Biography of Oscar Lelon Tompkins

State Representative for Houston County, Alabama

Another member of the Tompkins’ family to make his mark is Hon. O. L. Tompkins, formerly of Belgreen, but now of Dothan. He has represented Houston County in the State legislature two or three times and is an outstanding member of that body.

Member of Legislature, 1918, from Houston Co., AL, teacher and principal of Dothan high school 1906-1911; presidential elector, 1916-17, a Democrat and Methodist. He was admitted to the bar and began the practice of law, March, 1914 at Dothan, Alabama. HISTORY OF ALABAMA AND DICTIONARY OF ALABAMA BIOGRAPHY, Owen, Vol. IV.

Source: “Distinguished Men, Women and Families of Franklin Co., Alabama” by R. L. James, Pub. cir. 1927-1930, pages 72.

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