In Memory of Mother

In Memory of Mother
by Mrs. Joe H. Morrow  [1]Nannie Cora Griggs Morrow
Nov. 27, 1941

Just one year ago today,  
Mother smiled and went away;  
To that sweet home beyond the skies,
Where we shall meet her by and by.   

And as I stood beside her bed,   
I kissed her dying face;    
I knew the angels soon would come,  
To take her to that heavenly place.   

I’m glad I heard her speak my name,  
Before she went away;    
That tender voice I’ll never forget,
While on this earth I stay.

She crossed her hands upon her breast.   
And heard the Savior’s voice;    
And with a smile she closed her eyes,  
And bid farewell to earth.    

She breathed her last and dying breath,   
Her head was on my arm;   
I pressed a kiss upon her cheek,  
But Mother dear was gone.  

It was so sad to see her go,   
But God’s will must be done;     
We’ll meet again to part no more,   
When the dear Lord calls us home.  

The years are swiftly passing by,  
I know I soon must go;  
I’ll meet dear Mother at the door,  
Where parting is no more.   

I want to ride that heavenly train,
The train dear Father rode;  
When he left this world of sin and pain,
For Cannon’s happy shore.

Submitted by: Patricia (Griggs) Stricklin


1Nannie Cora Griggs Morrow

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