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Construction of Fort Gaines

Fort Gaines, constructed in the 1850’s, was designed by Joseph G. Totten. Totten was, along with Simon Bernard, one of the original members of the board of engineers placed in charge of fortifications. Totten designed many of the later fortifications of the Third System, and was the foremost fortification engineer in the United States during this time. Fort Gaines shows a different design philosophy than many of the earlier fortifications, and is much simpler than many of the Third System forts. This is because the Fort Gaines defended a minor channel into Mobile Bay, while Fort Morgan was located...

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Madison County Cemeteries – F’s Surnames

No portion of this page may be copied without the consent of Richard White. Permission for non-profit or educational redistribution in original form via electronic or print media is explicitly granted. Commercial redistribution via electronic, print or other media permitted only with written consent of Richard White. SurnameGivenMiddleMaidenBirthDeathCemetery FaberJoshUnk07 Oct 1972Maple Hill FaberMaryFickling02 Jun 188811 Jul 1977Maple Hill FaberTillieUnk24 Jul 1954Maple Hill FabianAnn09 Dec 192111 Feb 1996Maple Hill FabianiMary19 Nov 189208 Sep 1980Maple Hill FacisonDonell20 Nov 194911 Aug 1970Madison FacisonJohnnie03 Jun 192031 Nov 1950Madison FacklerBessieUnk01 May 1932Maple Hill FacklerHenry18881958Glenwood FacklerHenryUnk24 Nov 1914Glenwood FacklerJ.J.Mrs.Unk14 Dec 1871Maple Hill FacklerLafayette11 Jun 189202 Nov 1893Glenwood FacklerPollyUnk26 May 1896Glenwood FacklerSallieUnk30 May 1932Glenwood FaganBruceD.26 May 195607 Mar 1994Green Valley FaganOllieMay30 Sep 191025 Sep 1982Maple Hill FaganSam18951937Charity Baptist Church FaganVirginiaD.19301993Green Valley FainAudreyUnkSep 1934Charity Baptist Church FainBelleUnk23 Sep 1902Maple Hill FainCecilUnk27 Feb 1933Maple Hill FainInfantMaleUnk05 Apr 1946Maple Hill FainJames15 Aug 192204 Jul 1984Maple Hill FainLottieOzella19 Dec 192119 Mar 2002Maple Hill FainMarquiete19201935Charity Baptist Church FainRobbieG.13 Oct 193029 Nov 1979Maple Hill FairbanksDonaldB.08 Nov 195908 Sep 1994Penny FairbanksMattiePearl23 May 194801 Sep 1967Penny FairbanksMattie30 Apr 190427 Nov 1946Penny FairbanksPrice05 Jan 192919 Feb 1984Penny FairbanksPrice10 Aug 190222 Jul 1988Penny FairchildSidneyBethel19201993Maple Hill FairchildSydneyB.Unk25 May 1993Maple Hill FairchildWilliamHumphrey1918NDDMaple Hill FaisonTekeshaL.19 Oct 197313 Mar 1984Northside FalconerEarnestL.27 Apr 196025 May 1978Northside FalkenberryEarlene07 Apr 190927 May 1997Maple Hill FalkenberryFrankHarris23 Apr 189619 Apr 1979Huntsville Memory Gardens FalkenberryJ.GarlandUnk09 Nov 1948Maple Hill FalkenberryJ.Unk26 Mar 1926Maple Hill FalkenberryKatherineMcVay12 Aug 191206 Feb...

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Schurter Family Bible

The Schurter Bible belonged to Alma Olean Dyer Schurter and her husband Henry Schurter. She was the second daughter of Alfred A. and Louisa Dyer. She was born in Yellow River, Gwinnett County, Georgia, and moved to Chilton County with her parents around 1884. Henry Schurter was born in Freienstein, Canton of Zurich, Switzerland in 1869. He was the son of Heinrich Schurter and his wife Wilhelmina Weber Schurter who came to the USA in 1884 and settled in Hasbersham County, Georgia.

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Dyer Family Bible

The Dyer Bible was originally owned by Alfred A. Dyer and his wife Louisa Nash Dyer. They lived in Gwinnett County, Georgia at the time of the Bible entries, but moved to Chilton County around 1884. Alfred A. Dyer was captain of Company K, 36th Georgia, Broyles, Infantry. He was a Representative to the Georgia Assembly from Gwinnett 1875-1876. He moved his family to Alabama and started several timber related businesses: a sawmill, millwork shop and furniture making business.

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Ganus Family Bible of Covington County Alabama

Ganus Family Bible of Covington County, Alabama. Contributed by: Jane Grantham Howell in March of 2000. Stephen and Miriam Ganus came from North Carolina around 1835-40 to Pike County, Alabama. Some of his children went to Texas in the 1870’s. Other Ganus’s moved to Covington County (don’t know when). The George Sanford Grantham family and the William Richard Grantham family left Pike County in 1911 to settle in Covington County. Spellings are as they were in the Bible record: Grantom of course is Grantham Stephen Ganus Bible Dated 1842 Front of the Bible Mary Ann Jocyfene Grantom George Santford...

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McDonald Family Bible

Contributed by Mary Ann Nichols Hanny McDonald married Joseph Parker and they lived in Dale Co., Alabama. She states on CSA pension application that she was born in Lowndes Co., Georgia. James McDonald was found in the 1860 and 1870 Henry Co., Alabama census and Dale Co 1880 Dale Co., Alabama census. We do not know when James or Mariann died, or where they are buried. According to the 1880 census both of their parents were born in South Carolina. Births James McDonald August 14, 1804 Mariann McDonald December 15, 1811 Nancy Ann McDonald August 30, 1830 Cynthia Susan...

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Orston Auston Beasley Family Bible

Orston was born August 1, 1807 in New Hanover, North Carolina the son of Solomon and Nancy (Henderson) Beasley. He lived for much of his life in Butler County Alabama where he would die. Orston Beesley, his Holy bible is on front Binder. First Page Everett Beck married Gracy Wasdin 21, May 1829 Henry Orston Mason was born 14, February 1862 Selia Mariah Mason was born 2, January 1865 Mary Elizabeth Lord was born 22, November 1869 Orston Beasley married Elizabeth Hay 20, May 1830 Orston Beasley married Selia Moore 9, January 1840 Viola Beasley was born 26, August...

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Washington Taylor Family Bible

Washington Taylor started recording in his family Bible in 1867. As such, any record below dated prior to 1867 can be considered as post-source… meaning it wasn’t written at or about the time the event occurred. Some of the handwriting was difficult to read, and as such, is shown below to the best of the transcribers ability. Washington B Taylor Holy Bible Of Feb 18, Ad 1867 Washington Taylor Aug 25 ad 1820 In Edgefield District, South Carolina died Aug 5th 1910 Anna Olivia Donason Born Sept 6, 1827 Loundes County, Alabama Died Aug 12, 1912 Married Nov 6...

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