World War 2 Casualties Caring for the Wounded 1

Chilton County Alabama World War 2 Casualty List

This collection lists War Department casualties (Army and Army Air Force personnel) from World War II. Information provided includes serial number, rank and type of casualty. The birthplace or residence of the deceased is not indicated. An introduction explaining how the list was compiled, a statistical tabulation, and the descriptions of the types of casualties incurred are also included.

  • DNB: Died Non-battle
  • DOI: Died of Injuries
  • DOW: Died of Wounds
  • FOD: Finding of Death
  • KIA: Killed in Action
  • M: Missing

Chilton County World War 2 Casualty List

SurnameGivenService #RankStatus
BeamWillard B.34971976PVTKIA
BlowCecil0-7369591 LTKIA
CatonWilburn L.34706464PFCKIA
ChildressAlbert D.34391804PFCKIA
ClecklerJohn M.34398195PFCKIA
CobbLeo L.150591461 SGDNB
CollinsGeorge W.34398205PFCKIA
DavisJames S.14055754S SGKIA
DonovanHoward W.34199469PFCKIA
DukeBenjamin F.6376260M SGKIA
DukeNamon C.34339881PFCKIA
EasterlingE. C. Jr.34398024PVTDOW
EasterlingGrady L.34581465PFCKIA
FosheeOliver T.34702886PFCDOW
HaiglerWilliam C.34199462PVTKIA
HayesGeorge H.34448404PVTKIA
HeadleyBill B.34709450PFCKIA
HughesHarlin P.34800127SGTKIA
HumesWilliam A.0-450902CAPTDOW
KempJohn R.34972115PVTKIA
KnoxThomas M.34390057PFCKIA
LawsonWilliam T.34103298PFCDNB
LecroyDouglas W.6971422S SGDNB
LooneyWillie B. H.34017345PVTDNB
MarcusObie W.34164756PVTDNB
MimsErnest I.34330550PFCKIA
MimsReuben P.34810422PFCKIA
NixHarvey M. Jr.0-7285061 LTFOD
PatrickI. G.34107169S SGDOW
PayneWillie T.34702783PFCDNB
PriceMyles W.34706492PVTKIA
ReynoldsHenry G.0-6702512 LTKIA
RobinsonPervey S.34273090PFCKIA
ScottJames A.34581452PFCKIA
SmithFred C.34800220PFCKIA
ThomasNorman R.14026129PFCDNB
ThomasWilliam E.34583103PFCKIA
VarnerFloyd E.34818787PVTKIA
VeazeyVermie T.34398044PVTKIA
WallaceHarvey L.6971550SGTKIA
WessonRobert R.34917230PFCDNB
WilsonJ. B.34146063PFCKIA
WoolleyThomas C.6307369PVTDNB

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