Memorial record of Alabama

Biography of William W. Wadsworth

William W. Wadsworth, a native of Autauga County, Ala., and one of the leading businessmen of Alabama, was born near Prattville, October 17, 1841, the son of Daniel and Sallie (Matthews) Wadsworth. The father was born in Moore County, N. C., in 1810, and the mother is a native of Georgia. In 1832, Daniel Wadsworth came to Alabama and settled in Autauga County, where he was married, passing twice through the nuptial ceremony. His first wife was Miss Matthews, who died in 1846, and his second wife was Miss M. A. Norris. Mr. Wadsworth, who was one of the most

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Memorial record of Alabama

Biography of James M. Feagin

The article is a biographical sketch of Major James M. Feagin, who was one of the oldest residents of Midway, Bullock County, Alabama. He was born in Jones County, Georgia in 1814, and his father, Samuel Feagin, was a well-respected citizen who served as a sheriff, county commissioner, and justice of the peace. In 1836, James M. Feagin and his family moved to Alabama, where he became involved in the Indian hostilities that were then underway. He raised a company of men and served as a lieutenant, scout, and pilot for various companies of United States troops and volunteers during the summer and fall of 1836. He later attained the position of lieutenant of the Cowikee spies and served throughout the entire two years’ subsequent Indian hostilities. After the Indian hostilities ended, he resumed his farming and succeeded in hewing out a fine homestead from the wilderness. He married Miss Almira C., daughter of Noah B. Cole, and they had twelve children.

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Memorial record of Alabama

Biography of Col. Thomas W. Sadler

Col. Thomas W. Sadler, the well-known attorney-at-law of Prattville, Alabama, is a native of the state, having been born in Franklin county in 1831. His father, Allious Sadler, was born in North Carolina in 1801, and when a child was brought to Alabama by his parents, who settled near Jonesborough, Jefferson county, where he married Miss Caroline Owen. He then moved to Franklin county, where he resided a few years, and in 1833 returned to Jefferson county. He was a farmer, but active in politics, being a stanch democrat, and died in 1845, a member of the Methodist church. He

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Memorial record of Alabama

Biography of Daniel Pratt

Daniel Pratt, the younger, was born in Prattville in 1866, graduated from the state university, and succeeded his father, Merrill E. Pratt as manager of the Pratt Gin company, and is also treasurer of the Prattville cotton mill and banking company, and treasurer of the Worthington-Munger-Pratt company of Birmingham. He was married, in 1889, to Miss Ellen, daughter of Leonard and Sallie Sims, natives, respectively of Georgia and Autauga county, Alabama. Mrs. Sims is a daughter of Judge Graham and is still living; Mr. Sims died in 1888. Mr. and Mrs. Pratt are consistent members of the Methodist church, while

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Memorial record of Alabama

Biography of Hon. Daniel Pratt

Hon. Daniel Pratt (deceased), the founder of the Pratt Gin factory at Prattville, Alabama, was born at Temple, New Hampshire, July 20, 1799. His father, Edward Pratt, was a son of Daniel Pratt, a native of Reading, Massachusetts, whose wife was Asenith, daughter of Ebenezer Flint, of Wilton, New Hampshire. Hon. Daniel Pratt was educated at the common schools of his section, and at the age of sixteen was apprenticed to learn the carpenter’s trade. At the end of his apprenticeship of three years, in 1819, he went to Savannah, Georgia, thence to Milledgeville, and worked at his trade in

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Memorial record of Alabama

Biography of William T. Northington

William T. Northington, president of the Prattville Cotton Mill & Banking company, Autauga county, and also president of the Northington-Mungen-Pratt company, of Birmingham, Alabama, is a native of Prattville, Alabama, and was born in 1851. His parents, William H. and Rachel M. (Gholson) Northington, were born in Mecklenburg county, Virginia., and in Autauga county, Alabama, about the years 1818 and 1828 respectively. William H. Northington was a ripe scholar, came to Alabama about the year 1840, and settled in Prattville, where he married, and practiced his profession, that of the law, until his death, September 10, 1880. He took an

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Memorial record of Alabama

Biography of Josiah H. Marbury

Josiah H. Marbury, the head of the Marbury Lumber company at Bozeman, Alabama, was born in Shelbyville, Tennessee, in 1841. His parents, L. W. and Mary (Kidd) Marbury, were also natives of Tennessee, where they passed their entire existence, the former expiring in 1863 and the latter about 1875. L. W. Marbury was a Primitive Baptist minister and merchant, was a soldier in the Mexican war, and at one time was a member of the Tennessee legislature. He was a self-made man, possessed of great industry and renowned for his uprightness in all the walks of life. His father was

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