The Alabama Historical Quarterly Vol 3

The Alabama Historical Quarterly was a magazine focused on the history of Alabama from its earliest known beginnings. The magazine was edited and conducted by the Director of the Alabama State Department of Archives and History and was printed as other public documents of the time. The magazine discusses the hidden history of Alabama that lies in old books, unpublished manuscripts, attics, family Bibles, and abandoned cemeteries. It also highlights the achievements of Alabamians in various fields and the need for an adequate medium to share their stories. The Alabama Historical Quarterly aimed to be that medium and was at the service of county and local historical societies, learned societies, and isolated students. See The Alabama Historical Quarterly for more information.

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This is volume 3 of The Alabama Historical Quarterly published quarterly in 1941 by the Alabama State Department of Archives and History. You can freely read this manuscript online, search the manuscript, or download a PDF copy for offline reading.

Table of Contents for The Alabama Historical Quarterly Vol 3

Volume 3, Number 1, Spring 1941

Article TitlePage Numbers
The William Rufus King Room5
Passing of the Old Montgomery Theatre, by Frank P. O’Brien8
Colonel John McKee15
Regulations Governing Student Life at the Judson Female Institute During the Decade Preceding Civil War, by A. Elizabeth Taylor23
Madam LeVert’s Diary31
An Old Mother Celebrates Her Day, by Minnie L. Lardent69
Towns in the Alabama Territory74
Formula For Peace, by Lucille Key Thompson
Woodsy Road, by Shirley Dillon Waite
Always I Shall Remember, by Shirley Dillon Waite
To An Unknown Sailor on Dauphin Island, by Edith Tatum
An Old Hall Speaks, by Edith Tatum

Book Reviews86
Genealogical Department Queries95
History of Autauga County, by John Hardy96

Volume 3, Number 2, Summer 1941

Article TitlePage Numbers
Richard Clark Foster Memorial Tributes135
After Forty-five Years Reunion of Class of 1896, Alabama University143
Other Days, by Eliza J. Kendrick (Lewis) Walker160
Maud McKnight Lindsay, by Mary S. Butler178
Carmel Presbyterian Church, Cherokee County, by Margaret Stewart235
This Is My Land, by Lucille Key Thompson
Song for Day’s End, by Shirley Dillon Waite
Memorial, by Voila H. George
Noccalula, by Anne Southerne Tardy
Discovery, by Maude McIver Rountree

Book Review243
Genealogical Department Queries247
Martin Marshall’s Book: Farming and Veterinary Practices248

Volume 3, Number 3 & 4, Fall and Winter 1941

Article TitlePage Numbers
Events Preceding Secession277
The Alabama Secession Convention287
History of the Document357
The Alabama Secession Flag364
Delegates to the Alabama Secession Convention368
Withdrawal of the Alabama Delegation from the Congress of the United States427
Withdrawal Speech of Jefferson Davis447

Volume 3, Index

Article TitlePage Numbers
Index of Vol. III453


Alabama State Dept. of Archives and History, The Alabama historical quarterly, vol 3, 1941, Alabama State Dept. of Archives and History, 1941.

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