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22nd Alabama Cavalry Battalion

Samuel Addison Gardner Walker at the age of 35, enlisted in Captain Clarke's Cavalry Company as a 4th Sergeant. His enlistment was on September 9, 1862, at Allen's Factory, Alabama. He was born at nearby Thorn Hill, Alabama. Allen's Factory is near present day Bear Creek, Alabama. Thorn Hill is southeast of Bear Creek.

Clarke's Company became a part of the 22nd Alabama Cavalry Battalion (a.k.a Warren's Alabama Cavalry Battalion). This battalion was organized and mustered in for three years on September 1, 1862. The first commander was Major James M. Warren.

The battalion was comprised of six companies, namely:

Powell's Company, Captain John R. Powell
    Organized in Fayette County.
    (Became Company A in the 5th Alabama Cavalry).
Woodward's Company, Captain J.F. Woodward.
    Organized in Tuscaloosa County.
    (Became Company B in the 5th Alabama Cavalry).
Brown's Company, Captain Samuel H. Brown.
    Organized in Lawrence County.
    (Became Company C in the 5th Alabama cavalry).
Clarke's Company, Captain John K. Clarke.
    Organized in Franklin and Marion Counties.
    (Became Company E in the 5th Alabama Cavalry).
Marchbank's Company, Captain J.B. Marchbank.
    Organized in Marion County.
    (Became Company H in the 5th Alabama Cavalry)
Underwood's Company, Captain J.M. Underwood.
    Organized in Marion County.
    (Became Company K in the 5th Alabama Cavalry).

4th Sgt. S.A.G. Walker was on the muster roll of Clarke's Company , Warren's Battalion of Cavalry, dated November 1, 1862, at Cherokee, Alabama.

The Confederate Army of Tennessee, was at that time in East Tennessee, Warren's Cavalry Battalion was assigned to guard the south side of the Tennessee River in Northwest Alabama, attempting to keep the Union forces from foraging in that area. They were to keep an eye on the movement of Maj. Gen. U.S. Grant and advise Gen. Braxton Bragg in East Tennessee, of any movement in that direction by Maj. Gen. Grant.

On December 13, 1862, Union Brigade General Grenville M. Dodge, reports to Major General Grant, from Dodge's headquarters in Corinth Mississippi: "I have just received a dispatch from Colonel Sweeny, in command of forces sent out. He struck the outpost of the enemy at Cherokee, 300 strong, under Colonel Warren, pursued them 5 miles, fighting all the way, when they met with Colonel Roddey with 1,400, who, after a sharp engagement, fell back to Little Bear Creek, 4 miles this side of Tuscumbia, from which they were driven, after burning their stores, camp equipage and bridges ****".

On December 14, 1862, Gen. Dodge writes in part to Gen. Grant: "*** he (Roddey) had started the morning we attacked him to attack our force at Glendale. He had four days rations cooked. He fell back toward Decatur and across the river to Florence. ****** Roddey burned his camps, stores, and also the fine covered bridge across the Little Bear Creek. The force is only an outpost of Bragg ****".

On December 16, 1862, Gen. Dodge reports to Gen. Grant that Colonel (James M.) Warren was killed in the fight in front of Tuscumbia. (This statement was untrue, Colonel Warren was not killed in that engagement).

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