Madison County Alabama Obituaries

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1 thought on “Madison County Alabama Obituaries”

  1. Hello,

    My name is Charles Buddy Casey, and I am helping my mother in law Minnie Ree Hawk Russell (80) research the Huntsville’s Hawk Family Tree. I would like to learn more about how to view your index of 75,182 obituaries.

    1. Funeral Program Collection- Collection of Family Funeral Programs and Obituaries***.
    2. HHN Cemetery’s Collection- Photos of gravesite and their locations.

    We are heading down for Easter weekend 2016 to visit with Kinfolks and collect additional data and information from MCRC and *Madison County Health Department.

    So, if you can lend a helping hand and some helpful tips for us please do. (Smile) I hooked this is becoming my second hobby. I know this is a bit much

    Brick Walls:

    1. *W.A. Hawk- Alf Hawk – W Alfred Hawk Sep-1862- Unknown
    2. *Mahaila – Mahala – Maholey Ford Hawk Mar 1874- 19 Mar 1958
    3. *Walter Hawk 27 Apr 1899 6 Sep 1926
    4. *Mary E Martin Hawk 10 Mar 1889 9 Sep 1958
    5. *Ameila Martin Douglas 25 Jan 1896 16 Feb 1934
    6. *Rosa Battle Harper Hawk 16 Feb 1894 13 Apr 1952
    7. *Annias Martin 12 Mar 1864 18 Jul-1936
    8. *Laura Fearn Martin 26 Dec 1888 9 May 1868
    9. *Samuel Ford 1843 14 Jan 1913
    10. *Lucy Walker Ford 30 Nov 1867

    Thank you

    Charles Casey
    1313 Gleneagle Drive
    Indianapolis, In 46239

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