The Alabama Historical Quarterly Vol 1

The Alabama Historical Quarterly was a magazine focused on the history of Alabama from its earliest known beginnings. The magazine was edited and conducted by the Director of the Alabama State Department of Archives and History and was printed as other public documents of the time. The magazine discusses the hidden history of Alabama that lies in old books, unpublished manuscripts, attics, family Bibles, and abandoned cemeteries. It also highlights the achievements of Alabamians in various fields and the need for an adequate medium to share their stories. The Alabama Historical Quarterly aimed to be that medium and was at the service of county and local historical societies, learned societies, and isolated students. See The Alabama Historical Quarterly for more information.

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This is volume 1 of The Alabama Historical Quarterly published quarterly in 1930 by the Alabama State Department of Archives and History. You can freely read this manuscript online, search the manuscript, or download a PDF copy for offline reading. This volume starts the early history of Madison County and Tuscaloosa and features a variety of historical sketches of historical Alabamians.

Table of Contents for The Alabama Historical Quarterly Vol 1

Volume 1, Number 1, Spring 1930

Article TitlePages
Announcement, Governor Bibb Graves5
Alabama, Yellowhammer, a Poem, Elizabeth Winter Watts7
Alabamian’s Creed, Walter B. Jones8
Mounds near Moundville, Illustration10
Rich Archaeological Remains of the Moundbuilders, Marie Bankhead Owen11
Alabama ! Yellowhammer! Historical Sketch, Elizabeth Winston Sheehan27
The Ballad of the Yellowhammer, Elizabeth Winston Sheehan34
Governor Wm. J. Samford, Illustration36
William James Samford, a Sketch, M. B. O.37
Thomas Chalmers McCorvey, a Sketch, M. B. O.39
The Highland Scotch Element in Early Settlement of Alabama, T.C. McCorvey, LL.D41
Game and Fisheries Conserved in Alabama, Walter J. Knabe50
Recollections of the Plantations, John Witherspoon DuBose63
March, April, May, Poems, Kate Slaughter McKinney75
Mobile County Cajuns, Laura Frances Murphy76
Admiral Raphael Semmes, a Sketch, M. B. O.87
Alfred Iverson Branham, a Sketch, M. B. O90
The Sinking of the Alabama, Alfred Iverson Branham91
Thomas Jones Taylor, a Sketch, M. B. O.99
Early History of Madison County, Thomas Jones Taylor101
The Alabama, a Poem, Miss Zitella Cocke112
Albert James Pickett, a Sketch, M. B. O.113
Historic Homes, Maud Martin Butler116
Butterflies, a Poem, Miss Zitella Cocke120
Supreme Court of Alabama, Its Organization and Sketches of Its Chief Justices, John C. Anderson121
History Repeated in a “Nineteenth Century Night,” Mildred Reynolds Saffold124
How the Violets Blow, a Poem, Miss Zitella Cocke128
Mobile ‘s Azalea Trail, Sam H. Lackland129
The Iberville Historical Society of Mobile, Erwin Craighead131
Noon in Barbour County, a Poem, Lawrence Lee138
Early History of Tuscaloosa, Thomas P. Clinton139
Genealogical Department, Mary R. Mullen148
Editorial, (Mrs.) Marie Bankhead Owen150

Volume 1, Number 2, Summer 1930

Banner of Our State, Poem, Anne Southerne Tardy9
Alabama History in Monuments, Marie Bankhead Owen10
Tawasa Plain, Poem, Anne Southerne Tardy23
Our State Flags, Elizabeth Winston Sheehan24
The Military Forces of Alabama, Thomas M. Owen40
Alabama National Guard, Frank S. Land51
Southern Emigration to Brazil, Peter A. Brannon74
Historic Homes, Augustus Martin Butler97
Alabama ‘s Poet Laureate101
Recollections of the Plantation, John Witherspoon DuBose107
The Sea is a Senorita, Poem, Martha Lyman Shilito121
The Supreme Court of Alabama, John C. Anderson122
“Good Old Days”, C. G. Fennell124
McGillivray and the Creeks, Albert J. Pickett126
Early History of Madison County, Thos. Jones Taylor149
Early History of Tuscaloosa, Thomas P. Clinton169
Genealogical Department, Mary R. Mullen179
The Billboard181

Volume 1, Number 3, Fall 1930

Alabama ‘s Goldenrod, a Poem, Frances R. Durham189
Goldenrod, a Poem, Minna Irving190
The Goldenrod-Alabama’s Floral Emblem, Historical Sketch, by Elizabeth Winston Sheehan191
The Aster and the Goldenrod, a Poem, Elizabeth W. Sheehan198
Alabama History in Bridges, Marie Bankhead Owen200
Ode to the Bridge, a Poem, Mabry Arnold Batson218
Coal Barging in Alabama During War Times, by 1861-65, Dr. W.H. Blake220
The State Forestry Department, Charles H. Schaeffer224
Historic Homes No. 3, “Belvoir,” Mildred Reynolds Saffold233
How the Tennessee Valley Became English, Oliver D. Street240
The Poet’s Corner, Mildred Goodrich251
First Boat Trip Over Muscle Shoals in 1828, by George W. Swartz253
Johnson Jones Hooper, Annie May Hollingsworth257
Diary of Captain Edward Crenshaw261
A Century of Gold Mining in Alabama, George I. Adams271
Southern Emigration to Brazil, Peter A. Brannon280
The Old Ginhouse Hill, a Poem, Annette Howard306
Early History of Madison County, Thomas Jones Taylor308
Proposing a “Historical Trail” Through Mobile & Baldwin Counties , by O.M. Phelps318
Twenty-Five Years of Bird Sanctuary, Almira B. Butler324
Admiral Franklin Buchanan, Fearless Man of Action, by Charles Lee Lewis, A Review by May Harris328
Genealogical Department, Mary R. Mullen330
The Billboard333

Volume 1, Number 4, Winter 1930

To the Great Seal of Alabama, Poem, Samuel Minturn Peck341
The Great Seal of the State of Alabama, Thomas M. Owen342
The Great Seal of the State of Alabama, Poem, Elizabeth Winter Watts350
Alabama State Department of Archives and History, Tyler Goodwyn352
Alabama ‘s First Licensed Lawyers367
The Final Struggle for Democratic Control in North Alabama, J.P. Dyer370
Alabama History in Bridges, No. 2, Thomas M. Owen, Jr381
Colonel Charles Teed Pollard, Sketch, M.B.O.389
Charles Teed Pollard, Industrialist394
The Indians of the Alabama Coastal Plain, Robert C. Macy406
Dr. and Mrs. Macy, Sketch, M.B.O.413
Historic Homes, No. 4, The Pollard House, Elizabeth Winston Sheehan415
Zitella Cocke, Poet, Sketch, M.B.O.422
The Mocking-Bird, Poem, Zitella Cocke424
Fishing and Wishing, Poem, Zitella Cocke426
Miss Peggy’s Bonnet, Poem, Zitella Cocke427
“Old Clay Bank Church,” Emmie Martin Hunt430
Diary of Captain Edward Crenshaw, of the Confederate States Army438
The Supreme Court of Alabama, Its Organization and Sketches of its Chief Justices, No. 4, John C. Anderson453
The Cypress Swamp, Poem, John Proctor Mills456
The Birmingham Public Library, Lila May Chapman458
Southern Emigration to Brazil, Peter A. Brannon467
Early History of Madison County, Thomas Jones Taylor489
Louisiana Purchase and Mobile, Harry Pillans506
Then as Now Tax Assessments Was a Problem513
Genealogical Department515

Index to Alabama Historical Quarterly Vol 1, 1930

Index TitlePages
Index, Vol. 1, No. 1522
Index, Vol. 1, Nos. 2, 3 and 4528


Alabama State Dept. of Archives and History, The Alabama historical quarterly, vol 1, 1930, Alabama State Dept. of Archives and History, 1930.

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