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Dyer Family Bible

Dyer Family Bible

Joseph Harding: Philadelphia, 1853

The Dyer Bible was originally owned by Alfred A. Dyer and his wife Louisa Nash Dyer. They lived in Gwinnett County, Georgia at the time of the Bible entries, but moved to Chilton County around 1884. Their home still stands in Stanton, Alabama and is listed as the “Dyer-Huff Home” in “A Historic Site Survey of Blount, Chilton, Shelby, St. Clair and Walker Counties”, Cather, Birmingham, 1975. The Birmingham Library has a copy of this book. A. A. Dyer was captain of Company K, 36th Georgia, Broyles, Infantry. He was a Representative to the Georgia Assembly from Gwinnett 1875-1876. He moved his family to Alabama and started several timber related businesses: a sawmill, millwork shop and furniture making business.


Alfred Alexander Dyer was born on the 10th day of September 1839
Louisa Dyer was born on the 8th day of December 1840
Lewis Oscar Dyer was born 15th of June 1861
Charley Alexander Dyer was born December the 2 1864
William Columbus Dyer was born the 20 of October 1866
John Tomas Dyer was born the 30 of June 1869
Emily Elmira Dyer was born 21 of May 1871
Alma Olean Dyer was born 2 February 1873
A baby was born July/August 1875
Neoma Irene Dyer was born 20 of February 1877

Other information from the Dyer Bible

A. Dyer and Louisa Nash was (sic) married on the 26 of July 1860

Alfred Alexander Dyer died June the 28th 1894 (I don’t believe that this matches the tombstone, but I don’t have the cemetery info in front of me)

Lousia Dyer died 8 December 1924

All entries other that the birth of Neoma and the death of Louisa are in the same handwriting: Louisa Nash Dyer’s.

Source: Contributed by Marie Graham Peerson in 2004.

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  1. Marty Moore Gronek

    Interesting information. Thanks for making it available. I’m the great-great grandaughter of Alfred Alexander Dyer and Louisa Nash Dyer, via William Columbus Dyer, Alford Leon Dyer, and Roselyn Mason Dyer Moore.

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