British Land Grants in Alabama 1765-1767

An Alphabetical Account of Lands Granted: to whom West Florida from the Commence.

Peoples NamesThe Date When GrantedQunt of AcresDescriptionThe date when ServRemarks
Aird, Wm & Gregory Thomasthe 13th Augt 17651500 Acresbeing Eastward from the first Point above the Brick ? on the other side the Lagoon in a Right line towards the head of the Lagoon10th April 1766Relinquished 1242 Acres the 11th March &had a Warrt of Survey for the remaining 258 Acres
Aird, Wm & Benj WormellJanry 20th 1766200 AcresBetween(?) the Bays of Gull and Iron Point including a fresh Water runNot Surveyed
All, ElijahApril 21st150 AcresSituate on the north side of the Twelve mile run and opposite to Wm Sutterthwaites LandNot Surveyed
Alsop, Andrew2d April 1767300 AcresSituate about 5 miles Eastward Adam Stocks Land upon this bayNot Surveyed
Blommart, JohnJuly 28th 1766200 Acreson the opposite side of East River to the Land Granted Boardman and SouthwellForfeited
Boardman, IsraelOctober 3rd 1766300 Acreson the North side of East river Between Two Samll runs of water and opposite to the land already Granted him4th May 1767
Bo?, ?eyDitto450 AcresOn East River Opposite to the land granted Boardman and Southwell and exteding Easterlyforfeited
Bass, JamesNovr 6th 1760Situate on East River and formerly occupied by Chas Ross, but who never applied for a grantNot Surveyed
Baldwin ,LewisNov 6th 176650 Acreson Fish River in the bay of MobileNot Surveyed
Bentick, Horible JohnNovr 6th 176610000to run out to the Nw of Surman‘s Plantation and so up the River Escabe at the head of the bay6th Janry 1767
Benneworth, Samuel2d march 1767300 AcresAdjoining to the Land of Elijah Allen near the Twelve mile runJune 31st 1767
Bogus, David & Thoams Watson4th of Feb 1766All contained in the Island of Santa Rosa being on the Mouth of the harbour.  14th March 1766
Brown, Edmund Esqr of New Govers and Others4th April 1765The two Islands of Dauphine or Massacre and Gillory being in the Mouth of the Bay of Mobile24th Nov 1765
Bush, Daniel23rd December 1765400 AcresSituated above Indian Point on the North side and Running along Shoire to the Eastward about 12 miles from this Town on the other side the Bay of Pensacola21st April 1766
Boardman, Israel & Jas Southwell23rd December 1765At the Entrance of East River from a small Lagoon to a Point, and has a Rivuiet running through it22nd April 1766
Broomley, Edward Major24th December 176550 Acresbeing to the westward of that granted to Capt John Ross4 May 1766
Bruce, James Esquire24th December 1765100 AcresSituate about Two miles distance and being NNW from the Town28th June 1766
Blanchard, Charles -John Gradenigo-&Jerome MatulickJanuary 7th 1760500 AcresNear Stone Point to the Northward of the bay & about 10 Miles distance bordering on the sea side28th June 1766
Blommart, JohnMay 27th 176510 AcresAdjoining to Engineer Durnfords near the first run to the westward of the Town16th Jan 1766
Blackwell, JacobJune 10th 176550 AcresSituate on the North East branch of the West Lagoon and opposite the Bower16th Janry 1766
Bruce, JamesJuly 25, 17661000 acresAt the six Mile Run adjoining to the N W to the Land already Granted him24 Dec 1766he had an Order of Council from home for 4000
Cook, JamesFebry 4, 17651000 acresBetween the bay of St Lewis and East of Biloxi20th May 1765
Campbell, Thomas LieutNovember 2nd450 Acreson the Dear point side10th Oct 1766it was not given in on grant the first Nov 2d the 2d grant Oct 3 1766
Collins, RoberDecember 24th50 AcresSituate about 1 1/2 or 2 miles from the Town and being W N W with a Block Hutt on said Land4th Jan 1766
Coiret Capt Robertfeb 8th 1766500 AcresBeing Near the River Governador including an old Spanish PlantationApril 22 1766
Casper, JamesApril 21st50 AcresSituate on the East Lagoon and adjoining to the land Granted George Leirnot Surveryed
Cock, Diggory-Sam’l Folliott and John Hogg2500 AcresLying on the bay to The S W of the Town beginning at a Small Lagoon to the westward of an Old Spanish Plantation and running a north west line from the bay29th Dec 1766This was granted by an Order from the Board of Trade from Home
Carscaller, the Execu of himMarch 15th100 acresBeing on the Mobile road together with the Land enclosed by Capt Campbell to the said road20th July 1766
Collins, Robert2d march 17672 AcresAdjoining to Land Granted to Mr Maclellan15th March
Crozer, JohnDo300 Acresto the Eastward of David Ross‘s Landnot Surveyed
Cary, PhillipDitto50 Acreson the Point of Middle River at the head of this baynot Surveyed
Dunford, EliasAugust 13th 176550 Acresnear the first spring below the Brook3d Jan 1766
Dixey, RichardJanuary 13th 1766400 Acresnear Mobile on the Road to the Choctaw Nation21st Feb
Dunford, EliasJuanuary 13th300 acresbounded on the North by land claimed to Mr ? on the Northwest by the bay including the Narrow point formed by the said Shore and Lagoon on the North SidedThis Land is since Relinquished by Mr Dunford the 12th June in Council
Dunford, Elias & Wm WiltonJuly 12th400 acresRunning along the bankes of the 12 Mile Run to begin from the Mobile road which crosses it and run to the Lagoon Near Mr Satterthuaites Landnot Surveyed
Driscoll, Henry  & LizaroOctober 3rd4000 acreson the river Tavasha the Center to lie from the flood Gates of their new mill from thence to run along the east River sightly ? or more and the Remainder to be within the Extuam points of the said chains in a line back2d May 1767
Dupan, Monsieur and othersDitto400 acreson fish River about half a League from the Mouth
Doig, DavidDitto500 Acresopposite to the Land of Capt Carkel bounded to the south by a Lagoon to the East and west by Two Branches of said Lagoon and to the North by a line Joining the heads of side Two Branches21st March 1767
Dawson, William4 Acreson the other side the run to the East of this TownForfeited and since Granted to Robert Collins & Wm Sandford
Dunford, Elias2d march 17678 AcresThe vacant land between the Land to Alexandra maclellian and Thomas Waterford near the river to the Eastward of the TownGave up for the use of his Majesty
Duncan, William2d March 176750 Acresby the head of the West lagoon situated on the Bro of ?
Dixey, Richard
Elias, Dunford
E?, Earl ofAugust 8th, 176520,000El River Governador downwardsNot SurveyedRelinquished and taken his Tract in the same Quantity contigous to the ????
Eubank, Right Honorable LordDitto20,000 Acresfrom the Mouth of the River Escambe downwardsDec 26th 1766Beginning from the So Boundary line of Campbelltown from there running along in a Base to Gull Point to Surround the Land Granted Blanchard and Gradenigo & to Comprehend the Land between them and marshals Land agreeable to an order from His Majesty’s Coms?
Erastrun, James (?)October 3, 1766200 AcresBounded to the Easward by Land Granted this day to Israel Boardman and Extending west Towards the bay5th March 1767
Ford, Mrs MarthaDec 24th, 176610 AcresCommencing at the Brick hilm and Running to the East end of the Town9th July 1766
Foliot, Saml & Cock, Diggory fol 4
Foster, Stephen2d2560 Acresof land in the bay of Santa Rosa which Land was ceded to his Britannick Majesty by the Indians on condition it should be granted to the said Forresternot Surveyed
Fairchild, HenryOctober 3d 1765500 Acresabout 46 Mile above Tensaw 200 acres to be on the Main Land & 300 on an Island OppositeRelinquished
Forneret, MadamDitto150 Acreson the River of Bonsecour to begin at white hill point and extend Towards it Sourcenot surveyed
Gauld, GeorgeFebruary 5th 1765lying to the westward of a Southeast line from ? Point to the channel of Santa Rosa incluing all from Sandy Point to the Lagoon on the other side the Bay
Gregory, Thos –Aird, William Letter A Col 1
Gradenigo, John-? Blanchard, Charles Letter B Col 2
Hannay, John Esq13th August50 Acreson the mount on the third angle of the East Lagoon and on this side of the said Lagoon24th August 1766
Hannay, John EsqrFebr 11, 1766500 AcresBeginning at the North West Boundary of the Land Granted Primrose Thompson and extending up the river Escambenot surveyed
Hogg, John, see Diggory Cock fol 3
Harley, RobertOctober 3500at Oysbert Point in this bay to include the Point and the better part the Land on this sidenot surveyed
Hartley, RichardDitto400 Acresabout 6 miles to the westward of the Land of Boardman and Southwell at this sidenot Surveyed
Hatcher, John200 acresabout 1 1/2 mile to the eastward of roebuck bay on the other side this baynot surveyed
Hannay, SamuelNov 6th 17665000 acreson the Clear Ground surrounding the fort of the Natchesnot surveyed
Jackson, WilliamApril 21st 1766100 Acres50 to the Southward & 50 to the Northward of the Land Granted to Mr Bruce near the Town of Pensacola22nd January 1767
Jones, EvanMay 27th400 acresbeginning at a Thickett on the East Lagoon and about 3 miles above the Governors House and to run along towards the end of sd Lagoon23d July 1766
Jones, JohnJuly 28th500 acreson the lake Ponchartrain and a Creek named Chipinetenot Surveyed
Johnstone, his Excel GovernorDitto50 acresadjoining to that of Mr Brices near the Town10th Decr 1766
Johnstone, Geo Governor6th Novr 1766250 acresSituate on the East Lagoon near this Town
Ketchum, Jonathan2d April 1767200 Acresbeing to the Eastward of Land Granted Mr Ellistrunanot Surveyed
Lorimer, JohnJanury 20th 176630 acresSituate on the North side of mr Neil and exteding from the South east Corner of the same Corner of the same towards the Corner of the Garden Lott Number 8228th Feb 1766
Lessly, JamesApril 22nd300 acresat the head of the East Lagoon and adjoining to land Granted to Wm Walker
Leur, GeorgeDitto50 AcresSituate on the East Lagoon on Condition it does not interfere with Meas‘s Landnot Surveyed
Leitch, William EsqrFebruary 11th50 acresfor a Discription see Lt Colo Ralph Walsh/ Letter W Job25th July 1766
Latto, Henry & John MurrayOctober 3rd200 acreson the East side of the Bay of Perdido near Two small sandy Keysnot surveyed
Mease, EdwardFebruary 15th 17651000 acreson the Bank of each side the Brooks which falls into the Lagoon of Santa Maria beginning from that part of the Brooks where the Post road to Mobile crosses it on condition he erects a saw mill in three yearsnot surveyed
Mistal, Thos-see Crombie, Jas and Joseph Smith
Maxwell, Capt GeorgeAugust 13th 176550 AcresOn the North by his Excellency’s Land on the East Lagoon31 January 1766
Matulick, Jerome/ See Chas Blanchard & John Gradenigo
Mendes, IsaacJanuary 7th, 176650 acresadjoining to the westward of Major Bromleys near the west lagoon
McNabb, JohnOctober 3rd500 acrescutting and bounding to the Northward of Land granted William Pope in the river Mississippinot surveyed
Miller, ThomasDitto1000 acresSituate about 40 miles above Tensaw 600 acres to be on the Main Land and 400 on an Island opposite10th March 1767
Marshall, WilliamDitto300 Acresat Gull Point commencing at the SW side & extending to EWard including said Point but not to include the run of water reserved for Aird and Wormell22d Dec 1766
Mathias, William300 acresBeginning at Mr Bruces boundary & Running to the Land of Evan Jonesnot Surveyed
Makintosh, JohnNov 6th 17665000 acresContingent to fort Bute up the Mississippinot Surveyed
Mendes, IsaacMarch 2d, 1767500 Acresto include an old Spanish Plantation about 3 miles to the eastward of oyster Pointnot surveyed
McQuire, Andrew2d March 1767100 acreson East River adjoining Easterly on Land of Israel Boardmannot surveyed
Murphy, Patrick & John Chamberlain Nibbs25th April 1767100 acres eachon the river Mississippinot surveyed
Moore, Alexander2d March 1767209 acreson the West Lagoon opposite Col Walsh‘s and Diggory CockSurveyed this 8 June 1767
Neil, ArthurJunuary 7, 176650 AcresSituate behind the Land Granted to Capt Ross and Engineer Dunford22d Jan 1766
Norman, SarahJuly 28th 17661/2 acreTo begin in front of Garden Lott No 54 and Running along the other side the Run near this TownDecember 31, 1766
Persheal, John Lewis & Plum, AlbertMarch 15th 1766Situate on the River Perdido and Extending from the Point of the Lake to the Red Cliffsnot Surveyed
Pope, WilliamDitto500 Acresbounding upon the River Mississippi and about 3 or 4 miles above the Fort of Machae or Ibervillenot Surveyed
Poor, LukeJune 10th100 acreson the West Lagoonhe is since gone out of the province and never took out the papers
Poor, Patrick2d March 1767300 acresabout five miles from Oyster Point with a small run through itnot surveyed
Riely, PatrickAugust 13th 1765contained in Two Swamps that surrounds the Town on Condition that he Cultivates the same in one year and that he shall not make any Pitts or Brick helms on either of the same, and that he takes out a Grant in Six MonthsThe Swamps since Granted to James Thompson, Mr Reily not taking out his grant in six months
Ross, Capt JohnDec 23d30 Acresadjoining to the westward of Engineer Dunfords3d Janu 1766
Richie, JosephFeb 2650 acresadjoining to the westward of the Land granted Isaac Mendes27th Augt 1766
Richardson, WilliamApril 21st300 acresBounded on the North by Land Granted to Jeremiah Terry to the East by the river Mobile to the South by the Town of Mobile to the west by vacant land16th October 1766
Russel, RobertJuly 28th150 acresto the west by vacant Land on the North side of East river about Two Miles distance on the opposite side to the Land Granted Boardman & Southwellnot surveyed
David RossOctober 3d300 acreson the North side of East River4th March 1766
Ross, James2d March 1767300 acresto the Eastward of David Ross‘s Landnot Surveyed
Riely, Patrick25th April1500 acresas his family rights up the Mississippinot surveyed
Robins, DanielDitto300 acressituate on Middle River 2 Leagues to the westward of Indian Point in the bay of Pensacolanot surveyed
Smith Joseph Crombie, James & Maistall, ThomasFeb 9 176550Situate on the other side this bay and opposite the Town and is called roebuck bay in order to build a wharf but Resserving the same to His majesty in case it is hereafter Perched upon for Kings works20th July 1766
Stock, AdamDecember 23rd200 acresadjoining and situate with Daniel Bush on the other side this bay above Indian Point and running along Shore to the Eastward1st day of April
Sattethwaite, WilliamFebry 16th, 1766200 acressituate at the first English boundary line it an old Plantation called the White House23rd July 1766
Stokes, JohnMarch 15th50 acresabout Two Miles from the Town lying Northwest and adjoining to the Land Granted Jas C Thompson27th March
Surman, Lewis200 acres30th January 1766
Stuart, the Honorable JohnOct 3rd2000 acressituate on the East Side of the bay of Mobile between a Place called the Pierres and the Plantation of Bell Rose15th March
Stock, AdamDitto200 acresadjoining to the Land already Granted him1st day of March
Supherson, Wm & Cary, PhilipDitto300 acreson the South side of East river above the Land of Boardman and Southwell4th March 1767
Skelton, Henry500 acressBetween the Land of Captain Carkets &Lewis Swiman31th March 1767
Stokes, John2d March 1767100 acresadjoining to the Land already Granted him provided it is without the 50 acre line15th April 1767
Sandford, William EmingDo2 acresAdjoining to Robert Collins8th June 1767
Thompson, PrimroseAugust 13th 176550 acreson the East Lagoon and adjoining to the Southward by Capt Geo Maxwells12 Jan 1766
Terry, JeremiahJan 7th, 1766100 acressituate above the Town of Mobile and a Tract between the Lands of Madam Ladase and Madam Madulons4th June 1766
Thompson, PrimroseFeb 11th500 acreson the South West side of the river Escambe beginning at Point retreat and Extending up the river18th April 1766
Thompson, JamesDo 26th20 acresSituate about 3 miles N W from the Town and 1 1/2 from Mobile Road6th August 1766
Terry, Jeremiah500 acresSituate at the red Cliffs and Old Spanish Town and including the said Cliffs and Town
Terry, JeremiahMarch 15thContained in an Island that lies between the mouth of this harbour and river Perdido
Taitt, DavidJune 10thThe vacant Land between the Land of Mr Thomson and Mr Payne to the Eastward of the Town25th July 1766
Tresnac, MathewDittoA Tract of Land at Linsacnot Surveyed
Terry, JeremiahJuly 28th2000 acresRunning from the Head of Coxes lagoon in a line to the lagoon near the Mouth of this Harbour including all the Land with in the said Space2d Feb 1767
Thompson, JamesDitto18 acresThe vacant Land between the land Granted to Blommart and Wilton to the westward of this Town7th Jan 1767
Thompson, JamesJuly 30thThe Two Swamps at each side of the Town, on the same Conditions as they were before Granted to Riely7th Jan 1767
Tennison, BarnettOct 3d150 acresabout 7 miles N & by E from the Land of Stock and Bush known by the name of the Indian Campnot surveyed
Taylor, IsaacDitto100 acresbounding on the Land of Elijah Allen near the 12 mile runnot surveyed
Taylor, Robert200 acresabove the Land of Captain Carkett in the river Governadornot surveyed
Thompson, Nathl-William Cox & John Firby2d March 1767600 acresabout two miles North West from Diggory Cock and about 4 miles west from Mr Collins Landno warrant for it
Thomson, Pike2d April 1767200 acresSituate in the Bay of Perdido bounded on a Creek to the South West of the Land Granted Latto and Murrayno warrant for it
Varlo, Thomas CaptAugust 13th 176550 acreson the East Lagoon adjoing on the  S by Lieut Colone Walshs’not surveyed
Varlo, Capt Thomas21st April 1766in a Tract formerly run out for the Navy bounded on the Land Granted Joseph Richie adjoining to the West Lagoon with the Two Islands in the mouth of said.16 Sep 1766
Vignoles, Capt FrancisMay 27th 17662000 acresBounding upon the river Mississippi and as near to the Fort of the Natches as can be admittedno warrant for it
Wormel, BenjaminMarch 2d 1767300 acresBetween East river & English Pointno warrant
John WeirDo300 acressBounded on the Eastward by David Ross‘s Land11 March 1767
White, NellyDitto100 acresto the Westward of a Little Lagoon near a Spanish Plantation on the other side of the bayno warrt
Watson, Thos/see Bogue, David
Walsh, Lieut Col RalphDitto50 acresnear Mobile and adjoining to the Land of Mr Marzuriernot surveyed
Wormwell, Benjamin/ see Aird, William
Wilton, WilliamMay 27th10 acresbeginning at the Swamp that lies at the west of the Town and to run on a Base line with the Land Granted to John Blommart14 Nov 1766
Wisner, GeorgeMarch 15th300 acresadjoining to the westward to Diggory Cock‘s Plantation and to the Eastward by the Lagoon24th June 1766
Whitney, EbenezarJune 10th100 acresadjoining to Mr Clarks Land near Mobile & the Chactaw Roadno warrant for it
White, ThomasDitto200 acresnear the mouth of East river on the west side of a small Lagoon which parts it from the land granted to Boardman & Southwell5th March 1767
Waterfield, ThomasDitto2 acreson the other side the East run near this Town29th Janu 1767
Watkins, JohnNovr 6th 176650 acresabout a mile & an half from the Town of Pensacola near the Mobile roadJanu 7, 1767

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