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Memorial record of Alabama

Biography of David C. Turnipseed

This article provides a brief biography of David C. Turnipseed, a successful planter and fruit grower from Flora, Alabama who has passed away. He was born in 1846 and received his education at home and at the state university before the Civil War broke out. He married Orleania E. in 1877 and started his business with about $1,200 given by his father. Over time, he acquired over 5,000 acres and was known for his fruit-growing, experimenting with many varieties of fruits and vegetables. He was a thorough horticulturist and was well qualified for making a success of his undertaking. He was preparing to add a canning factory to his enterprise. David C. Turnipseed and his wife were members of the Methodist church and had four children.

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Memorial record of Alabama

Biography of James H. Reynolds

This article chronicles the life and career of Dr. James H. Reynolds, a distinguished physician and surgeon born in Anson County, North Carolina, in 1833. He was part of a family with a history of medical professionals, and he graduated from Nashville Medical College in 1854. After settling in Alabama, Dr. Reynolds married Sarah Striven and had eight children, six of whom survived to adulthood. He owned a 2,700-acre plantation and practiced medicine for over 38 years, serving a wide area in the early days of his career.

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Memorial record of Alabama

Biography of Malachi Ivey

The article provides a biographical sketch of Malachi Ivey, a progressive citizen and planter from Perote, Bullock county, Alabama. It describes his family background, upbringing, education, marriages, and children. It also highlights his practical farming skills, generosity, and community service during the Civil War. Additionally, it mentions his positions as a county commissioner and chaplain of the Perote alliance, as well as his membership in the Baptist church, which is shared by all his family members.

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