Biography of Dr. N. T. Underwood

Physician and prominent citizen

Dr. N. T. Underwood was a good example of a self made man. He was reared on the mountain west of Bear Creek, about seven miles southwest of Tuscumbia. His people (his father was George Underwood and his mother was Miss Ellen Key of Franklin county) owned a fertile farm on Bear Creek, and his grandfather, N. T. Underwood, Sr., was a prominent citizen. Yet they were by no means rich people, and as a boy the doctor did hard work on the farm and walked at times several miles to school. Later he attended the State Normal College at Florence and taught school in Colbert County. Still later he attended medical college.

He was at Russellville for many years and was recognized as one of the county’s most successful physicians and prominent citizens. He accumulated considerable property and was interested in seeing Russellville and Franklin County move forward. Dr. Underwood died in October 1918 at about the age of fifty-seven. His widow (Miss Elizabeth Devaney, who was reared in Russellville) and five sons survive him. The sons own and manage a modern drug store in Russellville and are prominent in civic and social life.

Source: “Distinguished Men, Women and Families of Franklin Co., Alabama,” by R. L. James, pub. cir. 1927-1928 pages 47-48.

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