Alabama Marriage Records Before 1825

The Alabama Marriages Records before 1825 features over 12,000 names, with each entry containing the groom, bride, marriage date, county, and state. The names are indexed for easy searchability, allowing you to search for a single name or two linked names.

This repository of early American marriages is the result of extensive research, gathering data from local town and county sources. While these marriages have been published in book form, now you can conduct a simple search or sort for research purposes. Although not every marriage was recorded or later discovered during the creation of this collection, you will likely find many of your ancestors, often in unexpected locations.

Alabama Marriage Records Before 1825

1_____, AmosParth, Nancy2 Feb 1819Lauderdale
2_____, William_____, Matilda21 Jun 1820St. Clair
3Aaron, SamuelThompson, Mary R.8 Jun 1825Baldwin
4Abbot, WilliamTubbs, FanneyShelby
5Abbott, BenjaminWinfrey, Jane21 Mar 1820Madison
6Abernathy, John T.Ellitt, Sarah7 Dec 1822Madison
7Abernathy, SamuelAbernathy, Eleanor18 Aug 1825Jefferson
8Abston, WashingtonParmer, Nancy01 Aug 1821Shelby
9Acklen, EdwardDerrick, Mary Ann12 Feb 1824Madison
10Adair, JohnMyers, Saray9 Mar 1814Madison
11Adair, William I.Jones, Martha28 Sep 1819Madison
12Adams, AlfredLeopard, Abigail15 Aug 1825Dallas
13Adams, BerrymanEskridge, Nancy1 Jul 1825Clarke
14Adams, DanielJohnston, Sarah15 Mar 1825Bibb
15Adams, EliasPotter, Betsy12 May 1822Jefferson
16Adams, ElrodMcClusky, Jane24 Jul 1821Morgan
17Adams, HenrySorell, Rebecca24 Jun 1824Dallas
18Adams, HillaryCounts, Sally14 Apr 1824Jefferson
19Adams, IsaacRed, Milley4 Sep 1820Clarke
20Adams, JamesSapp, Christine2 Oct 1821Henry
21Adams, JamesWright, Margarette30 Jan 1825Tuscaloosa
22Adams, James C.Bohannon, Caroline3 Jan 1825Greene
23Adams, JoelRoland, Mary12 Sep 1823Henry
24Adams, JohnPittman, Gracy10 Feb 1825Henry
25Adams, JoshuaSmoot, Jammima P.30 Dec 1824Madison

Considerations for Using this Source:

Every effort has been made to preserve the original text’s spelling and to locate all potential records for the covered time period. However, numerous county records have been lost to fires, floods, neglect, and carelessness.

The main goal of this repository is to provide a time and location for as many marriages as possible. Researchers are responsible for examining the original records (usually accessible on microfilm) and obtaining any other desired genealogical data.

In this repository, the marriage date is typically the date of marriage as stated in the original entry. However, if no marriage date is provided (e.g., the marriage return wasn’t submitted to the record keeper), the date of the license is used. Occasionally, a marriage may be listed twice in two separate counties, which typically occurs when a couple acquires a license in one county but marries in another. To offer more research clues, this repository includes both entries.

Some records may have been missed, misspelled, or unavailable to researchers. As a result, if a marriage is believed to have taken place but isn’t in this repository, further research in other sources may uncover the evidence.

Locating the Original Marriage Record

Regrettably, the original researchers did not specify the sources used in this process or provide citations for each entry’s origin. Nevertheless, diligent researchers seeking to review the original source will find enough information to guide them to it. Most early American marriages were documented at the county level (except in northeastern states), and this repository offers the county information for nearly every marriage.

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