Alabama Archives and Libraries

Archives and Libraries provide large amounts of information for your research. The links below will provide you with some information and prepare you for a visit to a library.

National Archives

Alabama Archives

Alabama Department of Archives and History Digital Collections

  • Alabama Photographs and Pictures Collection This digital collection contains over 20,000 images from the Alabama Department of Archives and History holdings. It includes a wide range of photographs, prints, and drawings from the early nineteenth century to the present day covering many topics and individuals from all walks of life.
  • Alabama Textual Materials Collection This collection contains a selection of textual materials such as letters, diaries, minutes, fliers, clippings, and excerpts from books. State publications, the Alabama Historical Quarterly, the Alabama Official and Statistical Register, and the History of Alabama and Dictionary of Alabama Biography are in separate collections.
  • Alabama Maps Collection This collection contains a sampling of maps from the extensive holdings at the Alabama Department of Archives and History. The maps span 300 years, documenting not only Alabama’s geographic past, but also that of the region, nation, and continent.
  • Alabama Folklife Collection This collection features a selection of images and audio recordings from the Archive of Alabama Folk Culture (AAFC). The AAFC was established in 2007 in order to house and make available the body of fieldwork gathered by the Alabama Folklife Association
  • Alabama Genealogy and History Publications To commemorate Alabama’s bicentennial, the genealogical and historical community has partnered with the Alabama Bicentennial Commission and the Alabama Department of Archives and History to create a portal to publications documenting the story of the state’s people and its past. Much of this collection will consist of the newsletters and journals produced by historical and genealogical organizations, but other relevant resources may be added as well.
  • Alabama Civil War Newspapers In honor of the Civil War sesquicentennial, ADAH has begun a project to make all of its newspapers from that era available online. These issues have been digitized from microfilm.
  • History of Alabama and Dictionary of Alabama Biography The History of Alabama and Dictionary of Alabama Biography, written by Thomas McAdory Owen, was published in 1921 by the S.J. Clarke Publishing Company. The company had approached Dr. Owen in 1911 with a proposal that he produce a history and biographical dictionary of the state
  • Alabama Historical Quarterly Collection contains the 119 issues of the Alabama Historical Quarterly published by the Alabama Department of Archives and History in 1930 and between 1940 and 1982.
  • Alabama Writer’s Project Collection The Works Progress Administration (WPA), the principal relief agency of the second New Deal, was an attempt to provide work rather than welfare during the Great Depression. Under the WPA, buildings, roads, airports and schools were constructed.

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Alabama Libraries

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  1. I have inherited documentation regarding a William Harris family with ties to Alabama. This documentation goes back to the 1400’s. I do not have any heirs. How would I donate this information so that it will be available to others who might be interested?

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