Hale Marriages of Madison County, 1870-1925

In looking for some information on my ancestors I came across some information that may interest someone else. These are some marriages in Madison County Alabama. Some dates are approximate… those are noted as such:

  • Davies Hale and Amanda Shepard Aug. 16, 1871
  • LD Hale and VA Stewart App. Jan, 1900
  • John Hale and Josie Schrimsher App. Jan, 1901
  • Lusha Hale and Rhody McPeters App. Jan 1903
  • Denny Hale and Kittie Baites app. 8-1-1903
  • Julia Hale and Shed Hornbuckle 7-8-1905
  • Oliver Hale and May Williams 7-5-1908
  • John A Hale and Francis Simms 12-07-1870
  • D. Hale and Amanda Shepherd 8-16-1871
  • Mattie J. Hale and George Wells 05-6-1875
  • Nettie Hale and Richmond Terrell app. 1-1877
  • Delilah Bishop – mother of Nettie and Thadeus Oakes – guardian of Nettie Fuiettie Hale and Benj Worley app. 2-1878
  • Katie Hale and Robsen Fitch 1-8-1879
  • Nancy Hale and RB Kellogg 4-1880
  • Wm Hale and Ella Smithy 6-1880
  • Kellis Hale and Lizzie Price 11-18-1880
  • Mary Hale and Wm Smithy 3-3-1880
  • Julia Hale and Aaron Lewis 12-31-1880
  • MA Hale RS Fitch 9-25-1895
  • KG Hale and JM Turner 12-12-1895
  • LC Hale OM Boles 1-21-1896
  • JD Hale and Lizzie Miles 3-4-1898
  • Morgan Hale and Vera Holt 12-7-1913 (Morgan was from AL and Vera was from TN)
  • Maggie Hale and Lassie Sanders (Maggie was from AL. Lassie was from TN.)
  • Earl Hale and Ester East 8-24-1918 (Earl was from NY Ester from AL)
  • Maggie Hale and Prince Peace 12-01-1919 (both from TN)
  • Callie Hale and Hill King 3-19-1920 (both from TN)
  • Luther Hale and Lizzie Baker 10-23-1915 (both from AL)
  • BA Hale and Della Pylant 8-30-1921 (BA from TN Della from AL)
  • EH Hale and Janie Lee 8-3-1921 (EH from AL, Janie from AR. EH second marriage. 1st cousins)
  • Earle Hale and Bessie Eakes 1-19-1924 (Earle’s second marriage)
  • Josie Hale and Jim Hillis 9-27-1925(both from TN)
  • Elisha Hale and Daisey Schrimsher 10-10-1925 (both from AL)

Generously Submitted by: Shirley Johnson

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