Siler Roll

1851 Marshall County Alabama Siler Rolls

1851 Census of Cherokee’s east of the Mississippi [Siler Rolls]

1605.  Rhoda Jeffreys		48	w	white
(her husband Stephen Jeffrey, a Cherokee is in Arkansaw)
1606.  George Jeffreys		19	s	mixed
1607.  Lucinda Jeffreys	  	16	d	mixed
1608.  John Mitchell Jeffreys	 14	s	mixed

1609.  Hugh Henry		55		white
1610.  Ann Henry		42	w	mixed
1611.  Patrick Henry		16	s	mixed
1612.  Benton Henry		16	s	mixed

1613.  Mary Catherine Cornwell	23	female	mixed
(Jerome Cornwell is the head of this family)

1614.  Lucy Ann Henry		17	w	mixed
(James Henry is the head of this family)

1615.  James Neal		18	orphan	mixed
1616.  Richard Neal		16	orphan	mixed
1617.  Eliza Jane Neal		14	orphan	mixed
(these three children are under the care of Hugh Henry)

1618.  James Lamar		47		white
1619.  Sarah Lamar		54	w	mixed	
1620.  Isaac Nicholson		33    wife's s  mixed
1621.  David Nicholson		19    wife's s	mixed
1622.  Mary Nicholson		17    wife's d	mixed
1623.  Charlotte Lamar		14	d	mixed

1624.  Martha Tiner
1625.  David Tiner

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  1. Janet Thomas Greenlee

    I’m researching my paternal great grandfather, John Thomas, buried at Mt. tabor cemetery in Marshall Co, close to Cherokee Ridge Country Club in an unmarked grave. His wife is buried there and she has a tombstone and was buried in 1906 or 1909! Her name was Mollie Black Thomas . Great Granddaddy supposedly died while digging a well when my granddaddy was “10 or 11 “. In Herman Bailey’s land at Valhermosa in Morgan County. That would be between 1886 and 1898. Does anyone having anything to share? I’m at a dead end with him! Thanks

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