Ganus Family Bible of Covington County Alabama

Ganus Family Bible of Covington County, Alabama. Contributed by: Jane Grantham Howell in March of 2000.

Stephen and Miriam Ganus came from North Carolina around 1835-40 to Pike County, Alabama. Some of his children went to Texas in the 1870’s. Other Ganus’s moved to Covington County (don’t know when). The George Sanford Grantham family and the William Richard Grantham family left Pike County in 1911 to settle in Covington County.

Spellings are as they were in the Bible record: Grantom of course is Grantham

Stephen Ganus Bible

Dated 1842

Front of the Bible

Mary Ann Jocyfene Grantom

George Santford was born May 18__


Stephen Ganus was married 9/20/1834

J. E. Ganus was married 11/9/1893

Clemmie Lee Ganus was born 8/27/1888

Mary Ganus was born 8/2/1883


Stephen Ganus was born 7/7/1817

Miriam Ganus was born 4/3/1819

Elizabeth Ganus was born 9/2/1839

Susanna Ganus was born 5/26/1841

William Jackson was born 12/20/1844

Elizabeth Icander was born 7/23/1846

Nathaniel Calvin Ganus was born 6/26/1848

Mary Luiser was born 3/3/1851

Martha Jane was born 8/23/1853

Franses Carline was born 12/19/1855

Rebeca Lusinda was born 4/27/1858

Stephen E. Ganus was born 5/16/1860

Lula Ganus was born 2/16/1871

Walter Gealkston Ganus 1/5/1874

James Eddea Ganus was born 6/30/1877

Wiliam Evret Ganus was born 4/8/1872

Walter Gealkston Ganus was born

Sara Frances Ganus was born 6/13/1876

James Gustons Ganus was born 8/4/1878


Alisabeth Ganus died 10/16/1839

Alisabeth Elinder Ganus died 9/28/1856

Martha Jane Ganus died 10/8/1856

B. L. Catrett died 3/2/1897

Bottom of Page

Lizie: Bethiann Grantom was born 9/7/1861

William: Richard Grantom was born 11/1/1862

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  2. I’m trying to find Jane Gratham Howell to look at this Bible. Stephen Ganus would have been my 3rd Great Grandfather. If anyone knows how to contact her please let me know.

    Fred Ganous

    1. Hi Fred,

      I am in contact with Mary Jane Grantham, Howell’s, husband Bill Howell. Mary Jane is in bad Health and does not remember anything about her research. But her husband Bill Howell could help you. his email address is: Mary Jane Grantham Howell, is my Grandmother’s half sister. If you do facebook messenger, Bill is on facebook and facebook messenger and so am I. What do you know about Susannah Ganus? I am trying to find her burial place. I am assuming that she is buried next to her parents in either Pike or Covington Counties. you can email me at: Robin Robinson;

      Stephen Ganus would have been my 4th Great Grandfather, through Susanah’s son George Sanford Grantham. DNA Shows that George Sanford Grantham’s father was a Powell. Family folklore, told by Rufus Grantham (now deceased) has always said that (Grandpa Grantham) George Sanford, was a illegitimate child. He was not raised by Richard Lewis Grantham. Richard Lewis Grantham, died in the Civil War sometime around 1862. George Sanford, was not born until 1868 or 69. If you are interested in the DNA results, email me at the email address above, I will be glad to send you the username and password.

      Hope this helps

      Robin Garner, Robinson

    2. Fred,

      I am the Great Niece of Jane Grantham, Howell.
      Aunt Jane, passed away on Dec. 28, 2021 from Alzheimer’s Disease.
      You can contact me at:
      I am working with admins to change her contacts to mine.
      I have the Grantham Family Bible that her half sister (my grandmother) Lois Grantham, Garner
      gave to me when she was in the nursing home. Jane’s husband Bill, has the Ganus Family Bible
      I will try and get that from him when everything settles down with him. But for now, ou can contact me
      and I will be happy to help you if I can.



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