Union Cemetery, Bullock County, Alabama

The Union Cemetery

The following is a listing of the graves in the Union Cemetary of Bullock thanks to Lisa Wilson who transcribed the following information.

Union Cemetery across from Union Church on High Ridge Road, Bullock County, Alabama, was not a cemtery for the church but was a community cemetery begun by families in this area over 100 years ago.

Listed below are members and relatives of the Collins family that are buried here. There are graves for members of many old time Bullock County families buried here. The cemetery is very large and crowded. Tombstones record such familiar names as Tompkins, Barbaree, Stinson, McVey, McInnes, Rayforn, McKeon, Burks, Crowder, Sims, Farnell, Williford, Faulkner, Jones, Turner, Farwell and man others. There is a Black cemetery “just over the fence from the White cemtery.

The same volunteer committee which maintains Union Church, functions in the care of Union Cemetery, but attention by the individual families is also given to family burial plots.

Information in ( ) supplied by the compiler, not on tombstones.

1. JAMES BENJAMIN COLLINS Son of Elvira and Chas. B. Collins Born July 14, 1843 Died in Tazwell, Tenn. Sept. 20, 1862 Aged 19 yrs, 2 mo, 5 days

2. No Tombstone on Grave JOHN COLLINS (John was about 13 or 14 years old at the time of his death. He is said to have died in 1863.)

3. ELVIRA CULPEPPER COLLINS “Mother” Wife of Charles B. Collins Died February 18th 1876 Aged 58 yrs, 2 mo, 18 days (Mother of Harriet “Hattie” Ivey (Collins) Edwards)

4. CHAS. B. COLLINS “Father” Died December 8, 1876 Age 63 yrs, 10 mo, 18 days (Father of Harriet “Hattie” Ivey (Collins) Edwards)

5. DANIEL COLLINS “My Husband” Died June 24th 1888 40 yrs, 4 mo, 23 days “Since thou canst no longer stay To cheer me with thy love I hope to meet with you again In your bright world above” (Son of Chas. B. & Elvira (Cullpepper) Collins, brother of Harriet “Hattie” Ivey (Collins) Edwards. He was the first Collins child to be born in Pike (now Bullock) County, AL.)

6. JAMES WILSON COLLINS Infant Son of Dan M. Collins & S.E. Collins Died April 14, 1888

7. MINNIE LEE Infant daughter of Dan M. & S.E. Collins March 2, 1886 Age 1 mo, 22 days

8. AMANDA CULPEPPER Wife of T. K. McCrary January 31, 1823 August 18, 1896 “Asleep in Jesus blessed sleep From which one never wakes to weep” (Hattie Collins Edwards “Aunt Mandy”)

9. REV. T. K. McCREARY (Thomas Kennon McCreary) Son of T. K. and A. E. McCreary Born April 22, 1853 Died September 29, 1886 Age 34 (Hattie Collins Edwards’ first cousin. I’m not sure why his name is spelt different on his marker than it is spelt on the rest of his families’ markers.)

10. E. V. (Elvira V. / “Sissy”) Daughter of T. K. and A. E. McCrary Born March 30, 1856 Died December 27, 1873 Age 17 yrs, 8 mo and 17 days “We will meet again” (This Elvira V. was named after Hattie Collins Edwards mother, Elvira Culpepper Collins)

11. WILLIAM H. Son of T. K. and A. E. McCrary Jan 6, 1846 March 1897 “At rest dear brother”

12. MARY M. McCRARY Daughter of T. K. and A. E. McCrary Wife of J. T. Vance Dec 5, 1850 Aug 2, 1928 “Thy memory shall ever be a Guiding star to Heaven”


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