Talladega County Alabama
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51st Alabama Partisan Rangers, Company B

Co. "B", Thompson's Artillery [assigned to 51st AL Partisan Rangers, 14 July 62; acting as artillery] (Pike) -- Henry B. Thompson (promoted, Major); Lee W. Battle (wounded, east TN and near Fayetteville)

Talladega County Alabama, muster roll dated May 12, 1862


Dry, James Thorn Captain  [Died after 1907 in Talladega County]
Curry, Thomas Lieutenant/Captain
Sample, James 1st Lieutenant
Pelham, Charles 2nd Lieutenant
Smith, Cyrus 2nd Lieutenant
Spence, James 3rd Lieutenant  [Died in Talladega County]
Cochran, James M Sergeant
Moxley, John Sergeant
Stewart, Newton C Sergeant  [Died in Talladega County]
Tant, J.J. Sergeant
Hendricks, Anthony D 1st Sergeant  [Died in Talladega County]
Adams, Silas Corporal
Jones, D.B Corporal
Pearson, William Corporal
Walker, James Corporal
Williams, Newton Corporal


Adams, Abner
Atkins, R.M  [Died during the war]
Allen, E.N
Allen, Silas
Amos, D.H
Autry, Richard
Barnes, F  [Died during the war]
Barnes, T
Blake, Henry  [Died in Randolph County]
Boswell, T.L  [Died in Talladega County]
Bishop, H.A
Bunnell, F.A
Burns, Tim
Buyers, Samuel
Cannon, John
Cantrell, A.D
Cantrell, G.S
Cantrell, T.A
Coleman, A.G
Conaway, W.C
Crosson, William
Crow, C.C
Curry, William L
Davis, Samuel N
Davis, William H
Dearman, J.G  [Died in Calhoun County]
Dearmam, W.B
Dick, William L  [Born Nov 5, 1825, died Jul 6, 1908, buried Old Liberty Hill Clay County, First Sheriff of Clay County]
Dickson, S.T
Dills, Joe
Dudley, Stephen
Eidson, J.H  [Filed for pension in Clay County]
Ford, J.W
Gamble, Lewis
Garrison, Silas
Gladden, Joseph K  [Died in Calhoun County]
Grant, L.F
Grant, L.T
Grant, S.T
Green, J.M
Green, T.B
Griffin, L.B
Grover, Samuel
Gunnells, J.L
Gurley, Isaac
Gurley, James
Gurley, T.J
Hagwood, John  [Died in Calhoun County]
Haley, William
Hathaway, W.T
Henderson, A  [Widow filed for pension in Talladega County]
Henderson, F.W  [Died in Talladega County]
Hendrick, J.E
Hill, J.W.N
Hunt, George  [Died during the war, widow died in Clay County]
Hunter, B.W
Hunter, O.P.H
Hunter, W.B
Johns, Robert N  [Widow filed for pension in Talladega County]
Jones, David B  [Filed for pension in Talladega County]
Jones, Joshua
Jordan, J.C  [Listed as a prisoner in Fort Delaware last record]
Jordan, Zechariah  [Died in Clay County]
Kennedy, Robert E
Lackey, William S
Lawrence, M
Ledford, George
Lee, E.H
Marcum, E.M
McAuley, L.F
McCargo, William  [Died in Talladega County]
McClintock, J.W
McClintock, Richard  [Died in Clay County]
McCullough, William
Middlebrooks, M.N
Mitchell, Marion
Mitchell, T.A
Montgomery, J.M  [Died in Talladega County]
Moody, J.M
Moore, T.J
Mossteller, Christopher  [Died in Randolph County?]
O'Neal, J.W
Oliver, E.C
Parker, C
Parsons, J
Patterson, Lorenzo
Patterson, Stephen
Pearson, John
Pelham, P
Pelham, Thomas
Perkins, B
Perkins, C
Perry, A.M
Persons, John
Piitard, Elijah  [Died during the war]
Pittard, Jackson  [Died 1922 Tennessee]
Pope, William W
Prior, John
Reaves, T.E
Reaves, W.R
Reese, W.H
Scott, J.A
Scott, W.W
Sims, John
Skaggs, R.S
Smith, G.W
Smith, J.K
Spence, David  [Died in Talladega County]
Spence, Robert  [Died in Talladega County]
Star, Leon
Stephens, David L
Stephens, O.P
Stewart, Richard
Stewart, W.S
Stillwell, H.S
Tims, J.S.W
Turner, J.A
Underwood, Joel J
Vaughn, T.W
Walden, J.W
Walker, John Wiley
Warren, Joel
Wilson, T.J
Wood, J.B
Wood, W.H
Wood, William
Young, J.S
Young, Thomas B

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