Free Black Persons – 1850 Talladega County Alabama

This record features a comprehensive list of the identified free blacks living in Talladega County, Alabama, in 1850. The 1850 census incorporated free blacks into the standard census records, while enslaved individuals were accounted for in a separate slave census. Out of the 23 million individuals counted across the United States during the 1850 census, a mere 500,000 were recognized as free blacks.

	Belamy, Cora		11	f	b
	Belamy, Henry	16	m	b
	Belamy, Joseph	4	m	b
	Belamy, Laura	35	f	b
	Belamy, Prince	13	m	b
	Belamy, Sarah		8	f	b
	Belamy, William	6	m	b
	Bradford, Caleb	80	m	m
	Ford, Jefferson	17	m	m
	Hanes, Elizabeth	3	f	m
	Hanes, Franklin	2	m	m
	Hanes, George		8	m	m
	Hanes, John		7	m	m
	Hanes, Lee		1	m	m
	Hanes, Martha W.	5	f	m
	Hanes, Silva		35	f	m
	Jacobs, Albert	14	m	m
	Jacobs, Caroline	2	f	m
	Jacobs, Eliza		12	f	m
	Jacobs, Francis	6	f	m
	Jacobs, Isaac		10	m	m
	Jacobs, John		8	m	m
	Jacobs, Lewis		37	m	m
	Jacobs, Lewis		4	m	m
	Jacobs, Mary		1	f	m
	Jacobs, Polly		33	f	m
	Morgan, Charles	13	m	m
	Sumner,  Albert	2	m	m
	Sumner, Delilah	45	f	b
	Sumner,  Francis	9	f	m
	Sumner,  James A.	7	m	m
	Sumner,  John	5	m	m
	Sumner, Joseph	17	m	m
	Sumner, Lucinda	12	f	m
	Sumner,  Sarah	20	f	m
	Sumner, Susan	14	f	m

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