The Alabama Historical Quarterly Vol 6

The Alabama Historical Quarterly was a magazine focused on the history of Alabama from its earliest known beginnings. The magazine was edited and conducted by the Director of the Alabama State Department of Archives and History and was printed as other public documents of the time. The magazine discusses the hidden history of Alabama that lies in old books, unpublished manuscripts, attics, family Bibles, and abandoned cemeteries. It also highlights the achievements of Alabamians in various fields and the need for an adequate medium to share their stories. The Alabama Historical Quarterly aimed to be that medium and was at the service of county and local historical societies, learned societies, and isolated students. See The Alabama Historical Quarterly for more information.

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This is volume 6 of The Alabama Historical Quarterly published quarterly in 1944 by the Alabama State Department of Archives and History. You can freely read this manuscript online, search the manuscript, or download a PDF copy for offline reading. This volume is known for the transcription of the 1820 State Census for the counties of Baldwin, Conecuh, Dallas, Franklin, Limestone, St. Clair, Shelby, and Wilcox, in Number 3, as well as it’s treatment of the Revolutionary Soldiers in Alabama in Number 4.

Table of Contents for The Alabama Historical Quarterly Vol 6

Volume 6, Number 1, Spring 1944

Article TitlePage Numbers
Last Confederate Reunion7
“The Confederate Veteran”, by Judge Walter B. Jones12
Robert E. Lee, by Marshall Wingfield23
Origin of Slavery in America, by Mattie F. Allison32
Monument to Negro, Heyward Shepherd37
Sam Davis47
“Houston County in the Great Bend of the Tennessee”, by Oliver D. Street50
Changing Alabama, by Mary S. Butler60
Democratic Party Regulations Explained, by Gessner T. McCorvey64
A History of the Old French Gun of Demopolis, by Bessie Patterson Wilburn71
History of Rock Spring Baptist Church, by Anne Elizabeth Newman77
Jeremiah Austill, by An Autobiography81
Life of Margaret Ervin Austill92
Book Reviews106
Genealogical Inquiries114

Volume 6, Number 2, Summer 1944

Article TitlePage Numbers
State Officials122
State Senators and Representators135
Judicial Appointments133
County Officials138
Number of Regiments and in What Counties239
State Militia239
Attorneys and Counsellors at Law325

Volume 6, Number 3, Fall 1944

Article TitlePage Numbers
An Act Authorizing the Taking of the Census of the Alabama
Territory, passed by Legislative Council, Feb. 9th, 1818
An Abstract of the Census of the State of Alabama, together with the Assessments in each County for the year 1820337
An Abstract of the Federal Census of Alabama for the year 1832339
Baldwin County Census Returns for 1820341
Conecuh County Census Returns for 1820346
Dallas County Census Returns for 1820369
Franklin County Census Returns for 1820396
Limestone County Census Returns for 1820416
St. Clair County Census Returns for 1820475
Shelby County Census Returns for 1820494
Wilcox County Census Returns for 1820507
Map of Alabama, 1820333 A
Map of Alabama, 1830338 A
Map of Alabama, 1840395 A
Map of Alabama, 1850 & 1960474 A
Map of Alabama, 1870506 A

Volume 6, Number 4, Winter 1944

Article TitlePage Numbers
Revolutionary Soldiers in Alabama523


Alabama State Dept. of Archives and History, The Alabama historical quarterly, vol 6, 1944, Alabama State Dept. of Archives and History, 1944.

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