The South Alabamian
Greenville, Alabama- April- December- 1860

April 7, 1860
-Died- James L. Autrey of Butler County died March 30, 1860 after a severe illness of 8 days. He was born in Stewart Co., Ga. in the year 1831. He resided in Montgomery some four year as a clerk.
-Letters of Executorship granted on the estate of Benjamin Lloyd, Deceased. Executors; Naomi A LLOYD, Benj. LLOYD, Jr. March 5, 1860
-This day came Nathaniel W. Barrett, Guardian for Miss Caroline J. Day, a minor and filed his account current and vouchers for annual settlement with his ward.
March 30, 1860.
-This day came Zachariah Daniel, Guardian for John J. H. Daniel, a minor, and filed his account current and vouchers for annual settlement with his ward.
-State of Ala. In Butler County Chancery Court, Ninth Dist, on the second Monday in March, 1860, being the 12th day of said month. Thomas W. Robinson vs E. H. Pickens, guardian ad litem et al. This day came the complainant and it appearing to the satisfaction of the Register by Affidavit, made by a creditable person before the Register, on file, that Josiah Franklin and his wife, Mary Franklin and James H. Keith, defendants in the case, are not residents and they reside in the State of Texas, their post Office is not known and they are over the age 21. It is hereby ordered by the register that Josiah Franklin, his wife, Mary Franklin and James H. Keith, be and hereby required to answer to this Bill of complaint stated above before the 17th day of May, 1860. It is hereby ordered that a copy of this be posted at the door of this Courthouse of this County. S. J. Bolling, register.

- Court March Term 1860, Prec. 17. H. S. Presley vs. Thos. R. Dozier, J.S. Brooks, Sr., and A. Wallace Garnishees.

- Court March Prec. 12, D.B. Parmer vs. Jessee Maxey, Sam Adams, as Admír. of JOHN MAXEY, Deceased. The defendent Jessee Maxey is a NON- resident.

- Obituary- James L. Autrey, deceased was born in Stewart County, Ga. in the year 1831. He resided in Montgomery some four years and died in Greenville, Ala., on the 30th of March 1860 after a severe 8 day illness.

April 14, 1860
- This day came Albert G. Gafford as Admír for the Estate of Cyrus Wilson, deceased.
-This day came Joseph Day and Archer Cheatham, Administratorís for the Estate of Fredrick Day, deceased.

April 21, 1860
- Obituary- Died. On Friday morning, the 13th inst., at her residence, at Reddoch Springs in Greenville, Mrs. ELIZA McQueen in her 70th year of age.
-Obituary. Died. On Sunday morning, the 14th inst., Mr. Richard S. Thomas died at his residence about 7 miles South of Greenville.
-Probate Court, April 17, 1860, This day came Sam Adams, the Admír of the Estate of James S. Calhoun, deceased.

April 28, 1860
-Obituary- Died near Greenville, Butler Co., on the 14th inst., of April, Mr. James Craig in his 81st year of age. He was born in Abbeville South Carolina, March 5th 1780.
- Departed this life, Dora E., Infant daughter of  Jesse J. and Priller A. HERD, aged 6 months and 3 days.

- On Friday morning, April 20th in Greenville, Mrs. F.D. HIGHTOWER in her 43rd year of age.
- This day came T.J. Daniels, admír of Alexander Skanks, deceased.

May 05, 1860
Probate Court, This day came Samuel Tisdale and Lucy Tisdale, Admír and Admíx of the estate of Pleasant G. Jackson, deceased.

May 19, 1860
- Obit. Mrs. Eliza McQueen was born in the year 1790 and departed this life April 11th, 1860, in Butler County.

- Final Settlement, This day came Young Lee and William Deen, Executors of the Last Will and testament of Jospeh Tipton, deceased.

June 09, 1860
Probate Court, May 25, 1860, This day came Mary Williams, Guardian for Emily J., Andrew B., Robert Y., Nancy M. Williams, minor heirs of Richard Williams, deceased

- Letters Testimentary having been granted to the undersigned on the 20th day of March, 1860 by the Probate Court of Butler County, on The Estate of John M. Zeigler, deceased. W.H. Zeigler, Administrator.

June 16, 1860
Tribute of respect, Masonic Hall, Starlington, Ala. June 2d, 1860. Our Beloved
Allen Page was murdered in Conecuh County, Ala., by Robbers on the highway on the 11th of November 1859. He had been a citizen of Conecuh County for many years.

June 23, 1860
-Married On the 19th inst., by the Rev. William Swift, married Mr. William J. Harnady, of Jones County, Ga. to Miss Sarah E. Kilpatrick, daughter of Mr. Francis Kirkpatrick, of Lowndes County, Ala.
-Died in Greenville on Thursday evening, 21st inst., LUCIUS EUGENE UHINK, aged 16 years, 7 months, 10 days.

June 30, 1860
- Obit. Mrs. Abbie S. Dunklin died Monday the 25th inst., of Greenville. Her husband was James H. Dunklin.
- Died on Tuesday morning Near Greenville, on the morning of the 26th Inst.,
Miss Emma Routen, aged 13 years old.

- Died of this place, at the residence of Mr. H.B. Chandler, on the 20th instant.
Mahala Chandler, aged about 62 years.
- Letters Administration granted to the undersigned Odom Cox Admír of the Estate of Patience McCoy, deceased.

July 7, 1860
Died on Thursday morning, the 5th inst., Mrs. Mary A. Bolling, wife of Hon. S.J. Bolling, aged 42 years 5 months and 16 days.
- Died on Wednesday the 4th inst., at the residence of his mother, Eugene Emery Lloyd, aged 22 years, 1 month.
-Died in this place, on Sunday morning, July 1st, Mrs. Bethany Thames, wife of J.G. Thames, aged 41 years and 10 months.
-Administratorís Sale, James R. Benson admír of the Estate of William Myrick, deceased, will offer for sale his late business, on Monday the 16th of July at the late residence of the deceased.

July 14, 1860
-Butler Co. Southern chancery Court in Vacation, registerís office, Monday July 9th, 1860. This day came James Z. Dismukes, trustee for Finney D. Hightower, deceased.

August 11, 1860
-Notice, I will sell on Monday Sept. 3rd next in the town of Greenville, courthouse door, the right, title and interest in land possessed at the time of his death, by the late James S. Calhoun, Deceased, late of Muscogee County, Ga. Sam Adams, Admír.
-Probate Court August 8th, 1860. This day came John McPherson, admír. of the Estate of John Jay, deceased.
- Probate Court August 8, 1860, This day came G.H. McClure, admír for the Estate of James Miller.

September 8, 1860
-Married- at Rainesville, in this County, at the school house of teh bride, on Monday evening, the 3d inst., by George J. Staggers, ESQ. Mr. William Johnson to Mrs. Elizabeth G. Caldwell, the former aged 71 years, the later 60. Americus Ga. please copy.

September 15, 1860
- Conecuh County- The Messrs. Page and others, were indicted for hanging the murderers of the late Allen Page, have been discharged. His Honor Nat. Cook, the Judge ordered the case dismissed at the cost of the State.

September 22, 1860
- March 29, 1860 Circuit Court, This day came James L. Dunklin, admír with the Will annexed, on the Estate of Hubbard B. Taylor, deceased.

October 6th, 1860
- Obituary- Mr. Eugene E. Lloyd, the elder son of Benjamin and Mrs. N.A. Lloyd, was born May 26th A.D. 1838 and died at his Motherís residence near Greenville, Ala July 4th, 1860, aged 22 years, 1 month, 8 days. My Beloved Brother farewell ! But not Forever ! J.L. Lloyd.
Departed this life, at his residence in Butler County, Sept. 26th, 1860 of Chronic disease of the throat, Mr. George Thaggard, aged 62 years, 2 months and 27 days. He was born in North Carolina, July 1st 1798 and immigrated to Alabama in 1822.

October 22, 1860
- Married by J.S. Bolling, at the residence of Newton Freeman, Esq. on Thursday the 11th inst., Mr. Henry Davis to Mrs. Mary A. Park, all of Greenville.

-Married at the residence of Hon. M.C. Lane, in Greenville, on Thursday the 11th inst., by the Rev. J.C. Davis, was Dr. H.F. Oliver, to Miss Malinda Bibb Taylor , all of Greenville.

-Married at the residence of the brideís father, R. H. Stanley, in Greenville on Sunday the 14th inst., by Rev. T.H. Capers was Mr. Sylvanus C. Littlefield, of Scriven Co., Ga., to Miss Emma C. Stanley.

-Married at the residence of the brideís Father, Col. S.D. Betton in Greenville, on the 15th inst., by the Rev. Dr. T.H. Capers was Mr. C.E. Howard of Eufaula, Ala., to Miss Mary E. Betton of this place.

- Admír Sale- by virtue, the Administrator of the Estate of James W. Wright, deceased, will sell, at the late resident, on Monday the 10th of Dec. said Estate. J.W. Tillery.

- Probate Court Oct. 17, 1860 ,This day came Sam Adams, admír for the Estate of Chilsom Reeves, deceased and filed his statement accounts.

October 27, 1860

- By virtue of an order obtained from the Probate Court, Butler Co., the Administrix of the Estate of P.P. Davenport , deceased, will sell the late Resident of the said decendent on the 29th of November. Sarah C. Davenport Admíx.

-Justice Court, Oct. term, Thomas Dewberry vs W.C. Goza, Wily Dewberry, Garnishee. Issued this 5th day of October 1860. W.C. Goza, a non resident.

November 10, 1860

- By virtue the Will annexed, of the Estate of Richard Tillery, deceased, will proceed to sell, at the late residence of said decedent the following property, Wm. Tillery, Sr.

-Notice, Will be sold on Friday, the 23rd day of November 1860, at public outcry at the residence of William May, deceased, belonging to the Estate, to make distribution among the heirs of the Estate of Wm. May. Conecuh Co., Ala.

- Letters of Administration having been granted to Robert Powers, by the Judge of Probate, on the Estate of James Powers, Jr., Deceased.

November 24, 1860

-Probate Court November 21, 1860, This day came Sam Adams, Admír of said Estate of Elizabeth Boggan, deceased.

-The Admistrator of the Estate of Benjamin F. Peaster, Deceased, will offer for sale , at Monterey, all perishable property..... Jno. S. Powers

- Lost in Greenville on Wed. the 30th day of October, three notes, one on Alvin McDaniel for $450, one on John Tillery for $275., one on J.W. Tillery for $100., all made payable to Richard Tillery, Deceased. William Tillery, Sr. Admír of the Estate of Richard Tillery, Deceased.

December 1, 1860

- The undersigned, Admír of the Estate of Patience McCoy, Late of said County, deceased, will offer for sale on the premises.... Odom Cox Admír.

-Guardianís Sale of Real Estate- The undersigned Guardian for Joseph S., Mary J., Silas W., Sarah, Barney and Jno. W. SKIPPER, will offer for sale on the premises..... Abigail Skipper Admír.

-Circuit Court Fall Term, 1860, Rencher & Clements vs. James M. Clay and
C.T. Pollard
, Garnishee. The defendant is a non-resident of the State.
-Garnishee, John S. McMullen vs. James M. Clay, C.T. Pollard. The defendant is a non-resident of the State.
-Land for sale containing 300 acres, six miles west of Greenville, on the Manningham. T.G. POU.

December 08, 1860
Departed this life on Saturday lat at his residence six miles Northwest of Greenville, Capt. Jesse McCall, in his 58th year. He was born in Georgia.

December 15, 1860

-In Probate Court In the matter of the Estate of Eliza McQueen. John C. McQueen, Admír of all the goods & chattels which were of Eliza McQueen, late of said County, deceased,...- And it appearing to the Court that James A. McQueen and Thomas J. McQueen, two of the heirs of the estate, are non-residents of the State of Alabama, citizens of Texas, and adults.

-Letters of Administration having been granted this 26th day of October, 1860 on the Estate of Matthew Patton, Sr. Deceased. Matthew Patton, Jr.

- For Tax Collector- We are authorized to Announce A.C. Vanpelt as a candidate for Butler County.

-Letters of Admír having been granted to Bennett Easterling Admír, for the Estate of Thomas Adams, deceased.

-Administrator Sale- For the Estate of Ezra Deming, Deceased. J.W. Mallett, Admír.

-Married on the 12th inst., at the residence of Mr. Joseph Rogers, by Rev. J. E. Bell, Mr. Jere P. Routon to Miss P.A. Rodgers, all of this county.

-Married at the residence of the brideís father on the 13th inst., Mr. W.G. Thames to Miss Fanny Routon, all of Greenville.

-Married on the 20th inst, Mr. David Morgan to Miss Elizabeth West, both of Greenville.