Mooresville Cemetery, Mooresville, Alabama

Mooresville Cemetery, Mooresville, Alabama
Mooresville Cemetery, Mooresville, Alabama

This is a list of stones left standing in Mooresville cemetery located in Mooresville, near Athens, Alabama in Limestone County. Mooresville is older than the state of Alabama with many of the original buildings left standing including the Post Office, Stagecoach Station and Churches.

LOCATION: SW quarter of NW quarter, Sect. 8, T5s, R3W on Wheeler Refuge behind the community of Mooresville.

A 1915 TVA Survey Map showed this cemetery contained about 2500 graves. This is an extremely large cemetery with graves scattered over the entire area.

May 15, 1824-Feb. 5, 1884
Confederate Veteran-Captain of 35th Alabama Regiment Co. D.
Inscription on Stone:
“Angels! Pure and bright and fair
Take this dear one to thy care;
Angels! Ye who dwell above
Guard him with a breathless love;
He was here the purest best
Let him there be ever blest;
Here on earth a little whild
I have lived within his smile;
Angels! Now that smile is gone
And my heart is sad and lone;
This I ask and only this
Let me dwell with him in bliss.”

June 10, 1859-Stone broken

*MARTIN, Infant son of W.G. & M.F.
Aged 1 year 3 mo–no dates

*MARTIN, Louis E., Son of W.G. & M.F.
March 6, 1854-July 13, 1869

*MARTIN, Mary F., Widow of W.G.
May 14, 1827-June 29, 1881
“She walked by faith
Lived in hope
And praised charity.
Faith has changed into sight.
Hope into glad fruitation.
And charity eveloped into perpetual love.”

*MARTIN, Nancy B., Widow of J.W.
Feb. 9, 1835-June 21, 1881

*MARTIN, Charlie, Son of J.W. & N.B.
June 8, 1867-Sept. 6, 1867

*MARTIN, Mary F., daughter of J.W. & N.B.
Dec. 10, 1860-Oct. 10, 1863

*MARTIN, Hettie L., daughter of J.W. & N.B.
All last three on triple headsone has been broken off

*BAILEY, Virginia Conoly
Feb. 21, 1871-Aug. 25, 1905

*SHELTON, Frederick A., Son of F.R. & A.B
May 3, 1842-July 25, 1844

*SHELTON, Luke A., Son of F.R. & A.B.
March 25, 1845-May 11, 1847

*SHELTON, Mrs. Ann B., Wife of F.R.
Apr. 3, 1813-Oct. 27, 1856

*HAFLEY, Virginia L., Wife of J.W.
March 15, 1834-Sept. 19, 1867

*HAFLEY, J.H.H., Footstone only-Headstone missing. May possibly
be a misplaced footstone for the grave of J.H. Hafley

Aug. 18, 1861-July 7, 1895

*HAFLEY, Mary V., Daughter of J.W. & V.
July 21, 1865-Aug. 8, 1880
“She was the sunshine of our home.
An angel to us given!
Just when we learned to love her most
God called her to heaven.”

Sept. 5, 1826-Sept. 1, 1827

Oct. 31, 1820-July 26, 1823
Note: A stone in this cemetery, near above graves, is
completely crushed by a fallen tree. Stone impossible to
piece together. Dorothy Scott Johnson

*BRADLY, Francis W. A large rectangular stone box set above
“Sacred to the memory of Francis W. Bradly. Died 26 of August,
1829, Aged 29 years. A heart that generous virtue warmed
kind noble and sincere with manly honor strongly armed in
silence slumbers here.”

*WORNUM, Mrs. Lucinda
Jan. 1, 1827-Dec. 30, 1891

*PEEBLES, Martha
no dates

*NELSON, Winnifred B., Wife of Fredrick
D. May 11, 1831–aged 21 years

*NELSON, Lieut. Fredrick B., Jr.
Feb. 24, 1821-Apr. 18, 1847
1st Lt. Co.D 2 Regt Tn Inf Mexican War
killed at the battle of Cerro Gordo, Mexico in command of the
rifle guards of Memphis, Tn while leading a charge on the
enemy fortifications.

*NELSON, Fredrick B.
1791-June 30, 1849

*NELSON, Samuel D.
Sept. 21, 1807-June 24, 1848

*NELSON, Agnes P., Wife of Samuel
Sept. 30, 1808-May 7, 1858

*HOWARD, Phillip G.
April 14, 1841-August 22, 1889

*HOWARD, Viola O., Daughter of R.G. & M.J.
August 27, 1886-July 3, 1887

*TRAUP, Cheney
no dates

June 9, 1940-April 24, 1941

*LAW, John
no dates

*OLIVER, Lou Tisdale
March 10, 1879-June 1, 1951

*OLIVER, Claude A.
May 1, 1876-June 14, 1948

*OLIVER, Infant of C.A.
no dates

*OLIVER, Infant of C.A.
no dates

*OLIVER, Unidentified
2 graves

*OLIVER, William M.
no dates

*OLIVER, John C.
no dates

*OLIVER, Letty Ann
no dates

*MILLS, Alice
no dates

*HURN, William Thatch
December 20, 1874-May 18, 1941

no dates

no dates

*MORRIS, Margaret Alice, Wife of R.A.
April 7, 1862-February 17, 1901

*BARNES, Mary Evalena, Wife of T.J., 28 years old
unknown-Jan. 19, 1905

*SELLERS, Elizabeth, Wife of W.L.


4 graves

*NEWTON, John B., Sr.
Lived on Ben Lindsay’s Place-Wheeler Reservoir

February 11, 1887-January 6, 1929

6 graves
Lived on Irwin White’s Place-Wheeler Reservoir

*NEWTON, Doris

*FOGG, Bill
no dates

*FOGG, Francis
no dates

*FOGG, Louisa A. (Robinson, Wife of William, 36 yrs. old
unknown-August 31, 1906

*FOGG, Tom
no dates


*DEMPSEY, Annie Bell
no dates

*BOLIN, Erskin

*BOLIN, Gertie

*NICHOLS, Children
2 graves

*MEYER, Bobby Joe, 1 yr, 2 mos, 12 days
unknown-October 27, 1935

*CLARK, Claude
no dates

no dates

*COWAN, Riley

*COWAN, Minnie

*COWAN, Emmett
June 29, 1908-December, 1937

*COWAN, Maudie E.
April 21, 1915-December 11, 1957

no dates

*ENGLISH, Children
4 graves

? 18, 1900-December 14, 1939

*VAUGHN, Jesse (Lee)

no dates

no dates

*VAUGHN, Clabe
no dates

*SEAY, Beauregard, Son of L.P. & A.E.
April 2, 1863-October 12, 1863

*SEAY, Mary E., Daughter of L.P. & A.E.
November 5, 1859-October 24, 1863

*HEARN, John L.
no dates

*HEARN, Susan
no dates

Unidentified graves:
4 graves persons lived on Sugg’s Place
2 graves persons lived on Pitt’s Place

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