Miscellaneous Cemeteries

The following small cemetery was transcribed by the WPA in the 1940’s, and was located at the time about 1 mile southwest of McCaleb Mills.

Baker, Henry, b. 4 Jun 1858, d. 14 Apr 1915.

Bragg, Nettie, b. 1856, d. 1882.

Douglass, Samuel, d. 26 Jan 1889, @65 yrs.

Harden, Richard C., b. 1 Mar 1853, d. 25 Oct 1913.


The following small cemetery is located about 4.8 miles NorthWest of Maysville.

Blackburn, James E., b. 22 Aug 1856, d. 14 June 1890. Blackburn, Lucresa M., b. 11 Oct 1858, d. 25 Aug 1903.

Jett, Rufus B., b. 1869, d. 1900.


The following small cemetery is located 3.7 milies Northeast of Owens Cross Roads.

Kelly, Vevien, dau., of Artis Kelly and ethel Atchely.

Moon, (N.X.N.) babies.




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