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Alabama Genealogy is being developed as a genealogical and historical resource for your personal use. It contains information and records for Alabama ancestry, family history, and genealogy. Specifically, it provides sources for birth records, death records, marriage records, census records, tax records, court records, and military records. It also provides some historical details about different times in Alabama history.

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  • 1862 Alabama Salt List
    To understand the Alabama Salt Lists, one must first grasp the significance of Salt as a factor in the Civil War. To do this, the reader must transport himself back in time. Back to the period of the Civil War. Back to a time when life was much simpler and Salt was a definite necessity. To impoverished individuals and families, salt, a basic necessity of life, was extremely difficult to come by cheaply beginning in 1862. Alabama developed a system by which they purchased salt and distributed it to the poor directly, and others who could distribute it to the poor, in order that the people of Alabama would have sufficient salt for their usage. While doing this, Alabama developed lists of people who received the salt. This is such a list.
  • Distinguished Men, Women and Families of Franklin County, Alabama
  • Revolutionary Soldiers in Alabama
    Being a list of names, compiled from authentic sources, of soldiers of the American Revolution, who resided in the state of Alabama.
  • History Timeline (In progress)
    This is a large history project that will supplement the genealogy information supplied by this website and help put your Alabama genealogy search into historic perspective.

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Biography of Francis Earle

This 1893 article details the life of Francis Earle, an Alabama farmer and slave owner who inherited his father’s plantation and stock farm in 1836. Despite suffering significant losses during the Civil War, he rebuilt his wealth and continued to contribute to his community. Earle married Mary McDonald and they had two children, Frank and Mary.
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Biography of Edwin Baldwin

Edwin Baldwin, born in 1848, was a versatile entrepreneur in Baldwin County. Following service in the Civil War and varied occupations including river pilot and cowboy, he established a thriving business empire. His endeavors spanned from mercantile pursuits to a lumber and juniper business, grist and saw mill operation, pottery and brick production, and plans for a cannery. His resourcefulness significantly contributed to the growth of Baldwin County.
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Biography of Edward Brodbeck

Edward Brodbeck, merchant and fruit grower of Point Clear, Baldwin county, and junior partner in the firm of Charles F. Zundel & Co., was born in Baden, Germany, in 1853 – the son of Christian and Barbara (Derr) Brodbeck. The father was a butcher of considerable wealth, who came to America in 1873 with his family, landing at New Orleans, whence he moved directly to Point Clear, where he bade farewell to earth in 1891 at the ripe age of eighty-one years. His wife was also a native of Baden, was married in her nineteenth year, and became the mother…

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Biography of Charles F. Zundel

Charles F. Zundel, born in Germany in 1824, emigrated to America and worked as a baker before moving to Baldwin county. In partnership with George Kapahn and later Mr. Brodbeck, he successfully engaged in merchandising. Married to Anna M. Brodbeck in 1870, they had nine children.
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Biography of Ausphera W. Bryant

Ausphera W. Bryant, born in 1827, was a successful planter and Confederate veteran from Baldwin County, Alabama. Starting as a general merchandise clerk, he eventually owned 1,900 acres of agricultural and timber lands. He married Virginia Steadham in 1858 and fathered eleven children. His father, William P. Bryant, was a merchant originally from North Carolina. After the death of Ausphera’s mother, Margaret Weekley, his father’s second wife was Edward Robinson, his initial employer. The Bryants are a significant example of Alabama’s early pioneer families.
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Obituary of Buster Ates Jr. (1940-2010)

February 25, 1940 – January 29, 2010 Mr. Buster Ates, Jr., age 69, passed away Friday, January 29, 2010 in Opp, AL. Mr. Ates was born in Milton FL and had been a resident of the Brewton area for the pas 40 years. He served with the National Guard, and had worked as a Meat Dept. Manager at Winn-Dixie for over 25 years. He was a member of Blue Springs Baptist Church. Mr. Ates was preceded in death by his wife, Mrs. Doris Ates. He is survived by two Daughters, Paula (Jim) Flannigan of Milton, FL, Sheila (Heath) Brown of…

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