dona Ann Barnes- 1976- Fl  Maiden Name- Brogden
H. Sellers Barnes- 1943
Rev. J. M. Barnes - 1913- Montgomery
Jacob Barnes- 1925
Mrs. Joseph Barnes -1915
Joseph D. Barnes- 1924- Escambia
Joseph Edwin Barnes- 1964- Florida
Lena Elizabeth Barnes 1991- Florida
Martha Alice Barnes - 1935- Geneva
Mrs. Ida Smith Barnes- 1923
Mary Barnes- 1927
Verbie Lee Barnes- 1922
W. H. Barnes- 1929
William Henry Barnes - 1933- Coffee
William R. Barnes- 1949
Willie Grey Barnes- 1928
Mrs. A. J. Barton -1938
Henry Jackson Brunson - 1925
Cannie Lee Brunson- 1970  (W/O Henry Jackson Brunson)

James Clark- 1986- Tallapoosa
Mrs. Lula Carpenter Clark- 1943

Ralph Crawford- 1939

Rossie E. Duggan 1939

J.D. Elder- 1939

Mary Ellen Carpenter Farnam Floyd- 1930 Florida (D/O Cary & Joanna Carpenter)

Earn V. Hogg 1925

Emiline Jackson - 1925
Marion Lafayette Jackson -1927
Mrs. Martha Jackson - 1924  (W/O Marion Lafayette Jackson)

G.W. Moye -1940

Mary Jane Nall - 1947
Mrs. Nancy Elizabeth Nalls -1928

Love Odom- 1937

Martha A. Rainer- 1932  Butler Co.
Callie Aplin Reynolds - 1962- Mobile

John C. Sellers - 1945
Martha Barnes Sellers- 1956 Montgomery (W/O John C. Sellers)

Sally White -1964    Submitted by 

Nancy Williams - 1909
Mary Ella Williamson - 1915 Butler
Mary Alabama Worrell-1961

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Name:   Joe Wiley Adams        

Date Of Death:    05/19/1963
Place Of Death:   Opp, Covington County
Gender:                Male    Race: W   Age:  82
Marital Status:     Widow 2
Spouse:     Deceased
Date Of Birth:     June 14, 1880    Place Of Birth:      Ala
Mother's Name:   unknown
Father's Name:       unknown
Cause Of Death:    Arteriosclerosis Cardiovascular Renal disease
Occupation:         Farmer
Funeral Home:       Rainer Funeral Home
Informant:   Mr.  Jesse Adams
Date Of Burial:   May 20, 1963
Place Of Burial:  Bethel Cemetery Opp, Alabama
Date Recorded:  6-5-1963

Name:   Not named Infant Adkinson        
Date Of Death:    December 2, 1925
Place Of Death:   Covington  County
Gender:   GIRL      Race: W   Age:  2 days
Date Of Birth:       12-1-1925
Mother's Name: Kansas Aplin  Birthplace : Ala
Father's Name:    Lee Adkinson  Birthplace : Ala
Cause Of Death:     Premature Birth
Funeral Home:      Made Coffin
Informant:   J.G.S. Adkinson
Date Of Burial:   Dec. 4, 1925
Place Of Burial:   Hickory Grove Cemetery
Date Recorded:  12-4-1925

Name:   Lula  ARMSTRONG         
Date Of Death:    August 31, 1919     Time: 6:00 P.M.
Place Of Death:   Crenshaw County
Gender:                Female    Race: W   Age:  36
Marital Status:      Married
Spouse:               John D. Armstrong
Date Of Birth:       May 31, 1883    Place Of Birth:      Ala
Mother's Name:  Nancy Whitehead
Father's Name:      Jim  (James) Odom
Cause Of Death:     Tubercular ??
Occupation:         Housekeeping
Funeral Home:       Unavailable
Informant: George Hart
Doctor:  W. H. Bell M.D.
Date Of Burial:   Sept. 1, 1919
Place Of Burial:   Friendship Cemetery, Crenshaw,AL.  (also called Mulberry Cemetery)
Date Recorded:  Not dated

Name:   Lola Vay Ballard     Infant            
Date Of Death:  Dec. 10, 1925    3:20 a.m.
Place Of Death:  Oakey Streak, Covington Co.
Gender:   Female , White
AGE: 2 months      
Date of Birth--
Place Of Birth:  Oakey Streak
Cause of death: Sudden death- No Dr. In attendance
Father's Name:  Mallie Ballard   Birthplace:  Oakey Streak, Covington Co.Al
Mother's Maiden Name:  Lula Clark  Birthplace: TX. 
Informant: Mallie Ballard
Place Of Burial: --
Date Recorded: --

Name:     A. B. Barner
Date Of Death:     October 20, 1929 
Place Of Death:    Covington County
Residence:   Opp
Gender:   Male   Race:     W
 Marital Status:  Married    Spouse:   Mrs. Annie Barner      
AGE - 41 years
Occupation- Cotton Mill
Place Of Birth:    Coffee County, Al
Father's Name:  J. A. Barner     Birthplace:   Ala.
Mother's Maiden Name : Annie ?    Birthplace : Coffee Co, Ala.
Cause Of Death:    Nephritis Acute  (kidney disease)
Informant:   J.A. Cagahequin, Opp
Date & Place Of Burial:    10-21-1929    Damascus Cemetery
Undertaker: Benson Undertaking Co.
Date Recorded:      Aug 5, 1929

Name:    Almeta Barns  (Barnes)- COLORED
Date Of Death:     April 25, 1924   Time: 10 p.m.
Place Of Death:    Covington County
Residence:  Florala Alabama
Gender:   Woman   Race:  Colored       Marital Status:  Married
Occupation- Domestic
Spouse:      --         Age  36
Place Of Birth:      Crenshaw County, Al.
Father's Name:       Charles Williams  Father's Birthplace:   X
Mother's Maiden Name Lizer (Lizzie) Porks (Parks)?    Birthplace : X
Cause Of Death:   Gun shot  puncture through parts of the spinal cord
J.F. Holley M.D. Florala, Al.
Undertaker: Shepard Funeral Co., Florala, Ala.      Informant:   Eliza Barnes, Lockhart, Ala
Date & Place Of Burial:  Luverne, Al, no date given or Cemetery  
Date Recorded:   4/25/1924

Name: Calvin Barnes, Jr.
Date Of Death:    January 16 1940
Place Of Death:   Andalusia, Memorial Hosp.
Residence:          206 Barton St. Covington Co. AL
Gender:              Male
Race:                  W
Age:                   28 years 8 mos. 26 days
Marital Status:    Married
Spouse:              Donaldson, Lucile
Date Of Birth:    April 20 1911
Place Of Birth:         Geneva, AL
Mother's Name:       Helms, Ruth
Mother's Birthplace: Coffee Co.
Father's Name:         Barnes, Calvin
Father's Birthplace:   Geneva Co.
Cause Of Death:      systicumia
Hospital:            Memorial Hospital
SS Number:       none
Occupation:       shipping clerk, Textile Plant
Funeral Home:   Foreman
Doctor:              Chas. H. Chapman M.D., Andalusia
Coroner:             none
Informant:           Lucile Barnes
Date Of Burial:   January 17 1940
Place Of Burial:  Andalusia/ Magnolia Cemetery
Date Recorded:   February 2 1940
Additional Comments:
Magnolia Cemetery- Covington Co. AL. Info
Calvin BARNES Jr.     20 APR 1911-16 JAN 1940
Lucille D. BARNES     11 NOV 1909-21 MAY 1966

Florida Death Cert.- Covington Resident
Name:  Dona Ann BARNES

Date Of Death:    November 5, 1976
Place Of Death:   Okaloosa
Residence:           Rt. 2 Florala, Covington, AL
Gender:                Female
Race:                       W
Age:                         83
Marital Status:      Widowed
Spouse:              Barnes, Joseph Edward
Date Of Birth:      Jan 10, 1893
Place Of Birth:     Covington County, Alabama
Mother's Name:  Annie Poole
Father's Name:    Henry Smith
Cause Of Death:    not given
Hospital:                Ft. Walton Beach Hospital
SS Number:           None
Occupation:            housewife
Funeral Home:       Unavailable/ taken to AL.  
Informant:          Mrs. Thomas Borrow, Florala
Place Of Burial:  Oak Grove Cemetery, Covington, AL.
Date Recorded:  None

Name:   H. Sellers BARNES
Date Of Death:    May 13 1943
Place Of Death:  Red Level, Covington, AL
Residence:          Red Level, AL.
Gender:              Male
Race:                 W
Age:                   39
Marital Status:    Married
Spouse:              Barnes, Mrs. H. Sellers
Date Of Birth:    January 30 1899
Place Of Birth:   Crenshaw Co., AL
Mother's Name:      Jackson, Mary
Mother's Birthplace: Ala.
Father's Name:        Barnes, William
Father's Birthplace: Alabama
Cause Of Death:    States-  Do not know, Probably SUICIDE
SS Number:   None     Occupation:      Farmer
Funeral Home:  Unavailable
Doctor:              Jas. S. Jordan M.D.
Coroner:            Foreman
Informant:          wife (Beulah)
Date Of Burial:      May 15 1943
Place Of Burial:     Buck Creek Cemetery, Covington Co. AL
Date Recorded:     May 19 1943


Name:                Barnes, Eli
Date Of Death:       February 12, 1939 Time:
Place Of Death:      Township #5, Saluda Co, SC
Residence:           Unavailable
Gender:              Male
Race:                W
Age:                 77
Marital Status:      Unk
Spouse:              Hazel, Kittie
Date Of Birth:       February 26, 1861
Place Of Birth:      Unavailable
Mother's Name:       Gibson, Susan 'Mary Susannah'
Mother's Birthplace: Unavailable
Father's Name:       Barnes, Humphrey Allen
Father's Birthplace: Unavailable
Cause Of Death:      died suddenly; had a history of mitral  ?
Hospital:            Unavailable
Occupation:          Unavailable
Funeral Home:        R. L. Ramey, Saluda, SC
Doctor:              Unavailable
Coroner:             Unavailable
Informant:           Matt Barnes, Saluda, SC   Date Of Burial:      Unavailable
Place Of Burial:     Hickory Grove Adventist Church Cem., Saluda Co, SC
Date Recorded:       None
Source Of Record:    Transcribed from the microfilmed collection of the Camden Archives & Museum, Camden, SC
Certificate No.:     1939-#2496

Robert Barnes <
 609 Shaman Court, Winter Haven, FL
33880-4993 is of this family.  He sent me the parents as follows:
1   Humphrey Allen BARNES b: Abt. 1829     Burial: Zoar Methodist Church,
Saluda Co, SC
.  +Susan 'Mary Susannah' GIBSON b: Abt. 1836
..... 2   Lucy BARNES b: June 11, 1859 in Edgefield Co, SC  d: April 02, 1932
in Saluda Co, SC   Burial: Hickory Grove Advent Christian Church Cem., Saluda
Co, SC
.........  +James Benjamin BLEDSOE b: September 24, 1856  d: June 14, 1947
Father: Vincent B. Bledsoe Mother: Eliza Berry Burial: Hickory Grove Advent
Christian Church Cem., Saluda Co, SC
..... 2   Anna BARNES b: Abt. 1858  d: May 12, 1882
..... 2   Eli Mathew BARNES b: February 25, 1861  d: February 11, 1939
Burial: Hickory Grove Adv. Church Cem., Saluda Co, SC
.........  +Kittie HAZEL b: June 02, 1866 in Edgefield Co, SC, Saluda Division
d: June 08, 1925 in Newberry, Newberry Co, SC Father: L. Berry Hazel Mother:
Martha A. Smith Burial: Hickory Grove Adv. Church Cem., Saluda Co, SC

Matt Barnes is one of Eli's children.

Montgomery Ala. death cert.
Name:   REV. J. M. Barnes

Date Of Death:     April 28, 1913   2 p.m.
Place Of Death:   Montgomery, Ala
Residence:          Forks of Norman Bridge and Woodley Road
How long did the deceased reside before death ? 14 years
Duration of illness: 4 days
Gender:                Male
Race:         W    Married
Age:       77 years 2 months 18 days  
Occupation: Minister
Date Of Birth:       July 8, 1886
Father's Name:  Elkanah Barnes Birth: Virginia
Mother's  Name:   Mrs. Mary Barnes   Birth : Virginia
Cause Of Death:   Accident, Senility
Place Of Burial:  Greenwood Cemetery
Date Recorded:  4/19/1913         LEAK UNDERTAKING COMPANY

Name: Jacob Barnes
Date Of Death:    April 26 1925    Time: 4:00
Place Of Death:   Covington Co.
Residence:           Florala
Gender:               Male
Race:                    W
Age:                      88
Marital Status:      Married
Spouse:               Sarah Jane Barnes
Date Of Birth:      --
Place Of Birth:     Dale Co, Alabama
Mother's Name:    --    Mother's Birthplace: Alabama
Father's Name:        --   Father's Birthplace:  Florida
Cause Of Death:  illegible- ? R eye - Paralysis etc.
SS Number:    None
Occupation:           Farming
Funeral Home:       Shepard Funeral Co. Florala, Al.
Doctor:                 J.M. Fleming  M.D.
Coroner:              --
Informant:          Eric Barnes
Date Of Burial:  --   Place Of Burial: --
Date Recorded: May 4, 1925

Name:  Mrs. John BARNES
Date Of Death:    April 7, 1915     Time: 8 A.M.
Place Of Death:   Covington Co.  beat 9
Residence:           Florala, AL
Gender:                Female
Race:                       W
Age:                         19
Marital Status:      Married
Spouse:               Barnes, John
Date Of Birth:       --
Place Of Birth:     Barbour Co., Alabama
Mother's Name:   E. S. Shehand
Mother's Birthplace:  Barbour Co.,Alabama
Father's Name:       Duncan Shehand
Father's Birthplace: Barbour County, Alabama
Cause Of Death:   Childbirth
Hospital:                None
How Long did Deceased live at Place of residence ? 11 years
Occupation:           Housewife
Funeral Home:       --
Doctor:              None
Coroner:            --
Date Of Burial:  --
Place Of Burial:  Florala, Alabama
Date Recorded:  May 4 1915

Escambia County, Ala
Name:   Joseph D. BARNES

Date Of Death:    June 19, 1924    8:30 a.m.
Place Of Death:   Escambia County, Brewton
Residence:           Rt. C Brewton Ala.
Gender:                Male
Race:                       W
Age:                       53
Marital Status:      Married
Spouse:          Mrs. Roxie Barnes
Date Of Birth:     --
Place Of Birth:     Coffee County, Ala
Mother's Name:   Adkisson      Birth place of Mother - Ala
Father's Name:   Ebenezer Barnes --  Birth place of father- Ala
Cause Of Death:    Nephritis       
Occupation:         Farmer
Funeral Home:   Brewton Undertaking Company
Informant:         Charles Barnes
Place Of Burial:  Dixonville Cemetery
Date of Burial: 5/20/1924
Date Recorded:  June 21, 1924

FL. Death Cert.
Name:   Joseph Edward BARNES

Date Of Death:    August 26 1964
Place Of Death:   Okaloosa, FL.
Residence:           Fort Walton
Gender:                Male
Race:                       W
Age:                         78
Marital Status:      Married
Spouse:              Dona Ann Barnes
Date Of Birth:       July 8, 1886
Place Of Birth:     Butler County, AL.
Mother's Name:  Carolina Jackson
Father's Name:    Joseph Barnes
Cause Of Death:    cause was not given on this one
Hospital:              Ft. Walton Beach Hospital
Occupation:         Farmer
Funeral Home:   --
Doctor:             --
Informant:         Mrs. Burl Reeves
Place Of Burial:  Not given on death certificate, Buried in Oak Grove Cemetery, AL.
Date Recorded:  not given, buried in AL. Code No. 56-066

Name:   Lena Elizabeth BARNES

Date Of Death:    August 16, 1991   Time 2:15 a.m.
Place Of Death:   Hillsborough, FL.
Residence:           Riverview, Hillsborough, FL.
Gender:                Female
Race:                       W
Age:                         91
Marital Status:     Widowed
Spouse:              Barnes, William
Date Of Birth:      Feb., 04 1900
Place Of Birth:     Covington County, AL.
Mother's Name:  Temperance Parker
Father's Name:    Marion Jackson
Cause Of Death:    Cardiomyopathy
Hospital:               South Bay Hospital
SS Number:           262-42-7764
Occupation:        Homemaker
Funeral Home:    Garden of Memories Funeral Home         
Informant:           Mrs. Inez G. Griffin (daughter), Riverview, Fl.
Place Of Burial:   4207 E. Lake Ave. Tampa Florida
Date Recorded:  Aug 20 1991

Geneva County, Al.
Name:   Martha Alice Barnes

Date Of Death:    Feb. 19, 1935
Place Of Death:   Geneva, Ala
Residence:   Geneva       Gender:   Male
Race:    F    Age:   3 years 2 months 9 days
Birthplace of deceased: Geneva Ala
Mother's Name:   Alamay Pickron  Birthplace : Fla.
Father's Name:    Charles Barnes  birthplace :  Geneva Ala.
Cause Of Death:    Hook Worm Disease
Funeral Home:   A.H. Smith in charge of Burial
Informant:         James Barnes, Geneva, Ala.
Place Of Burial:   ?  Burial 2-19-1935
Date Recorded:  Feb 19, 1935

Name:    Mrs. Mary Ida Smith BARNES
Date Of Death:    April 11 1923
Place Of Death:   Covington Co.
Residence:           Florala
Gender:                Female
Race:                       W
Age:                         38
Marital Status:      Married
Spouse:              Barnes, John Mr. 
Place Of Birth:        Oak Grove
Mother's Name:  Mollie Wooten
Mother's Birthplace: Georgia
Father's Name:    Henry Smith
Father's Birthplace:  Brantley
Cause Of Death:    Dysentery
Hospital:                None
SS Number:           None
Occupation:           Domestic
Funeral Home:   Unavailable
Doctor:              ? Williams M.D. Lakewood Fl.
Undertaker:       Shepard Funeral Co
Informant:          Mrs. J.J. Johnson
Date Of Burial: 
Place Of Burial:  Florala, Alabama
Date Recorded: April 14 1923

Name:   Mary BARNES
Date Of Death:   July 2 1927
Place Of Death:   Covington Co.
Residence:           Red Level, AL
Gender:                Female
Race:                       W
Age:                         71
Marital Status:      Widower
Spouse:               Barnes, William
Date Of Birth:       December 31 1855
Place Of Birth:      Alabama
Mother's Name:    Brown, Elizabeth
Mother's Birthplace: Alabama
Father's Name:        Jackson, Fate (aka. Lafayette)
Father's Birthplace: Alabama
Cause Of Death:    Dysentery
Hospital:                None
SS Number:           None
Occupation:           None
Funeral Home:       Unavailable
Doctor:              J.E. Terry M.D.
Coroner:            Unavailable
Informant:          H.S. Barnes
Date Of Burial:  July 3 1927
Place Of Burial: Dozier, Alabama
Date Recorded: August 1, 1927

Name:  Verbie Lee BARNES
Date Of Death:   June 26 1922
Place Of Death:  Covington Co. Red Level
Residence:          length of residence -Red Level- 4 years
Gender:   Female   Race:     W   Age:  5     
Date Of Birth:          c.1917
Place Of Birth:         Oakey Streak, Ala
Mother's Name:       Unavailable, Annette (Ballard)
Mother's Birthplace: Oakey Streak, AL.
Father's Name:      W.M.  Barnes
Father's Birthplace:  Leon, ALA
Cause Of Death:      Blood poisoning
Hospital:          None
SS Number:     None
Occupation:     Child
Funeral Home: Costen & Co.
Doctor:            non legible
Coroner:          Unavailable
Informant:         W.M. Barnes
Date Of Burial:     June 27 1922
Place Of Burial:    Oak Grove cemetery, Searight, Ala.
Date Recorded:    Unavailable
No recorded date

Name:   W. H.   Barnes
Date Of Death:     January 18 1929 Time: 6 p.m.
Place Of Death:   Covington Co.
Residence:           Covington Co., Beat 15
Gender:                  Male
Race:                       W
Age:                         59
Marital Status:      Married
Spouse:              Barnes, Rosa Ella
Date Of Birth:       October 12 1869
Place Of Birth:          Ala.
Mother's Name:       Belle, Elizabeth
Mother's Birthplace:   Ala
Father's Name:       Barnes, William
Father's Birthplace:   Ga.
Cause Of Death:      Pneumonia
Hospital:            None
SS Number:      None
Occupation:       Farmer
Funeral Home:   Unavailable
Doctor:              S.G. Harim  M.D.
Coroner:             Unavailable
Informant:             none listed
Date Of Burial:     January 19 1929
Place Of Burial:    Fairmont Cemetery
Date Recorded:    January 18 1929

Coffee County Death Cert
Name:  William Henry Barnes
Date Of Death:     Feb. 18, 1933
Place Of Death:    Coffee County
Residence:           Enterprise, Al
Gender:                Male     Race: W   Age:  7 months
Date Of Birth:       August 21, 1832     Place Of Birth:     Coffee County
Mother's Name:  Bunie Cogburn     Birthplace: Coffee County, Ala
Father's Name:    Daniel Barnes    Birthplace : Coffee County, Ala
Cause Of Death:     Burned with boiling potash water, more than half of the surface of the body burned
Accident Date of injury 2-17-1933 Enterprise, Ala
Pulled pot of boiling water over on self  Place : home
Funeral Home:  Lasseter Hardware Co. Enterprise, Ala
Informant:         J. H. Barnes- Enterprise, Ala.
Place Of Burial:  Mt. Pleasant  Date of burial  2/19/1933
Date Recorded: 3/8/1933

Name:    William R. Barnes
Date Of Death:     March 23, 1949  
Place Of Death:    Covington County
Length of stay- Life
Residence:  Florala Alabama  beat 13
Gender:  Male   Race: white      Marital Status:  Married
Occupation- Agri- Stock farmer
Date Of Birth- Mar. 12, 1857
Age- 92
Spouse:      --         Age  36
Place Of Birth:     Florala Ala..
Father's Name:       Riley Barnes
Mother's Maiden Name : Miss Armilla Barnes (not related)
Cause Of Death:   Senility
Doctor : J. O. Holley M.D. Florala, Al.
Funeral Director:  Rainer Funeral Parlor, Opp, Ala.
 Informant:  Dewey Barnes
Date Of Burial:  Mar 25/1949
Burial: New Hope Cemetery, Opp
Date Recorded:   4/9/49

Name:   Willie Grey BARNES
Date Of Death:     March 2 1928 Time: 1 hr.
Place Of Death:    Covington Co.
Residence:            Covington Co.
Gender:                 Male
Race:                     W
Age:                      less than 1 hr.
Marital Status:      Single
Spouse:                None
Date Of Birth:       March 2 1928
Place Of Birth:      Covington Co. Al
Mother's Name:    Jackson, Lena
Mother's Birthplace: Covington Co, AL.
Father's Name:       Barnes, W.A.
Father's Birthplace: Crenshaw Co., AL.
Cause Of Death:      Premature
Hospital:                 None
SS Number:           None
Occupation:            None
Funeral Home:        Unavailable
Doctor:              Caroline Barnes, Oakey Streak
Coroner:             Unavailable
Informant:           Ella Ballard
Date Of Burial:     Unavailable
Place Of Burial:    Unavailable
Date Recorded:    Unavailable
No burial date, no recorded date

Name: Mrs. A. J.  BARTON
Date Of Death:   11-1-1938
Place Of Death:  Covington
Residence:         Andalusia
Gender:              F
Race:                     W
Age:     60 years, 1 month, 1 days
Marital Status:      Widow
Date Of Birth:      Sept. 30, 1878
Place Of Birth:   AL.
Father's Name:  TOM Aplin 
Father's Birthplace: Ala.
Mother's Name:    Martha McKinney
Mother's Birthplace:  Ala.
Cause Of Death: Encephalitis, Chronic
Occupation:   Own Home
UNDERTAKER:  Foreman, Andalusia          
Informant:    E.D. Barton
Date Of Burial:   11-3-1938
Place Of Burial:  Bethel Cemetery
Date Recorded: 12-1-1938

Name:    Henry Jackson BRUNSON
Date Of Death:       June 9 1925    Time:
Place Of Death:      Covington
Gender:                  Male
Race:                       W
Age:                      54 yrs.
Marital Status:        Married
Spouse:                 Cannie Barnes Brunson
Date Of Birth:       April 1871
Place Of Birth:      Ala
Mother's Name:    --
Mother's Birthplace: Ala
Father's Name:       Richard Brunson   
Father's Birthplace: Alabama
Cause Of Death:     Died Suddenly (no cause listed)
Occupation:            Farmer
Undertaker:            Not Any     
Doctor:                   Had No Doctor Noted                          
Informant:       W. L. Johnson, Searight, Ala       
Date Of Burial:   June 10 1925  
Place Of Burial:      Oak Grove Cemetery
Date Recorded:  June 9 1925

Name:     Cannie Lee BRUNSON
Date Of Death:   July 10 1970      Time: 4:00 p.m.
Place Of Death:  Covington Co. AL
Residence:          Covington Co. AL.
Gender:                 Female
Race:                       W
Age:                         78
Marital Status:      Widower
Spouse:                Brunson, Henry Jackson
Date Of Birth:       June 11 1892
Place Of Birth:      Crenshaw, AL.
Mother's Name:    Jackson, Caroline
Mother's Birthplace: Alabama
Father's Name:     Barnes, Joseph
Father's Birthplace: Florida
Cause Of Death:      Cerebral Vascular Accident
Hospital:            Columbis General Hospital
SS Number:       420-18-4201
Occupation:           None
Funeral Home:       Foreman's  Andulusia, ALA.
Doctor:                  J.W. Johun M.D.
Coroner:                Unavailable
Informant:              Glenn Brunson  (son)
Date Of Burial:       July 12 1970
Place Of Burial:      Oak Grove Cemetery
Date Recorded:       July 15 1970


Name:    James M. CLARK
Date Of Death:   August 4 1986         Time: 10 a.m.
Place Of Death:  Tallapoosa, Alabama
Residence:          Chapman Nursing Home, Tallapoosa, AL.
Gender:              Male
Race:                  W
Age:                    87
Marital Status:  Widower
Spouse:            Barnes, Lula
Date Of Birth:   May 1 1899
Place Of Birth:  Alabama
Mother's Name:   Cheek, Della
Mother's Birthplace:  Unavailable
Father's Name:         Clark, Robert Lee
Father's Birthplace:   Unavailable
Cause Of Death:   Cardio pulmonary Failure
Hospital:               Chapman Nursing Home
SS Number:          418-14-4367
Occupation:           unknown
Funeral Home:       Foreman Funeral Home
Doctor:                  Dr. Emma Swindall  M.D.
Coroner:                Unavailable
Informant:              Faye Peterson, Pensacola, Florida
Date Of Burial:      August 7 1986
Place Of Burial:     Oak Grove Cemetery, Dozier, AL.
Date Recorded:     August 20 1986

Name:   Mrs. Lula CLARK
Date Of Death:       December 19 1943 Time: 11 p.m.
Place Of Death:      Covington, Co. AL.
Residence:              Covington Co.  Length 40 years
Gender:                   Female
Race:                        W
Age:                         60
Marital Status:      Widower
Spouse:                Clark, Jim
Date Of Birth:       February 24 1883
Place Of Birth:      South Carolina
Mother's Name:    Poole, Annie
Mother's Birthplace: South Carolina
Father's Name:        Brogden, Wilson
Father's Birthplace:  South Carolina
Cause Of Death:      Cancer of Cervix
Hospital:                  None
SS Number:             None
Occupation:             Housewife/Home
Funeral Home:         L.E. Benson
Doctor:                    not legible
Coroner:                  none
Informant:           Eula Allen, Pigeon Creek
Date Of Burial:      December 24 1943
Place Of Burial:     Oak Grove Cemetery
Date Recorded:     January 22 1944

Lula Brogden Barnes Clark was first married to Leonard Barnes who died in 1915
in Covington Co. AL. Jim Clark was her 2nd husband.

Name:        Ralph  CRAWFORD
Date Of Death:     October 31 1939 Time:
Place Of Death:    Covington Co., Beat No. 1 Dist. 20010
Residence:           Andalusia, Beat 1
Gender:                Male
Race:                      W
Age:                        38
Marital Status:      Married
Spouse:                Crawford, Beryl
Date Of Birth:       1901
Place Of Birth:      ALA.
Mother's Name:       Bradshaw, Clara
Mother's Birthplace:  GA
Father's Name:         Crawford, Henry
Father's Birthplace:   GA
Cause Of Death:    Unknown, No Doctor
Hospital:                None
SS Number:           None
Occupation:           Cafe
Funeral Home:       Benson
Doctor:                 Unavailable
Coroner:               Unavailable
Informant:             Mary Alice COON
Date Of Burial:      November 1 1939
Place Of Burial:     Almoronte ?
Date Recorded:     November 9 1939

Name:  Rossie E. DUGGAN
Date Of Death:     October 26 1939 Time:
Place Of Death:    Andalusia, Covington Co. Reg Dist. 200101
Residence:           Andalusia, AL
Gender:                Female
Race:                     W
Age:                       56
Marital Status:      Widower
Spouse:              Duggan, William
Date Of Birth:       May 2 1883
Place Of Birth:      ALA
Mother's Name:    Rayborn, Carolyn
Mother's Birthplace: ALA
Father's Name:         Brown, Tom
Father's Birthplace:   ALA
Cause Of Death:  Labor Pneumonia
Hospital:              None
SS Number:        None
Occupation:        Own Home  H.W.
Funeral Home:    Heasland Mort.
Doctor:               S.C. Hamner M.D.
Coroner:             None
Informant:           Mrs. W.R. Holman
Date Of Burial:   October 27 1939
Place Of Burial:  Red Level/ Fairmont Cemetery
Date Recorded:  November 15 1939

Name:                J.D.  Elder
Date Of Death:     December 15 1939
Place Of Death:    Andalusia AL
Residence:            Covington, Andulasia, Beat 1
Gender:                Male
Race:                    W
Age:                     54
Marital Status:      Married
Spouse:                Elder, Belle
Date Of Birth:  September 2 1885
Place Of Birth:          ALA
Mother's Name:        Paul, Sarah Jane
Mother's Birthplace: ALA
Father's Name:         Elder, G.T.
Father's Birthplace:   ALA
Cause Of Death:       Influenza Meningitis
Hospital:                 None
SS Number:           None
Occupation:          Saw Mill
Funeral Home:        Benson
Doctor:              L.C. O'Neal M.D.
Coroner:                 None
Informant:          S.H. Elder
Date Of Burial:       December 16 1939
Place Of Burial:      Flat Rock
Date Recorded:      January 3 1940

Walton County, Florida
Name:                   Mary Ellen FLOYD

Date Of Death:     AUGUST 1 1930
Place Of Death:    Knox Hill, Walton County Florida
Residence:            Knox Hill
Gender:                Female
Race:                   W
Age:                     about 45
Marital Status:      Married, twice
Spouse:                Randolph Floyd
Date Of Birth:      unknown
Place Of Birth:      ALA.
Mother's Name:        Joan Griffin
Mother's Birthplace: Ala.
Father's Name:         Cary Carpenter
Father's Birthplace:   Ala.
Cause Of Death:       Malaria
Hospital:                   None
Occupation:           Housewife
Funeral Home:        Benson
Doctor:                 Dr. Eldridge          
Informant:             Randi Floyd
Date Of Burial:     November 1 1939
Place Of Burial:    Valley Cemetery
Date Recorded:    September 10 1930

Name:   Earn V. HOGG       
Date Of Death:   10-29-1925  
Place Of Death:   Covington County
Gender:              Male
Race:                     W
Age:                      42
Marital Status:      Married
Spouse:             Libby HOGG
Date Of Birth:       1882
Place Of Birth:      Ala
Mother's Name:  --
Father's Name:    Ben HOGG   birth: Ala
Cause Of Death:    Killed instantly by falling Tree
 Occupation:        Farmer
Informant: D.C. Clark
Undertaker: C.M. Darley & Co. Gantt, Ala          
Date Of Burial:   10-30-1925
Place Of Burial: Good Hope Cemetery
Date Recorded:  10-29-1925

Name:     Emiline Jackson  Jackson
Date Of Death:     October 10 1927 Time: 8:10 A.M.
Place Of Death:    Covington County
Residence:   Red Level, Ala
Gender:   Woman   Race:          W
 Marital Status:         Widow
Spouse:      --       
Date Of Birth:   -- AGE 83 years   ( Sept. 10)- birth
Place Of Birth:      ALA
Father's Name:         Bill Odom  Father's Birthplace:   Ala.
Mother's Maiden Name : Belsie Bennett    Birthplace : Ala.
Cause Of Death:     Fractured (Hip Joint)- Senile
Doctor:                  not legible        Informant:          --
Date & Place Of Burial:     Date Recorded:      Aug 1, 1925

Name:     Marion Lafayette Jackson
Date Of Death:     October 10 1927 Time: 2:00 P.M.
Place Of Death:    Covington County Hospital
Residence:            Andalusia
Gender:                    Male
Race:                        W
Age:                         46
Marital Status:         Single
Date Of Birth:         December 1881
Place Of Birth:        Crenshaw County
Mother's Name:       Holloway, Martha
Mother's Birthplace: Don't know
Father's Name:         Jackson, W. M.  (William Marion)
Father's Birthplace:  Don't know
Cause Of Death:      Ruptured Ulcer of Stomach
Hospital:                  Covington County
SS Number:             None
Occupation:            Carpenter
Funeral Home:        Opp,  Andalusia/Benson Hardware
Doctor:                  not legible
Coroner:                Unavailable
Informant:             Covington Co. Hospital
Date Of Burial:      October 11 1927
Place Of Burial:     Cool Springs Cemetery
Date Recorded:       October 10 1927

Name:     Mrs. Martha JACKSON
Date Of Death:   July 19 1924 Time:
Place Of Death:  Covington Co. Opp, AL
Residence:           Opp, AL
Gender:                Female
Race:                      W
Age:                       70
Marital Status:      Married
Spouse:              Jackson, W.M. (William Marion)
Date Of Birth:     1854
Place Of Birth:    Crenshaw Co.
Mother's Name:  Parker, Sallie
Mother's Birthplace: unknown
Father's Name:    Holloway, James
Father's Birthplace:   unknown
Cause Of Death:      Tuberculosis & Diarrhea
Hospital:            None
SS Number:      None
Occupation:        None
Funeral Home:    Benson
Doctor:               B. Stephens
Coroner:             None
Informant:           J. M. Jackson
Date Of Burial:   July 20 1924
Place Of Burial:  Cool Springs Cemetery
Date Recorded:  August 8 1924

Name:        G.W.  MOYE
Date Of Death:     February 6 1940 Time:
Place Of Death:   Andalusia AL Beat No. 1
Residence:           Covington Co. Beat 1 Andalusia
Gender:                Male
Race:                    W
Age:                     60 yrs. 3 mos. 5 days
Marital Status:      Married
Spouse:                Moye, Mrs. G.W.
Date Of Birth:       November 1 1879
Place Of Birth:      Union Springs, AL
Mother's Name:   Thornton, Mollie
Mother's Birthplace: unknown
Father's Name:       Moye, G. A.
Father's Birthplace: unknown
Cause Of Death:      Suicide- Gunshot in Heart
Hospital:                 None
SS Number:            None
Occupation:            Not given
Funeral Home:        Foreman
Doctor:                  C.A. Ray Attending Physician
Coroner:                None
Informant:              Mrs. G. W. Moye
Date Of Burial:      February 7 1940
Place Of Burial:     Andalusia
Date Recorded:     March 1 1940

Name:  Mrs.  Nancy Elizabeth Nalls
Date Of Death:    Florala Covington Co.
Place Of Death:  June 9, 1928
Length of stay in place of death - 3 days
Residence: --  Hughes St.    
Gender: Female     White  
Married: - M. Nall
Age:  78     Date of Birth: Nov 4           
Place Of Birth:   Decatur Co. Ga
Father's Name:  John Knight
Father's Birthplace: SC
Mother's Name:  Martha Pickron
Mother's Birthplace:  Ga.
Informant: M. Nalls, Florala, Al.
Cause Of Death:  Bacillary Diarrhea
Occupation:    Housewife    
Place Of Burial:     Clear Springs, Florida
Burial: 6/10/1928
Undertaker: Shepard Funeral Co.
Date Recorded: 6/9/1928

Name:    Mary Jane NALL
Date Of Death:     November 10 1947 Time: 10 a.m.
Place Of Death:    Covington Co. Memorial Hospital
Residence:           Covington Co., Dozier Rt.2
Gender:                 Female
Race:                        W
Age:                         89
Marital Status:        Widower
Spouse:                  Nall, J.A.
Date Of Birth:         June 19 1858
Place Of Birth:         Butler Co., AL
Mother's Name:       Rambo, Louisa
Mother's Birthplace: N.C.
Father's Name:        Hughes, Tyre
Father's Birthplace:   Ala.
Cause Of Death:      Cancer of Liver
Hospital:            Memorial Hospital- Covington
SS Number:        none
Occupation:        Housewife
Funeral Home:    D. Terry
Doctor:               not legible
Coroner:             none
Informant:           D.C. Nall of Red Level
Date Of Burial:   November 11 1947
Place Of Burial:  Goodhope Cemetery
Date Recorded:  December 18 1947

Escambia  County
Name:     LOVE ODOM
 Date Of Death:  April 26, 1937
 Place Of Death: Escambia, Andalusia
 Usual residence: Escambia, Andalusia
 Birth- Crenshaw County, Alabama 
 Gender:   Male  RACE : W 
 AGE:  76  Date of Birth: Feb-2-1861
 Marital Status:  Married
 wife- Victoria Odom
 Occupation- Farmer
 Cause Of Death: Labor Pneumonia- Influenza
 Death due to Homicide- Butler Co. Ala --Aug. 14, 1937-- Public Place
 Manner of Injury -- Cut With Knife           Nature of Injury- Lacerations
 No Autopsy
 Was operation performed ? no  Duration 3 days
 Father's Name:  John Odom    Birthplace: Unknown
 Mother's Name:   Margaret Brown    Birthplace : Unknown
 Informant: Mrs. T. J. Watson   (Addie Odom)
 Date Of Burial:  April 27, 1937
 Place Of Burial:   Dixie
 Date Recorded:  Sept. 8, 1937

Name: Martha A. Rainer       - birth in Covington Co.
Date Of Death:   March 25, 1932 
Place Of Death: Butler County, Oaky Streak Ala
Gender:            Female
Race:                W
Age:     99 years 9 months 27 days
Marital Status:      Married
Spouse:  James Rainer        
Date Of Birth: 5-11-1882
Place Of Birth:    Covington County
Father's Name:   Joe Jones    Birthplace: --
Mother's Name:   Miss Ruth Simmons       Birthplace: Ala
Cause Of Death:    Senility
Funeral Home:   Benson Undertaking Co., Opp, Al
Informant: R. K. Rainer, Opp Al.
Date Of Burial:   March 25, 1932
Place Of Burial: Oakey Streak
Date Recorded: 3/26/1932

Usual Residence- Opp Alabama

Date Of Death:   August 2, 1962    5:30 P.M.
Place Of Death:  Cogburn Rest Home, Mobile Al..
Residence:       Length of stay in Mobile: 18 Mos.
Gender:      F  Race:   W   Age:   89
Marital Status:      Widowed- 2
Deceased Birth : Opp, Alabama             
Date Of Birth:   01/14/1873 
Father's Name:  James APLIN
Mother's Name:    --
Cause Of Death:   Arteriosclerosis- Heart Disease
UNDERTAKER:  Higgins-Brown Service Mortuaries, Mobile, AL.           
Informant:   Mrs. S. B. Casey, Chickasaw, Ala. 
Date Of Burial:    08/03/1962
Place Of Burial:  Beulah Cemetery, Opp, Al.
Date Recorded:  08/03/1962

Name:    John C. SELLERS
Date Of Death:       February 7 1945 Time: 6 p.m.
Place Of Death:      Covington, Pigeon Creek
Residence:              Pigeon Creek
Gender:                  Male
Race:                      W
Age:                       62
Marital Status:      Married
Spouse:                Barnes, Mary
Date Of Birth:       August 10 1882
Place Of Birth:      Crenshaw Co. AL.
Mother's Name:    Johns/ ?, Claria
Mother's Birthplace: Covington Co
Father's Name:         Sellers, John C.
Father's Birthplace:  Covington Co. AL.
Cause Of Death:      Dead on Arrival, had not been treated
Hospital:                  Unavailable
SS Number:             no
Occupation:             Farmer
Funeral Home:         L.F. Dickinson- Funeral Director
Doctor:                    E.A. Ray M.D.
Coroner:                  None
Informant:                Bill Sellers
Date Of Burial:        February 10 1945
Place Of Burial:       Oak Grove Cemetery
Date Recorded:       March 8 1945
Additional Comments:
Mary is stated as wife, Martha Barnes is stated name on marriage License.

Name:    Martha SELLERS
Date Of Death:       April 2 1956
Place Of Death:      Montgomery, AL
Residence:             Andalusia ,Covington- 633 Carlton St.
Gender:                  Female
Race:                       W
Age:                         70
Marital Status:      Widower
Spouse:                Sellers, John C.
Date Of Birth:       May 8 1885
Place Of Birth:      Crenshaw Co. AL
Mother's Name:    Jackson, Caroline
Mother's Birthplace: Alabama
Father's Name:         Barnes, Joseph
Father's Birthplace:   Alabama
Cause Of Death:      Embolism, hernia,  obstruction duodenal ulcer 
Hospital:                  St. Margaret's in Montgomery
SS Number:            None
Occupation:            Unemployed
Funeral Home:        White's Chapel
Doctor:                   John Cameron M.D.
Coroner:                 Unavailable
Informant:               Mrs. Ruth Cook: 633 Carlton St.
Date Of Burial:       April 11 1956
Place Of Burial:      Oak Grove Cemetery
Date Recorded:     April 16 1956
No Autopsy:
Date of Operation 3/31/1956 at Hospital
Major Findings:
Obstructing Duodenal Ulcer- Probably ca Fundus
Additional Comments:
Per Lisa Graham:
Marriage License: J.C. Sellers to Martha Barnes 1st January 1901,
Marriage Book "E' Crenshaw Co.

 Sally Elizabeth White
 Submitted by Penny at

Death Certificate Number # 10757

Place of Death: Covington
Beat No. 3
Usual Residence:
Alabama, Sansom, Geneva County, Alabama
Name of Hospital Mizell Memorial Hospital, Opp, AL

Length of Stay 30 days

Name of Deceased Sally Elizabeth White
Date of Death 5/3/1964 Time of Death  5:00 am
Sex Female
Color or Race White
Date of Birth

Age 82

Cause of death: Hypertension
Birthplace Alabama U.S.A.
Name of Father:  Gas Fleming

Name of Mother Martha Jane Harrison
Informant  Lorene Chestnut  N Ripley Street, Sansom, AL

Burial Date May 4-1964

Name of Cemetery: Lowery, Kinston, Alabama

Geneva County, Alabama
Funeral Director Evan's Funeral Home, Florala, Alabama

Name:   Nancy Williams
Date Of Death:  May 20, 1909    2:30 P.M.
Place Of Death:     Covington
Residence:            Red Level  Beat 12   Length at residence ? 10 years
Gender:                  Female
Race:  W    Age:    36   Married
Spouse:         --    Date Of Birth:   --  
Place Of Birth:      Alabama  
Full Name of father- Charles Coal  Birthplace : Ala
Full name of mother : Mary Coal      Birthplace: Ala
Cause Of Death:  Dysentery--     Illness 3 months    
Informant:               --
Date Of Burial:     --      Place Of Burial:   Red Level Alabama
Date Recorded:    June -7-1909

Butler County Death Cert.
Name:   Mary Ella Williamson
Date Of Death:  July 13, 1915
Place Of Death:      Butler Co. beat 12
Residence:            Greenville
Gender:                  Female
Race:                       W
Age:                        24
Marital Status:      married, housewife
Spouse:                --
Date Of Birth:      1891
Place Of Birth:      Alabama
Cause Of Death:      Pellagra contracted at home
Comment- No Doctor     
Informant:               --
Date Of Burial:     --
Place Of Burial:    Greenville, Ala
Date Recorded:    -- Greeneville, Ala

Name:   Mary Alabama WORRELL
Date Of Death:       June 13 1961
Place Of Death:      Covington, Co. Beat 3
Residence:              Opp ,Covington, Rt 1
Gender:                  Female
Race:                       W
Age:                         85
Marital Status:      Widower
Spouse:                --
Date Of Birth:       October 14 1875
Place Of Birth:      Alabama
Mother's Name:    Elizabeth Martin
Mother's Birthplace: --
Father's Name:       James Aplin
Father's Birthplace:   --
Cause Of Death:      Central Apoplexy, Hypertension
Hospital:                  Mizell Memorial Hospital
SS Number:            None
Occupation:            ---
Funeral Home:       Rainer's, Opp, Al.
Doctor:                  O'Neal                 
Informant:               J. L. Worrell  Rt. 1,Opp, Al.
Date Of Burial:      June 14 1961
Place Of Burial:     New Hope Cemetery
Date Recorded:     June 19 1961