British Land Grants in Alabama 1767-1771

REFERENCE to the Land surveyed on the RIVER MISSISSIPPI since the establishment of the Civil Government in the Province of WEST FLORIDA

NosPersons NamesNo of AcresDate of CertificateGovr who Granted the Warrant of Survey
1Phillip Barbour150024th May 1770Lieut Governor Brown
2John Murray50022nd Jan 1770do
3Jno Saltkiln20022nd Jan 1770No Warrant
4Thos Fry20010th June 1769Lieut Governor Browne
5Mary Oliver150DoDo
6Richd Parme50DoDo
7John Hayton1000no Warrant
8Richad Barrie5014th DoLieut Governor Browne
9Jarret McCormack5010th DoLieut Governor Browne
10Saml Osborne30010th DoDo
11William Mills5014th DoDo
12Alex Boyd2509th July 1768Do
13James Watkins50028th June 1769Do
14John Smith600? DoDo
15Jacob Phillippi600DoDo
16Jos Smith120022 June 1768Do
17Henny Fairchild50026th Decem 1767Do
18George Petrie100010th Janu 1767Do
19Wm Tetherstone100018th DoDo
20Thos Goan5027th June 1769Do
21James Land100010th January 1769Do
22Earl of Eglington2000028th September 1767Governor Johnstone
23Chas Hacher10005th July 1768Lieut Govr Browne
24John Hayton V Co152510th Feb 1769Do
25Wm Carathers5007th July 1768Do
26James Chambers10005th June 1763Do
27Chas Stewart20006th DoDo
28Saml Hannay500028th Septemr 1767Governor Johnstone
29Danl Clarke50020th August 1767Lieut Govr Browne
30Thos Hardy50027th April 1769Do
31Danl Clarke500028th September 1767Do
32Wm Fetherstone14018 Jan 1769Do
33Henry Le Fleur50024 Jan 1770Warrt Do for 300 Acres
34Richd Thompson50024 Jan 1770Do
35Alex McIntosh50022 DoDo
36John Bradley10004th July 1768Do
37David Williams10002d June 1769Do
38Daniel Ward15003d Aughust 1768Do
39Benjamin Ward200029th July 1768Do
40John Ward60021st DoDo
41Jos Ward600DoDo
42Wm Burows60024th June 1768Do
43Robert Calendar20002d August 1768Do
44Silvester v Jns Fanning20005th June 1768Do
45Francis Porisset1000DoDo
46Wm Walter & Alexr Moore15004th July 1768Do
47John Moore50027th DoDo
48Mary Browne5004th DoDo
49James Crawford500DoDo
50Thomas Green50024th June 1768Lieut Governor Browne
51David Waugh185010th June 1770Do
52Arthur Gordon10006th Jan 1769Do
53David Hedge2000No Warrant
54Walter & Alex Hood200027th June 1768Lieut Govr Brown
55Charles Vignoles300010th June 1769Do
56Henry Fairchild200014th Novem 1768Do
57? Miller200No Warrant
58Thomas Finney200Do
59John WalkerPermissionLieut Governor Browne
60George Urquhart50014 June 1769Do
61John Falconer50010th DoDo
62Wm & Robert Barrow200010th Decem 1768Do
63Diggory Cock5007th DoDo
64John Blomingrt100018th Jan 1769Do
65Peter Vanderweid5003rd July 1768Do
66John & Wm Williams10009th July 1768Do
Edward CroftonGovernor Chester
67Matthew McHenry100021st may 1771No Warrant
68Conrad Vanderweid10001st August 1768Do
69Thos Bowker100018th Decem 1768Do
70Matthew McHenry10006th July 1768Do
71Daniel Clarke100020th Aughust 1767Do
72John Galloway15005th July 1768Do
73Lieut Govr Browne1740018th Decem 1768Do
74Daniel Hickey50010th June 1768Do
75Thomas Aikens5006th Novem 1768Do
76? McKerson100No Warrant
77John Marks20023rd August 1768Lt Govr Browne
78Maurice & Pat Conway40010th April 1769Do
79Gilbert Hay100026 DoDo
80James Cuthbert500No Warrant
81L Wm b71419th Decem 1768Lieut Govr Browne
82Lionl B Westrop200018th DoDo
83Thomas McMin10007th DoDo
84Lt Govr Browne200018th DoDo
85Govr Johnstone1000017th August 1769Govr Johnstone
86Benjamin Gower50026th May 1769Lieut Govr Browne
87Wm Southall40012th June 1769Do
88Lieut Michael Kirkman100027th October 1770Do
89Cornelius Bradford1000not returnedDo
90David Williams10002d June 1769Lt Gov Browne
91Jms Wm & Jno Michell100016th May 1769Do
92Wm Marshall30006th DoDo
93Wm & ? Aird30005th July 1769Do
94Ricd and Caleb Carpenter100010th Jan 1769Do
95Bridget Collins and Mary Carman100010th June 1769Do
96Lieut John Thomas10003d October 1769Do
97Daniel Clarke5009th Decem 1768Do
98John McIntosh500016th August 1767Governor Johnstone
99Edward Mease500024th April 1771Govr Chester
100Thomas Comyn1000023 September 1771Do
101John Hamilton200No Warrant
102William Butler10010th May 1771Gover Chester
103Alex McIntosh50010 Dec DoDo
104William Escott500No Warrant
105David Ross50023 June DoGovernor Chester
106John Walkiker25025 April 1771Do
107Edward Mease20010 May 1771Do
108? Crawfton100026th May 1771Do

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