Modified Register for Anna Olivia Donaldson



First Generation


      1. Anna Olivia Donaldson 1,2  was born on 6 Sep 1827 in Loundes Co., Al. She died on 12 Aug 1912 in Covington Co., Al.




 Spelling could possibly be Donaldson.  Anna Olivia (Donaldson) and Washington B. Taylor are both

buried at Hickory Grove Cemetery (closed to the Opp Mill) on the Opp/Andalusia, Alabama.


Anna married Washington B. Taylor 3,4  on 6 Nov 1849 in Coffee Co., AL. Washington was born on 25 Aug 1820 in Edgefield District, SC. He died on 5 Aug 1910 in Covington Co., Al. He was buried in Hickory Grove Cemetery, Opp, AL.




 Served in Civil War (according to Washie Odom's son George Ray Wiggins)



Washington and Anna had the following children:


+          2 F         i.  Annie M. Taylor .


+          3 F         ii.  Mary Ann Catharine Taylor  was born on 6 Nov 1850. She died on 28 Jan 1918.


+          4 F        iii.  Jane Elizabeth Taylor  was born in Jan 1853.

               5 F        iv.  Susan Rebecca Taylor 5  was born6  on 24 Jan 1853.


+          6 M       v.  William Benjamin Taylor  was born on 22 Apr 1854.

               7 M       vi.  David Leroy Taylor 7  was born8  on 15 Jan 1855.

               8 F       vii.  Ann Matilda Taylor 9  was born10  on 17 Apr 1856.

               9 M     viii.  John Henry Taylor 11  was born12  on 30 Apr 1859.

             10 M       ix.  Richarde Numan Taylor 13  was born14  on 30 May 1860.

             11 F        x.  Adine Paizcilla Taylor 15  was born16  on 22 Jan 1862.

             12 M       xi.  George Washington Taylor 17  was born18  on 15 Nov 1863.


+        13 M      xii.  James Wesley (Wes) Taylor  was born on 15 May 1866.

             14        xiii.  L. Rancer Se Lroney Wa? Taylor 19  was born20  on 19 Mar 1868.

             15 M     xiv.  Jare Green Taylor 21  was born22  on 1 Aug 1871.


+        16 M      xv.  Gussy Taylor  was born on 15 Nov 1873.



Second Generation


      2. Annie M. Taylor 23,24  (Anna Olivia).


Annie married James Henry Odom 25,26  son of Isaac Wilson Odom and Martha A. Celia English. James was born in Jan 1866 in Alabama.


They had the following children:


+        17 F         i.  Addie O Odom  was born in Feb 1888.


+        18 F         ii.  Buena Mae Odom  was born in Jul 1890.


+        19 M       iii.  Benjamin W. Odom  was born on 17 Oct 1891. He died on 30 Oct 1969.


+        20 M       iv.  Columbus J. Odom  was born on 7 Jul 1894. He died on 15 Jan 1974.

             21 M       v.  Green Daniel Odom 27,28  was born in Aug 1896 in Covington Co., Al.




 Green D. Odom had a severe clef pallett (i.e. Hair lip).  He never married.




      3. Mary Ann Catharine Taylor 29  (Anna Olivia) was born30  on 6 Nov 1850. She died on 28 Jan 1918.




 Could possible be the Caline  that married Tom Armstead.  "Caline" was in Ray Wiggins notes.


 If so, they had the following children

     Oscar Armstead (Cedar Grove community in the Opp, AL area)

     a daughter that married Bill Pugh (Opp, AL)

     Lilly Mae married Harm (?) Hide


     Dan (Killed himself)  He had a son named Billy


Mary married John Olin Blocker  son of Abraham Blocker and Nancy Beard. John was born on 13 Feb 1852. He died on 9 Mar 1918.


They had the following children:

             22 M        i.  William Washington Blocker  was born on 9 Jan 1871. He died on 27 Nov 1927.

             23 M        ii.  John Abrams Randolph Blocker  was born on 12 Oct 1872. He died on 18 Aug 1940.


      4. Jane Elizabeth Taylor 31,32,33  (Anna Olivia) was born in Jan 1853.




 See note on her son Rufus.  Jane (Taylor) Odom lived with Rufus and his wife Lily except at the end of

her life she went to Aunt Annie's house where she died.  She was tiny, thin and had jet black hair. 

Family believed granddaughter Wilma (sometimes spelled Wilmer) inherited her jet black hair from

Jane Taylor Odom, although Wilma's hair was white when she died and Jane Taylor Odom's hair was

still black when she died.


 According to Ray Wiggins (Washie Odom's son) Jane Taylor had a sister they call Fronie that married

an Ethridge or a Frazier.  Jane also had a brother called "Lee."  He could be the Leroy as listed as her

brother. He had 3 children:  Wash Taylor/Ranse Taylor/Lonnie Taylor



Jane married Isaac Wilson Odom Jr 34,35,36  son of Isaac Wilson Odom and Lucy Ann Blocker. Isaac was born in May 1851 in Alabama. He was buried in Harmony Cemetery, Covington Co., Al.




 Obie Jane Wiggins (Washie Odom Wiggins'  youngest daughter) recalls and writes about  her

grandfather Wilson Odom  playing a guitar and died of leg cancer for which there was no pain relievers

(RX then).  They tore sheets, made bandages and boiled the rags to sterlize them.  Obie Jane recalls

his intense pain, strummed a guitar and was told he drank (always).  At the end he probably needed

that drink!



Isaac and Jane had the following children:

             24 F         i.  Another daughter Odom 37 .




 Her name unknown by Gloria Cade Reiswig (great-granddaughter of Jane Taylor and

Issac Wilson Odom, Jr.) died around the age of 18 years old.



+        25 F         ii.  Tempe Lavinia Odom  was born on 5 Jun 1882. She died on 14 Sep 1967.


+        26 F        iii.  Annie Elizabeth Odom  was born on 14 Dec 1875. She died on 16 Sep 1962.


+        27 F        iv.  Georgia Washington Odom  was born on 30 Sep 1879. She died on 15 Dec 1944.

             28 M       v.  James Henry Odom 38,39,40  was born in Sep 1887. He died41  in 1951. He was buried in Harmony Cemetery, Covington Co., Al.




 Uncle Jim wore work tennis shoes (no custom made shoes then) because he had 6

toes and never had dates.

He was single, had black curley hair and handsome.



+        29 M       vi.  Willie L Odom  was born on 12 Dec 1889. He died on 25 Mar 1972.


+        30 M      vii.  John Rufus Odom  was born on 6 Nov 1893. He died on 13 Apr 1955.


      6. William Benjamin Taylor 42  (Anna Olivia) was born43  on 22 Apr 1854.


He had the following children:


+        31 M        i.  William Perry Taylor  was born on 11 Nov 1883. He died on 8 Mar 1962.

             32 M        ii.  Richard Taylor 44 .

Richard married Irie Boles 45  daughter of John Boles.




 Lived in Babbie Community.


             33 M       iii.  Ed Taylor 46 .


    13. James Wesley (Wes) Taylor 47  (Anna Olivia) was born48  on 15 May 1866.





 Ray Wiggins had a notation written on Marshal Taylor:  "Brothers married sisters.  Dorshell Short

married Emmer Taylor daughter of Marshal. Wilford Short married Emmer Taylor sister.



James had the following children:


+        34 M        i.  Marshal Taylor .


    16. Gussy Taylor 49  (Anna Olivia) was born50  on 15 Nov 1873.




 Ray Wiggins has a notation "Corrrie Lee Taylor married a Courson/Julie Taylor married Talmadge



Dear sir, my name is Terry Taylor and I live in Richmond, VA. I grew up in

Andalusia and went to Andalusia high School (1975) and the University of

Alabama (1979). I got your page here from Robert Taylor who has been a huge

help in tracing my family. My great, great grandfather was Washington B.

Taylor, My great grandfather was Gus Taylor, my grandfather was Oliver P.

Taylor and my father was Gordon Taylor. I have been searching for

information for years on "Wash" (which was the only name my family ever knew

about), even my great Uncle Ernest Taylor,  (Wash's grandson and my

grandfather's brother) who still lives in Opp (and is about 98 now) had no

clue about him or even where he was buried until I ran across Robert Taylor

and your page and found he's in Hickory Grove Cemetery. I still own part of

his old farm out in Sanford. My grandmother told me she had always heard

they were all buried down around Dixie. And i could never find them down

there in any cemeteries.


And your page provided the info I needed.


Some of the infor was incorrect and I have corrected it here. but I wanted

to thank you for providing the names that helped me get it all solved. I

appreciate it.


here is the corrected information on Gussy Taylor, Washingto's youngest son:


> GUSSY2 TAYLOR (WASHINGTON B.1) was born November 15, 1873.  He married

> Nora Cosson (or Casson). 




> Children of GUSSY TAYLOR and Nora Cosson (Casson) are:


>                    i.           TRUDIE3 TAYLOR, m. ELLIS GRIGGS.


>                   ii.           OLIVER TAYLOR. m. MAMIE WIGGINS


>                                         iii.            JULIA TAYLOR  m. _____ ANDERSON


>                                         iv.            BESSIE TAYLOR m. _____ WIGGINS


>                                         v.             ERNEST TAYLOR m. Ethel ------? (both are

> still alive in Opp)




> Gus Taylor married Nora Cosson (or Casson) in Butler County Alabama on

> Nov. 30, 1891 at the Casson residence.


> Gus's son Oliver Purifoy Taylor Married Mamie Wiggins (daughter of Willie

> Wiggins and Sarah Rebecca Stuckey Wiggins). Oliver and Mamie had one son,

> Oliver Gordon Taylor (who married Syble Carter) and they had one son,

> Terry Daniel Taylor (b. 12/5/56 in Montgomery). Terry Taylor married Susan

> Griffin of Andalusia and they had 3 children Jacob Hunter Taylor (b.

> 5/1/84) in Ft. Worth, TX, Abraham Daniel Taylor (b. 11/26/86 in Ft. Worth,

> Texas) and Abby Hannah Taylor (b. 11/29/88) in St. Louis, MO.


> (NOTE: Eugenia Riley of the Cosson (or Casson) side of the family out in

> Texas told Gordon in 1988 that the two sons (Jake and Abe) were the last

> of the remaining males with the last name of Taylor in the Gus Taylor (and

> possibly Wash Taylor line). Have no way of confirming this information.


Gus and Nora are buried at Old Bethel Cemetery between opp and Andalusia.


            I found Anna Olivia Taylor's Obit from 1912 She died at age 85 in

opp at the residence of her son-in-law named Olmstead) and it led me to that

cemetery plot listing at hickory Grove where of course Wash was right beside

her. His son William B. Taylor is buried there as well.


            The wife of Gussy Taylor (my great grandfather) was not Jody Wiggins

but Nora Cosson (or Casson) but I think cosson is correct. Actually I knew

Jody Wiggins! He was my grandmother's (Mamie) brother and just recently died

at over 100 years old. His wife died last month. I also added Gus's other

children and the info I have.


            Again, thank you more than you know for your help on this. today is

the biggest break and the most infromation I've ever gotton on Wash. You are

a godsend. Thank you!


            Terry Taylor


Gussy married Nora Cosson 51  on 30 Nov 1891 in Butler County Al..


May be Casson



Gussy and Nora had the following children:

             35 F         i.  Trudie Taylor 52 .




 Notation from Ray Wiggins unclear as to realtionship.



Trudie married Ellis Griggs 53 .

             36 F         ii.  Julia Taylor .

Julia married Anderson .

             37 F        iii.  Bessie Taylor .

Bessie married Wiggins .


             38 M       iv.  Earnest Taylor .

Earnest married Ethel .


+        39 M       v.  Oliver Purifoy Taylor .



Third Generation


    17. Addie O Odom 54,55  (Annie M. Taylor, Anna Olivia) was born in Feb 1888 in Covington Co., Al.

Addie married Ben Jackson 56,57 .


They had the following children:

             40 M        i.  Lorenzo Jackson 58 .

             41 M        ii.  Daniel Jackson 59 .

             42 F        iii.  Lessie Mae Jackson 60 .

Lessie married Gantt 61 .

             43 F        iv.  Desie Rae Jackson 62 .

Desie married Musgrove 63 .

             44 F        v.  Essie Rae Jackson 64 .


    18. Buena Mae Odom 65,66  (Annie M. Taylor, Anna Olivia) was born in Jul 1890 in Covington Co., Al.


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Subject:             Re: Odom Family Tree       Bottom of Form 1



Hi, Thankyou for updating the tree, here is all the information that my grandmother gave me. I will start

with my grandmother and her brothers,,,,,,Ruby Ceila-Ann McDaniel Latner, born March 15, 1911

married Alvin Theodore Latner,,,she had two brothers Erbie Woodrow McDaniel he married Evelyn

Duhig.,, his military name was spelled Herbie and it is that way on his social security card....their

youngest brother was William Henry McDaniel, he married Martha Lorene Davis. William was named

after his grandfather. Their father was John Leonard McDaniel and their mother was Buena Mae Odom.

Buena Mae Odom's mother was Annie Taylor and father was Henry Odom she said it might be William

Henry or James Henry she wasn't sure.   Buena Mae Odom's brothers and sister's are as listed: 1.

Martha Adeline Camila Olivia Odom (nickname Addie)...she married Benjamin Jackson 2. Benjamin

Odom married Elizabeth Worley 3. Columbus Odom (Uncle Lem)...married Lily Sasser 4. Green Daniel

Odom...never married   This is all from her memory, I have not verified this..the only other information I

have is Henry Odom..she thinks it was either her grandpa's brother of half brother she was not sure....

and Wilse Odom he married Jane Taylor....that was her grandmother's sister....the only other name she

could remember was John Odom she was not sure if he was a brother or half brother and she was not

sure who he married. You have to remember this is all from her memory.....and she is 92 now..although

her memory seems to be well intact. She now lives in Umatilla Florida...she moved there when she was

a teenager and that is where she met my grandfather. She did say something about the fact that one of

her mother's cousin's lived in Apoka Florida,,John Odom.. and Marvin and Eunice. She also said that

her grandmother and grandfather were buried in Antioch Al.  Ruby Ceila-Ann McDaniel and Alvin T.


Latner had one child...Donald Alvin Latner,,,my father..he married Mary JoAnn Smith and they had four

kids...Donald Ray Latner (he married Connie Cable)...Mark Edward Latner (he married Elizabeth Barron

)...Timothy Dean Latner (he married Peggy Phillips)...Terri Sue Latner Bone..I married Michael Lee

Bone. If you want I can give you a list of all of our kids. I could also find out the dates of her brothers

births and deaths of Ruby's brothers. I know William Henry died last Nov.. I do have a few pictures I will

try to get them copied soon. Thankyou so much for the information. I am sending my grandmother a

copy of it. She will enjoy it greatly. If I can be of any more assistance please let me know. Sincerly  Terri



Buena married John McDaniel 67,68 .


They had the following children:

             45 F         i.  Ruby McDaniel 69 .

Ruby married Latiner 70 .

             46 M        ii.  Erbie McDaniel 71 .

             47 M       iii.  William Henry McDaniel 72 .


    19. Benjamin W. Odom 73,74  (Annie M. Taylor, Anna Olivia) was born75,76  on 17 Oct 1891 in Covington Co. AL. He died77,78  on 30 Oct 1969 in Covington County, AL. He was buried79,80  in Antioch Church, Covington Co. AL.

Benjamin married Mary Elizabeth Worley 81,82  daughter of Elisha Simeon Worley and Martha Catherine Etheridge. Mary was born on 3 Jun 1890. She died on 7 Jan 1987 in Covington County, AL. She was buried83,84  in Antioch Church, Covington Co. AL.


They had the following children:

             48 M        i.  Herman Lee Odom 85,86  was born87  in 1912.


+        49 M        ii.  Henry Vernon Odom  was born on 14 Nov 1916.


+        50 F        iii.  Bertie Mae Odom  was born on 15 Jan 1915.

             51 F        iv.  Boncile Odom 88,89  was born90  on 17 Nov 1918.

             52 F        v.  Myrtice Lee Odom 91,92  was born93  on 3 Oct 1920.

Myrtice married Albert Phillips 94,95 .


+        53 M       vi.  James Henry Odom  was born on 10 Oct 1922.


+        54 F       vii.  Ruby Jewel Odom  was born on 12 Oct 1924. She died on 7 Jan 1986.


+        55 M     viii.  Buster Odom  was born on 23 Oct 1926.


+        56 M       ix.  Jack Odom  was born on 30 Jun 1928.


+        57 M       x.  Jim Odom  was born on 5 Mar 1931.


    20. Columbus J. Odom 96,97  (Annie M. Taylor, Anna Olivia) was born98,99  on 7 Jul 1894 in Covington Co. AL. He died100,101  on 15 Jan 1974. He was buried102  in Antioch Cem. Covington Co. AL.

Columbus married (1) Lillie Sasser 103,104 . Lillie was born105,106  on 15 Nov 1893. She died107,108  on 18 Jul 1951. She was buried109  in Antioch, Covington Co., AL.



Columbus and Lillie had the following children:

             58 F         i.  Bonnie Mae Odom 110,111 .

             59 M        ii.  Jake Odom 112  died in Haines City, FL. He was buried113  in Haines City, FL.

             60 F        iii.  Annie Lee Odom 114,115  was born116,117  in 1915.


+        61 M       iv.  A. B. Odom  was born on 10 Dec 1916.


+        62 M       v.  R. D. Odom  was born on 24 Jun 1919. He died on 17 Sep 1962.

             63 F        vi.  Willene Odom 118,119  was born120,121  on 9 Apr 1928. She died on 15 Feb 1968 in Antioch, Covington Co., AL. She was buried122  in Antioch Cem. Covington Co. AL.

             64 M      vii.  Jake Odom 123  was buried124  in Haines City, FL.


Columbus married (2) Annie Culpepper 125,126 .


    25. Tempe Lavinia Odom 127,128,129  (Jane Elizabeth Taylor, Anna Olivia) was born130,131  on 5 Jun 1882 in Covington Co. AL. She died132,133  on 14 Sep 1967. She was buried134,135  in Harmony Cemetery, Covington Co. AL.

Tempe married Jesse Emanuel Carter 136,137,138 . Jesse was born139,140  on 18 Jun 1878. He died141,142  in 1939. He was buried143,144  in Harmony Cemetery, Covington Co. AL.




 Family notations from Geo Ray Wiggins are difficult to understand the relationship and spelling

appears to be different in some cases. Understand Lula and Mann Carter had 4 boys and 4 girls, yet

Ray Wiggins notes seem to indicate more children.



Jesse and Tempe had the following children:

             65 M        i.  George Washington Carter 145,146  was born147  on 13 Feb 1904 in Andalusia, Covington Co., AL. He died148  on 20 May 1905 in Andalusia, Covington Co., AL. He was buried149,150  in Harmony Cemetery, Covington Co. AL.


+        66 M        ii.  Raymond Lorenza Carter  was born on 8 Aug 1905. He died on 28 Feb 1939.

             67 M       iii.  Hubbert W. Carter 151,152,153  was born154  on 17 Sep 1906 in Andalusia, Covington Co., AL. He died155  on 20 Jan 1948 in Calilfornia. He was buried156,157  in Harmony Cemetery, Covington Co. AL.

Hubbert married Ruby Wiggins 158,159,160 .


+        68 F        iv.  Agnes Elizabeth Carter  was born on 5 Dec 1907.


+        69 F        v.  Trudie Mae Carter  was born on 3 Jul 1909. She died on 22 Apr 1965.

             70 F        vi.  Zelna Carter 161,162  was born163  on 3 Oct 1910 in Andalusia, covington Co. AL. She died164  on 24 Dec 1919 in Andalusia, covington Co. AL. She was buried165,166  in Harmony Cemetery, AL.

             71 M      vii.  Emmitt O. Carter 167,168,169  was born170  on 17 Oct 1911 in Andalusia, Covington Co., AL. He died171  on 10 Jul 1948 in CA. He was buried172,173  in Harmony Cemetery, Covington Co. AL.

Emmitt married Avis Clark 174,175 .



+        72 F      viii.  Cora Lee Carter  was born on 25 Sep 1913. She died on 11 Jun 1971.

             73 F        ix.  Flora Carter 176,177  was born178  on 17 Jul 1915 in Andalusia, Covington Co., AL. She died179  on 12 Jul 1916 in Andalusia, Covington Co., AL.

             74 M       x.  Ralph Carter 180,181  was born182  on 8 Dec 1916 in Andalusia, Covington Co., AL. He died183  on 27 Apr 1918 in Andalusia, Covington Co., AL.


+        75 F        xi.  Macie Carter  was born on 20 May 1919. She died on 22 Oct 1968.

             76 M      xii.  Clifton W. Carter 184,185  was born186  on 8 Aug 1920 in Andalusia, Covington Co., AL. He died187,188  on 6 Dec 1966 in Seattle, WA. He was buried189,190  in Harmony Cemetery, Covington Co. AL.

Clifton married Dorris 191 .


+        77 F      xiii.  Olga Faye Carter  was born on 30 May 1923. She died on 1 Feb 1987.


    26. Annie Elizabeth Odom 192,193,194  (Jane Elizabeth Taylor, Anna Olivia) was born on 14 Dec 1875 in Covington Co., Al. She died195  on 16 Sep 1962 in Montgomery, AL. She was buried in Kimbro Cemetery, Dozier, AL.




 Annie was second wife to Jim Clark of Dozier, Alabma.  He was a farmer, had a sister named Mary and

he also had serveral children.  Lowell (son ?) restored some homes.  One was literally in Aunt Annie's

yard and he fathered 5 children with Annie.


Annie married James Henry Clark 196,197,198,199 . James was born200  on 22 Jan 1861 in Covington Co., AL. He died201  on 18 Aug 1944 in Dozier, Covington Co., AL. He was buried in Kimbro Cemetery, Dozier, AL.




 It is believed that Fred was a son from Jim Clark's first marriage.


 Quote perObie Jane Wiggins " she used to love to visit there with Aunt Annie and Uncle Jim.   She

(Aunt Annie) would work the daylights out of all the kids all day long and that night Gerald and Lowell

could use the car, and each had over .10 cents, for our (and my first) silent MOVIE (& no other movie)

and next day again come the 5 wash tubs of peachs & apples to be canned.  But I've heard Uncle Jim

saying (from his swing) ""last time I counted I'd reared 21 (17 of my children & 3 or 4 that were not mine)

.   [Odom.ged]


 Info also provided by Ennis Clark May 1998


 From: <>

To: "Peggy Chesteen " <>

Sent: Tuesday, November 20, 2001 11:37 AM

Subject: Aunt Annie Clark


 > Hi Peggy,


> Want to pass on some info that my Aunt Obie Jane told me

> yesterday..11/19/2001.  She says on the Odom Page that

> one of Aunt Annie's children is not listed.  His name is

> Luel (?) (not Gerald Louis or a Lowell but pronounced

> Luel)and he was a bright young man possibly 2 or 3 years

> older than she (b. 1918) and he had a lots of children.


> This means he would have been born after Mildred and

> before Gerald...between maybe 1914 thru maybe 1916....

> know anything about this person? She didn't know the

> spelling but just the pronounication.


> Also, do you know if Gerald Clark died in a nursing home

> in Fla?  She seems to remember this.


> Another little tid-bit...Uncle Jim Clark and my

> granddaddy Geo W. Wiggins both married sisters (Merrell

> girls)the first time.  Both Aunt Annie and my

> grandmother Georgia "Wash" Odoms were their second

> wives....which goes to say, they (Jim & Geo) married

> sisters both times.  Merrell girls and Odom girls!

> I always thought that was interesting!  My granddaddy

> had about 9 children by his 1st wife Isabella and then

> my grandmother ended up raising some of his 1st set of

> children along with their new family of children....

> there are 50 of us 1st cousins!!!!


> I printed that copy of Man Carter and Lula Odom (off the

> internet)for her and will send it probably after

> Thanksgiving.  I am making Turkey - 25 Lbs... and

> dressing for my family but rest assured it isn't as good

> as your dressing.... you make the best dressing!!!! what

> is your secret?


> Talk later.... my daughter just called and said my great-

> grandson "Cade" Stinson is on his way to the Emergency

> Room to have a BB pellet removed from his nose.  His

> mother Chrissy did the same thing when she was little

> but her other granddaddy was a fireman so he got it out

> for her.  So, I will have to call and check on his

> welfare!  Always something!