The Alabama Historical Quarterly Vol 7

The Alabama Historical Quarterly was a magazine focused on the history of Alabama from its earliest known beginnings. The magazine was edited and conducted by the Director of the Alabama State Department of Archives and History and was printed as other public documents of the time. The magazine discusses the hidden history of Alabama that lies in old books, unpublished manuscripts, attics, family Bibles, and abandoned cemeteries. It also highlights the achievements of Alabamians in various fields and the need for an adequate medium to share their stories. The Alabama Historical Quarterly aimed to be that medium and was at the service of county and local historical societies, learned societies, and isolated students. See The Alabama Historical Quarterly for more information.

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This is volume 7 of The Alabama Historical Quarterly published quarterly in 1945 by the Alabama State Department of Archives and History. You can freely read this manuscript online, search the manuscript, or download a PDF copy for offline reading. The article “Colbertians”, painstakingly prepared by Mr. James gives an intimate picture of the early history of Colbert County and some of its pioneer citizens. Parts 2 and 3 of the “Colbertians” include transcriptions of obituaries and cemetery records for Colbert County, Alabama.

Table of Contents for The Alabama Historical Quarterly Vol 7

Volume 7, Number 1, Spring 1945

Article TitlePage Numbers
Sam Dale, from J.F.H. Clairborne, by Mrs. Pearl V. Guyton, and Sketch by Thomas M. Owen7
The Robinson Springs Neighborhood, by May Harris26
The Mobile and Ohio Railroad in Ante Bellum Times, by Grace Lewis Miller37
Alabama and Her Resources, by Mrs. T. Bowen Hill60
Freemont Baptist Church, by Mrs. R.C. Brawner74
Preserving County Records, by Maud McLure Kelly77
Historic Spots Preserved83
Fort Morgan90
Moral and Criminal Responsibility, by Peter Bryce93
Gardens I Remember, by Mrs. Annie B. Williamson Fitch111
Abrahams Lincoln’s Emancipation Proclamation, by John S. Tilley117
Lee’s Surrender at Appomattox128
Book Reviews145
Genealogical Department Queries148

Volume 7, Number 2, Summer 1945

Article TitlePage Numbers
Colbertians, by R.L. James
The article “Colbertians”, painstakingly prepared by Mr. James gives an intimate picture of the early history of Colbert County and some of its pioneer citizens.
Russia, by Anne Moss Mertins223
The Oldest Church in my Country, by Mrs. C.E. Roberts
Mrs. C. E. Roberts, of Birmingham, prepared a sketch on “The Oldest Church in my Country” which, of course, refers to the Episcopal Church in Jamestown, Virginia, which was settled by the British in 1607, thirteen years prior to the settlement of the Massachusetts Colony (1620) by the Pilgrims at Plymouth Rock.
The Oldest Church in my County, by Mrs. T.S. McDonald
Mrs. T. S. McDonald, of Decatur, Alabama, has written of a Methodist Church “Bethlehem”, established in 1819 near the old town of Elyton. in Jefferson County, through the efforts of Rev. James Tarrant and his slave Adam.
The Oldest Church in my County, by Mrs. J.W. Rutland
Mrs. J. W. Rutland, of Cherokee, Alabama, has written of the oldest church in Colbert County, in what is now the town of Tuscumbia.
State at Large240
Death of Distinguished Alabamian, by Dr. Hunter D. Farish
Alabama lost a cherished son through the death of Dr. Hunter Dickinson Parish, who did a splendid work as Director of the Department of Research of Colonial Williamsburg, Virginia.
Fort Morgan in the Confederacy254
Steamboat Days on the Alabama River269
The Place of the Museum in the Life of Alabama, by Peter A. Brannon279
Alabama Lawyers, 1945-1946, by Walter B. Jones285
Captain Andrew Pickens Love, by Robert L. Williams313
Book Review327
Genealogical Queries330

Volume 7, Number 3, Fall 1945

Article TitlePage Numbers
Frontispiece, Bust of Governor William C. Oates and granddaughter,
Mrs Thomas Leiter
William Calvin Oates, by Judge Walter B. Jones338
Two Confederate Surgeons, by Samuel W. Catts
The experience of Drs. Hugh William Caffey and Dunklin Pierce, Graduates of Charleston Medical College, As Related By The Former To His Grandson, As Recited Herein
General James H. Clanton, by Samuel W. Catts352
John Fowler and His Flying Machine, by Joseph H. Lyons355
Buck’s Pocket, by Clyde T. Roden
In the Southwest part of DeKalb County where the county joins Jackson and Marshall Counties there is a large cove known as Buck’s Pocket.
State at Large360
Colbertians, by R.L. James
Obituaries and cemetery records of Colbert County, Alabama.
Daphne Methodist Church, by Ed Ritter
Daphne Methodist Church, the oldest church on the Eastern Shore. In DeKalb County, Alabama.
Tribute to Mrs. L.J.N. Comings, by Mary Heath Lee404
Century of Presbyterianism in South Pickens, by Wallace Parham407
Theodore O’Hara, by Annie Mae Hollingsworth416
Propaganda in Early Alabama Fiction, by Rhoda Coleman Ellison425
Early History of Auburn, by Mary Reece Frazer434
Montgomery, State Capital a Century, The Democrat, Huntsville
The following description of the Capitol is taken from the pages of The Democrat, Huntsville, Nov. 24, 1847.
Personal Reminiscences of Father Ryan, by Kate Coles Donegan449
Book Reviews, by Emmett Kilpatrick458
Genealogical Inquiries467

Volume 7, Number 4, Winter 1945

Article TitlePage Numbers
Sam Dale, by George H. Ethridge
Pioneer, Trail Blazer, Indian Scout, Soldier and Statesman.
Texas Rangers, A Unique Force485
The Most Historic House in my County, by Mrs. Frank Ross Stewart
The old Garrett House on the north bank of the Coosa River about one and one-tenth miles from Centre in Cherokee County is considered by many natives to be the oldest and most historic structure in the county.
Colbertians, by R. L. James
Continued obituaries and cemetery records for Colbert County, Alabama.
The Organization of the Confederate Navy, by Thad Holt, Jr537
The Gallant Pelham, by Mary Palmer542
Letters of Hurieosco Austill547
General Albert Sidney Johnston, by Sarah Margaret Smith574
Life of William B. Bate, by Alice Crockett Webster576
Genius of the Southern Woman, by Mrs. C. E. Roberts580
Oscar W. Underwood and Henry D. Clayton, by Dewey Wesley Grantham, Jr584
The Riches and Responsibilities of the U. S. of America,
by Mrs. Nep Ferrell Cody
The Liberal-Conservative Educator, by John T. Caldwell606
Modern Trends in Art, by Willie Copeland Couric613
Listen to the Mocking Bird, by Margaret Gillis Figh617
The Value of Poetry to Youth, by Miriam Ann Kirkwood625
Bright in Mosaic, by Elizabeth Winston Sheehan629
Genealogical Inquiries674


Alabama State Dept. of Archives and History, Marie Bankhead Owen and Emmett Kilpatrick, editors, The Alabama historical quarterly, vol , 1945, Wetumpka, Alabama: Wetumpka Printing Company, 1946.

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