Barbour County

Elam Baptist Church Cemetery, Elamville, Alabama

Elam Baptist Church Cemetery, west of Elamville in southwestern Barbour County, mainly holds twentieth-century graves. Of the approximately 470 identified interments, nearly all date from 1900 onward. There are also numerous unmarked burials. Prominent surnames include Adamson, Andrews, Arrington, Baker, Barber, Barr, Black, and many others. The survey was completed in May 2000 by Richard and Karen Price, assisted by Gene L. Pugh.

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Memorial record of Alabama

Biography of R. E. Wright

This article provides a biographical sketch of Capt. R. E. Wright, a planter in Barbour County, Alabama, who was born in Taliaferro County, Georgia, in 1838. The article notes that Capt. Wright’s father, John Wright, was a planter and a Freemason who opposed secession but nonetheless contributed five sons to the Confederate army during the Civil War. Capt. Wright himself fought in the war as a second-lieutenant in the Fifteenth regiment of Alabama infantry, was promoted to captain, and was wounded at the second Battle of Manassas. After the war, he worked as a teacher and farmer before embarking on a successful career as a planter and merchant. Capt. Wright was also active in local politics, serving as a justice of the peace and as a representative in the state legislature. He was married with four children and was a devout Methodist.

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Memorial record of Alabama

Biography of Biography of James D. Rumph

The article provides a brief biography of Dr. James D. Rumph, a prominent physician and surgeon from Perote, Bullock County, Alabama. It mentions his family background, education, and professional achievements. The article also discusses his sons, including Christian Wilber Rumph, who served in the Civil War, and his daughters. Additionally, the article briefly mentions some of the activities and accomplishments of Christian Wilber Rumph, including his involvement in the mercantile business, planting, and state politics.

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Memorial record of Alabama

Biography of James H. Reynolds

This article chronicles the life and career of Dr. James H. Reynolds, a distinguished physician and surgeon born in Anson County, North Carolina, in 1833. He was part of a family with a history of medical professionals, and he graduated from Nashville Medical College in 1854. After settling in Alabama, Dr. Reynolds married Sarah Striven and had eight children, six of whom survived to adulthood. He owned a 2,700-acre plantation and practiced medicine for over 38 years, serving a wide area in the early days of his career.

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Memorial record of Alabama

Biography of Joel H. Rainer

The article provides a biographical account of Captain Joel H. Rainer, the president of the Merchants & Farmers’ bank of Union Springs, Bullock County, Alabama. It details his early life, marriages, and business ventures, including his time in the Confederate army during the American Civil War. The article notes his numerous business interests, including his directorship in cotton mills and insurance companies, and his public service in the legislature and national democratic convention. Captain Rainer is portrayed as a self-made man, rising from poverty through hard work, business acumen, and integrity.

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Memorial record of Alabama

Biography of Charles M. McRae

The article provides a biography of Charles M. McRae, a successful farmer in Bullock County, Alabama, born in 1840 in North Carolina. The article details McRae’s family history, including his parents’ and grandparents’ background. It also chronicles McRae’s own life, including his education, military service during the Civil War, and subsequent career as a farmer and public official. The article notes that McRae was a member of the Presbyterian church, a Mason, and an active member of the Democratic Party.

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Early Settlers of Barbour County, AL

WILLIAM WELLBORN was one of the original settlers of the town of Eufaula, and owned. a portion of its site. He was a native of Georgia, and had served Houston county in the legislature of that State. He was in command of the whites in the affair on Pea river, in Pike, and deported himself with courage and foresight: In 1837-40 he represented Barbour and Russell in the State senate, defeating Hon. James Abercrombie the only time that popular citizen was ever beaten. General Wellborn was also major-general of militia in this State. In 1836 he removed to Fort Bend

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Alabama Genealogy

Barbour was formed from a portion of Pike and a part of the Creek cession of 1832, by an act approved December 18, 1832, and has retained its present shape, except portions set apart to Bullock and Russell. It was named to honor Gov. Barbour of Virginia. [1]James Barbour was born in Orange county, Virginia, in 1776, and died in 1842. He was governor of Virginia in 1812-44, a federal senator from 1815 to 1825, minister of war in 1825-28, and minister to … Continue reading It is in the southeast quarter of the State, and bounded north by Russell, east

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