Biography of Christopher C. Tompkins

Delegate to the Constitutional Convention

Christopher C. Tompkins, a delegate to the Constitutional Convention of 1865, was well known in Franklin County. He was a planter and also county surveyor. At one time he was tax assessor of Franklin County. The following sketch of Mr. Tompkins is taken from Dr. Owen’s “History of Alabama and Dictionary of Alabama Biography:”

“Christopher C. Tompkins, planter and county surveyor, was born January 18, 1799, where Louisville, KY., now stands, (J. C. Tompkins of Belgreen, grandson of Christopher C. Tompkins, says that the father of Christopher C. Tompkins, built the first house on the present site of Louisville) and died August 12, 1874, in Frankfort: a son of Humphries Tompkins, native of England. He (C. C. Tompkins) was a planter and slave owner, and held the office of tax assessor, at the time Franklin and Colbert counties were one, about 1850. He was a Justice of the Peace several terms, and county surveyor of Franklin a long period of years. He was a Republican.

Mr. Tompkins was married when a young man to Miss Hannah Burgess, daughter of William and Agnes (Partain) Burgess. Several children were born to them, among whom were Marion, Henry C., William, and Mary. The Tompkins family has always been prominent in Franklin County affairs. H. C. Tompkins was president of the Alabama State Bar Association in 1886-87. He moved to Hempstead, Texas.

Source: “Distinguished Men, Women and Families of Franklin Co., Alabama” by R. L. James, Pub. cir. 1927-1930, pages 71.

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