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1840 Grand Jurors, Circuit Court, Perry County Alabama

The State of Alabama Perry County

Circuit Court Clerke [sic] offices to the Shff [sic] of said county Greeting, You are hereby commanded to summon the following persons to serve as Grand Jurors at the next term of the Circuit Court of Perry County to be held Monday in September next (vz)

1.. Wm. H. Hungerford
2.. Wm B. Steed
3.. Robt. C. Bisshop
4.. Jessee Edwards
5.. Sollomon Lea
6.. Edward Harper
7.. Bryant Brand
8.. A. M. Sheryl or Sherrel
9.. Wm. Shaffer
10.. Samuel Tubb
11.. Obe Belcher
12.. John Sanders
13.. John Lockhart
14.. Levi Langdon
15.. John R. Goree
16.. Wiley Howell
17.. Samuel Dorrough
18.. Elias George
19.. John Bailey
20.. Davis McGehee
21.. John G. Wright
22.. Seabourn Aycock
23.. James B. Wright
24.. James Edwards

Herein fail not & have you then & there this writ Witness James C. Harrell clerk of the said court at office this the 29th day of June A.D. 1840 and of American Independence the 64th year 29th June 1840 J. D. Harrell, Clk.

O. C. Eiland JC. Executed in full Sept. 16th 1840. D. Chandler Shff. [sic]

Source: The Execution Docket 1836-1837, Book A, Circuit Court #102, Perry County, Alabama. The original book is held in the Alabama Department of Archives and History, Montgomery. This item was one loose sheet of paper inserted within the pages of the stated original book.

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