A history of Bullock County, Alabama, 1866-1906

This is John Langdon Rumph’s thesis for his master of arts degree at Auburn University in 1955, John Langdon Rumph, son of John L. Rumph and Willie Lott Rumph, was born 10 Feb 1930, in Perote, Alabama. He attended Perote High School and Inverness High School, graduating from the latter in May, 1948. In June, 1948, he entered the freshman class of Troy State Teachers College, and graduated from that institution with a B.S. degree in December, 1951. He taught in the Mt. pleasant Junior High School near Enterprise, Alabama, from September, 1951, to May, 1953. He entered the graduate School of the Alabama polytechnic Institute in June, 1953.

This thesis is an effort to present a general picture of the county’s growth and development since 1866. The following areas of development have been considered: economic, political, educational, religious, social problems, and social life. There are also chapters on the geography, early history, population, and laws of the county.

Information has been drawn mainly from the files of several newspapers published in Union Springs, and from manuscripts, letters, and diaries of the period. Information has also been drawn from various federal, state, and county documents.

Table of Contents

  1. Topography and Soils, p. 1
  2. Pioneer Days, p. 9
  3. Economic Developments, p. 34
  4. political Developments, p. 75
  5. Social Problems and Reform, p. 100
  6. Population, p. 116
  7. education, p. 120
  8. Religious Developments, p. 138
  9. Social Life, p. 147
  10. Law, p. 159
  11. Bibliography, p. 165

Digital Book


A history of Bullock County, Alabama, 1866-1906, by John Langdon Rumph. [Bullock County, Alabama], 1955. 169 pp.

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