Index to the Tuskaloosa Gazette 1875-1876

Genealogists and local historians will find a wealth of information in old newspapers. The weekly “gossip” columns, wedding and death announcements, court and legal documents, and even the classified advertisements are filled with the names of old Tuscaloosa area residents. The names can be compared with census records and can help family historians document the lives of their relatives. The local businesses, clubs, schools and churches of post-Reconstruction Tuscaloosa were especially important social services, and the newspaper accounts of their activities and memberships are invaluable research sources. The usefulness of a Gazette item to genealogists can vary from zero to […]

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Beulah Cemetery, Dale County, Alabama

Beulah Cemetery, Dale County, Alabama

Beulah Cemetery is located on Fort Rucker on 249 (Andrews Dr.) just inside the East Gate of Fort Rucker. I found many sites that were unmarked or had markers that were deteriorated over the years by mother nature and vandalism. In addition, I found a a report that was completed August 6, 1948*; I compared my findings with this report and have included the names from the report that I couldn’t locate markers for presently. (My trips to Beulah Cemetery were on November 21, 1996 and again a few days later to verify some discrepancies that I discovered. ) The

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