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Memorial record of Alabama

Biography of James H. Reynolds

This article chronicles the life and career of Dr. James H. Reynolds, a distinguished physician and surgeon born in Anson County, North Carolina, in 1833. He was part of a family with a history of medical professionals, and he graduated from Nashville Medical College in 1854. After settling in Alabama, Dr. Reynolds married Sarah Striven and had eight children, six of whom survived to adulthood. He owned a 2,700-acre plantation and practiced medicine for over 38 years, serving a wide area in the early days of his career.

Memorial record of Alabama

Biography of Joel H. Rainer

The article provides a biographical account of Captain Joel H. Rainer, the president of the Merchants & Farmers’ bank of Union Springs, Bullock County, Alabama. It details his early life, marriages, and business ventures, including his time in the Confederate army during the American Civil War. The article notes his numerous business interests, including his directorship in cotton mills and insurance companies, and his public service in the legislature and national democratic convention. Captain Rainer is portrayed as a self-made man, rising from poverty through hard work, business acumen, and integrity.

Memorial record of Alabama

Biography of Charles M. McRae

The article provides a biography of Charles M. McRae, a successful farmer in Bullock County, Alabama, born in 1840 in North Carolina. The article details McRae’s family history, including his parents’ and grandparents’ background. It also chronicles McRae’s own life, including his education, military service during the Civil War, and subsequent career as a farmer and public official. The article notes that McRae was a member of the Presbyterian church, a Mason, and an active member of the Democratic Party.

Memorial record of Alabama

Biography of Robert L. Hobdy

This article provides a brief biography of Robert L. Hobdy, a successful planter from Bullock County, Alabama. Born in Pike County in 1840, Hobdy’s father was Harrell Hobdy, a prominent figure in Alabama politics and a plantation owner. Robert L. Hobdy received his education at Auburn College before enlisting in the Confederate army during the Civil War. He fought in many battles and was wounded at Atlanta before returning to Alabama to continue his career as a planter. In 1867, he married Mary Buford, the daughter of Major Jefferson Buford, a well-known planter and lawyer who represented his district in the state senate. Hobdy was highly regarded in his community for his industry, perseverance, and success as a planter.


Ganus Family Bible of Covington County Alabama

Ganus Family Bible of Covington County, Alabama. Contributed by: Jane Grantham Howell in March of 2000. Stephen and Miriam Ganus came from North Carolina around 1835-40 to Pike County, Alabama. Some of his children went to Texas in the 1870’s. Other Ganus’s moved to Covington County (don’t know when). The George Sanford Grantham family and the William Richard Grantham family left Pike County in 1911 to settle in Covington County. Spellings are as they were in the Bible record: Grantom of course is Grantham Stephen Ganus Bible Dated 1842 Front of the Bible Mary Ann Jocyfene Grantom George Santford was …

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