Biography of James Malone

Prominent Planter, sired 27 children

James Malone, prominent planter, who lived on Tollison’s Creek near Frankfort, came to Franklin County from North Carolina at an early date. He was born in 1797, and died August 13, 1879. He is buried in a private cemetery on the farm which he owned, and which is now owned by his youngest son, Arthur Malone. He spent by far the major portion of life in Franklin County where he was held in high esteem. He was a man of some wealth, owning a sizeable plantation and a number of slaves.

Mr. Malone is said to have been very strict in his conduct, although it appears that he drank some while young. He was of very large stature. He was twice married. His first wife was Miss Polly Cook, daughter of John Cook, who settled at Cook’s Bluff. His second wife was Mrs. Matilda Betterton, (nee James), sister of Thomas James. Nine children were born to the first marriage, and fifteen to the second marriage, making Mr. Malone the proud father of twenty-four children. Among those of the first marriage were: 1. Sallie, married to Hon. John Seal, a lawyer and planter, who came to Franklin County from Virginia, and lived near Russellville; 2. Thomas; 3. William, called “Deaf Bill” on account of his defective hearing; 4. Blackwell; 5. Nancy, the youngest, and the second wife of Riley Sparks.

The children of the second marriage were: 1. David, who was a Confederate soldier and clerk of the Circuit Court of Franklin County for several terms; 2. Lee; 3. Robert; 4. Nomie, married R. J. (“Bob Jess”) Richardson; 5. John; 6. Welthy, married Benton Hester; 7. Hulda, married Robert Hester; 8. Sandy; 9. Frank; 10. Emmie, married Hiram Quillen; 11. Evie, married Perry Malone (Emmie and Evie are twins); 12. Mitchell; 13. Arthur; 14. Rose, the first wife of W. C. Hovater, (Arthur and Rose are twins); 15. Alice, married Fletcher Reid.

The descendants of James Malone who live in Franklin and Colbert counties are legion. In fact, it would be almost unbelievable to know how many of the present population of these two counties are descended from Mr. Malone.

James Malone was a brother of Pumfrey Malone, another pioneer settler of Franklin County. Pumfrey Malone settled on Tollison’s Creek but later moved down on Big Bear Creek near the present town of Red Bay. He was twice married and reared a large family. Many of his descendants reside in Franklin County.

Source: Source: James, R. L. Distinguished Men, Women and Families of Franklin County, Alabama. Russellville, Ala., Private Publication, 1928. 111 p.

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