Map of Alabama and Mississippi in 1817

British Land Grants in Alabama 1765-1767

An Alphabetical Account of Lands Granted: to whom West Florida from the Commence. Peoples Names The Date When Granted Qunt of Acres Description The date when Serv Remarks Aird, Wm & Gregory Thomas the 13th Augt 1765 1500 Acres being Eastward from the first Point above the Brick ? on the other side the Lagoon in a Right line towards the head of the Lagoon 10th April 1766 Relinquished 1242 Acres the 11th March &had a Warrt of Survey for the remaining 258 Acres Aird, Wm & Benj Wormell Janry 20th 1766 200 Acres Between(?) the Bays of Gull and …

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Map of Alabama and Mississippi in 1817

British Land Grants in Alabama 1767-1771

REFERENCE to the Land surveyed on the RIVER MISSISSIPPI since the establishment of the Civil Government in the Province of WEST FLORIDA Nos Persons Names No of Acres Date of Certificate Govr who Granted the Warrant of Survey 1 Phillip Barbour 1500 24th May 1770 Lieut Governor Brown 2 John Murray 500 22nd Jan 1770 do 3 Jno Saltkiln 200 22nd Jan 1770 No Warrant 4 Thos Fry 200 10th June 1769 Lieut Governor Browne 5 Mary Oliver 150 Do Do 6 Richd Parme 50 Do Do 7 John Hayton 1000 no Warrant 8 Richad Barrie 50 14th Do Lieut …

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1860 Washington County Census; M653_26; page 961

1860 Washington County Alabama Census

This database is an extraction from the Washington County Alabama 1860 federal census. Transcribed from the census are: Name Age Sex Color Occupation Location of Birth There were 2176 individuals residing in Washington County Alabama at the time of the 1860 census. Here’s some interesting facts concerning them: 2119 whites , 53 free mulattoes, and 4 free blacks. There were also 2491 slaves that were recorded separately in the slave census. Occupations: barkeeper, blacksmith, brick mason, carpenter, clergyman Methodist, clerk, dentist, ditcher, engineer, farm apprentice, farm laborer, farmer, gambler, grocer, innkeeper, laborer, lawyer, mail carrier, mechanic, merchant, miller, overseer, physician, …

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