Montgomery County

Lower Salt Works in Clarke Alabama

1862 Alabama Salt List

To understand the Alabama Salt Lists, one must first grasp the significance of Salt as a factor in the Civil War. To do this, the reader must transport himself back in time. Back to the period of the Civil War. Back to a time when life was much simpler and Salt was a definite necessity. To impoverished individuals and families, salt, a basic necessity of life, was extremely difficult to come by cheaply beginning in 1862. Alabama developed a system by which they purchased salt and distributed it to the poor directly, and others who could distribute it to the poor, in order that the people of Alabama would have sufficient salt for their usage. While doing this, Alabama developed lists of people who received the salt. This is such a list.

Macedonia Baptist Church Cemetery, Montgomery, Alabama

Beulah Knight   born September 13, 1893 died March 25-1969 Joanne K. Wilson   born June 14, 1950 died December 2, 1983 Sarah E. M. Goodman   born July 14, 1920   died March 18, 1977 Daisy Goodman   born December 27, 1900   died May 11, 1985 Malinda Sharp    died January 9, 1962 Allen Sharpe SR.  Born October 4, 1877   …

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